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I'm in Love With RS... THE BEST experience Ever....

I'm in Love With RS... THE BEST experience Ever. Finally Some where you can come in make life decision without been criticized… #Support For other is amazing Yayyyy
So Tomorrow I Will be taken a step forward to pay my deposit to have my #BBL I'm a Lil afraid.I still have a lot of Questions.until then I wish all you ladies good on your new journey.. I will be looking for a booty buddy in Miami when I set my date will keep you dolls update from start to finish

The Count Down Begins.. :-)

Well soooo...I finally Paid My Deposit.I was going to Dr.Ortega,..But I called and I forgotten have to pronouns his name. :-( .. So I was chatting it up with Liz for Spectrum so she was going over prices with me so she quoted a different $..So I was like What is his name again!!!!!! Long story short She told me to go back on RS IN READ REVIEWS FOR Dr.Omulepu So I did;-) ... Plus he is very aggressive With lipo. So Dr.Omulepu it is... Date set for June 19th

Wish Pics ;-) ;-) ;-) :-)

Need help on finding a Good Recovery Home

Ok I in search For a Recovery... Help please!!! So I'm going to Spectrum / so does it matter What Recovery Home I go to..I seen Assistance for life any feedback. And another thing I'm caring My Mom With me so do I still need a Recovery Home...

Please Feel Free

OK so I'm ask my RS Dolls..
I'm fighting out on the 18th of June im do a 10 day stay ,caring my Mommie with me, We will be staying in a room,So I'm looking for Transportation Service (Reasonable), an a nurse for 2-3 days also. Help anyone??

New Date Due til professionalism...Aug 5th

Updated pics of my body type....

Undecided About Dr.Oska

Ok I'm so confused and scared because I've been seeing a lot of complaints about Dr.Oska (infections) related posts. My Actually Date was set for June 19th ( everything happens for a reason) LIZ didn't have my things an order so my date was rescheduled for Aug5th by (Vm) so unprofessional I was tripping but I'm not anymore. So I dial up LIZ yesterday about the complaints about Dr. Oska so I told her I had wanted to Change Drs I would like for Dr.Ortega to do my #lipo #Bbl she said it was going to be 900.00 plus and she was going to send me an contract for Dr. Ortega (never send it YET!!!) kinda wish I would have went with Dr.Fisher. But Who I will be more than Grateful to do my #Bbl is #Dr.Miami but he is booked up until May 2016 that was 2mons ago. Plz feel free to comment below RS Dollz (Who's going at the end or July first beginning of Aug)

Weight Gain!!! and Last yr pix from January 2014 (135lbs before taking the "PILLS") til May 2015(169.5lbs)

So these are some pics I found in my phone so for those who are trying to Gain Weight I was taking these pills (periactin) last yr the doctor normally prescribe them but now days they won't prescribe them unless you have an kool doctor in you tell them you are not eating and so on so on...My doctor won't prescribe them to me cuz he said I did need to gain any weight in try taking vitamins B.s. .So me begin me their a way around everything I searched high and low(LUCKY ME) It took about a month in a half for me to receive them.but it was worth the wait. My mom always took me never let your left hand know what your Right hand is up too.. But any their are side effects not serious tho just Moody, tired,Sleepy and a Stomach.oh I only took them a month and a 1/2..Haven't took them since last yr but I'm take maybe 5 pill starting next week cuz I need more fat so I can have a BIG BBOOOTTYY. LOL..Ok on to the next

Pic on the Left weight in at 134lbs in Jan of 2014 before I was talking my pills. If the Dr. Can get my waist bk to this size maybe a lol smaller in add just a lol hips an a BIG ol Booty I will Be pleased.
Pic on the Right weight in at 169lbs 05oz in May of 2015 currently.

Website please

Ok RH ladies could someone please help me out what exactly Website I'm I looking for to know if the Dr. Is Certified. So on ABPISurg.ORG for Dr. Ortega

Booked!!!!! Flight Ready , Room Booked

The count down begins ....I was a lil confused about the rooms so I booked a room any where to 8 mins -12 mins away from Spectrum. Because I'm traveling with my mom in we are going to be new to the area... And would hate to get Lost still looking for transportation services that is good and suggest please feel free

Time is NEAR!!!! (nervous as shit)



have anyone try UBER as transportation.... for their sx

Less than 13days away

So I Done order my faja got some of my supplies, still not done will start packing next anyone know were I can order a BBL PILLOW & Have Anyone ever use the BOOTY BUDDY Also and other thg have anyone use uber as transportation before sx and after sx please comment
Thank you dollx


Hey, Rs dolls
I'm officially 3 days away. I'm packing now as of today. I've asked this question before but no answer , but have anyone use UBER After there Sx or any suggestions when it comes to transports to use if so please comment below I will be keeping u guys updated and will post my supplies later and feel free to comment and to those who have comment on my previous posts thanks luvs I will personally keep you guys updated on my journey... Will be posting an a few
Thanks again

The Waiting Game 1 More day left...

So have any of RS DOLL BEEN TO DR.ORTEGA LATELY IF SO PLEASE FEEL FREE COMMENTS BECAUSE I HAVE 2 CONTRACTS ON WITH DR.O And DR. ORTEGA trying to see if I need to switch my before tomorrow.... Idk

Can't sleep 24hrs to Go!!!

I know it's last minute But my Gut is telling me to go back with Dr. Osak Cus that was my original Dr. But as soon as I read thos stories about the infections I got scared in ran the other way. But I'm looking for more of a fuller bigger butt w/ projection. I have two contracts and place one with Dr Osak and one with Dr.Ortega. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed....

I made it over to the other side

Thank you My HEAVENLY FATHER!!!! I don't feel like getting into details. But I must say my sx was great when I say God watch over his children and protect them... Thank you thank you I can't thank him enough. Ok my sx was at 2 I had it around 1. They call me to the back around 145.Around 230 he marked me up and came in told me what he was going to take fat from in thgs. So that's when I finally paid my balance around 345 I was laying on the table. After that lites off I just remember getting into truck and walking all the way to my hotel room. When I say my pain level was on a scale from 1-10 it was a 2-3 so I was kinda scared because I'm knowing this pain is going to kick in I ate the first night up and about. My mom was telling me about all the other ladies that was crying and screaming in stuff after their sx. So I had followed up the next day so I'm still waiting on the pain to kick in.. So I spoke with doctor Ortega he said I looked great in every oz of fat he took out he put it right back in and my skin wasn't lose so I have 1500cc in each cheek.oh I only took 2 Percocet the first night because I didn't want to feel the pain it's been 3 days now my since the 2nd day that evening I haven't been talking no pain meds at all... So I promise to keep you guys update.

Can't sleep

Tonight have been a lil uncomfortable I keep losing feeling in both of my arms. My stitches are sticking out from everywhere. Both of my garments seems to be getting tighter.well I've been passing gas for the last pass FEW finally I just when.. Well I guess it's all about recovery now if any one have any suggestions about how can I make my recovery as comfortable as possible please feel free to comment here is a few pics with my garments on

pics haven't problems loading

Deleting my Account today..

Well first off I want think everyone who was very supportive of me on my journey.. The reason I'm deleting my account is personal reasons. I don't like messy shit and I try to stay away from it. These days you can't trust anyone

Made it home

So yesterday was so painful and uncomfortable from the flight to the two hour drive home. So my friend gal came over to carry me to get something to eat. So she was like it don't look like you had sx I was like really than she say you don't have to tell nobody you had sx. But I was thinking like wow that really was a bummer I been thinking about it all nite like was it a waste of money. But I just don't know. Here are some pics of me

Itchy!!!! Help plz

Ok I'm about to go crazy... This itch it taken control of my life.. My stomach,sides and lower backand in booty itchy so bad I can't get to it cus I'm still numb ass heck... It's there any relieve that can help plz feel free to comment below

almost 2weeks update

Ok so tomorrow it will be 2 weeks I returned bk to Monday that just pass.. I feel like I should have waited just a lil long bk I'm not doing anything major just lite office work my butt it still super hard , stomach still numb but I feel the difference my butt done drop a lil I still got a long road to recovery in I been wearing my garment all day at work... I'm still swollen but I feel an I know everything is going to be okay.. Here are a few bathroom pix a work ????

3 weeks mark tomorrow

Ok so far nothing change, still a have itch every now and then, booty still solid hard, waist still tender to the touch and at nite it's seems like it be tight and up it actually wakes me up out of my sleep it hurt so bad still Have swollen in my lower back. My booty stay having sharp pain every now and then. I don't know if I'm getting better or what. I'm just all over the place praying for better days. Recovery is really the main issue . do anyone knows when your booty drop how many inches you normally lose my booty actually dropped at my 8 day mark I can tell a big difference it's not sitting as high and as big as it was while I was in Miami. Its not done yet cuz it's still hard as shit. My butt size is currently 44" I pray it don't go just fluffing on out here are a few updates pics

one more will mark. 1 month

Ok pretty much haven't anything change...I'm stomach has done losing up a lot, waist still tight, butt still hard ass rocks. Booty cheeks still itching like crazy sometimes my thighs itching so bad I starts bleeding not a lot, my ass still hurts so f'ing bad feels likes someone sticking needles and my ass... Just hope it's soften up soon I need ijs but here or a pic from the other nite

How long does i suppose to use the bbl pillow

Ok I'm officially 1 month an 1 day... Could you ladies please help me out how long do I suppose to sit on the bbl pillow (not bloppy pillow) When can I start training my body to sit on my booty again*don't know if I'm saying it right* And my booty still hard is it ok to try in sit on it.... For the last pass 2 days I've been sleeping on my sides so that a big plus

Updated my thigh hurts

So yesterday I was driving and all of sudden it felt like my thigh had exploded in the pain was unbelievable.. So I pull over in check out my leg and it wasn't nothing there.So I thigh feels like an hot stove it still hurts but not like it did yesterday this morning it was my regular body temperature but wen I start moving around it done heated back up with pain and burning sensation when I walk it hurts... Try to see if I need to go to the hospital..or wait it out

Im feeling a whole lot better

So I'm thinking what when on wit my thigh was an infection was finna come but I've been taking my antibiotics, my butt is getting unhard a lil I've came up with my own but here are some pixs oh an my waist have been getting very very tight at nite til it's uncomfortable don't know if it's normal

6 week mark

So far I'm getting better by the day still hard my next update will be at my 2 month mark


I will post a better one

Front view close up

Someone ask for to see the stomach. This pix is really defeating the purpose... Tattoos all over so really can't my stomach(ABs)... Still have swilling , 6 weeks in no lump, or Bumps... Truth be told : Tuesday coming up This will be my first professional massage..

7 week mark\\ 1st professional massage disappoint

So I notices Sunday My Waist and lower and sides beginning to tighten up very tight it feels worst then before at points thur out the day I had to move very slowly and it's to the point I hate to lay down because out the blue it's so uncomfortable it feels like my inside is tearing apart and when I looks down at my skin you can actually see my skin tighten up looks weird I just hate to move... So I when for my first professional massage.. On the scale 4rm 1-10 I will say a 5 I'm not sure if that's how it suppose to feel he acted like he was scared to touch me I feel the same as I did when I walked in.. But my butt is still hard ready to get back to normal wake up all times of the night ughhh... Oh still using my bbl pillow garment have gotten tighter. My butts hurts and still have pain here an der..

2 months mark..

My waist have eaz up a whole lot, My back still have some swelling , My booty still hard here's a video from my snapchat.. Btw the scars on my stomach is NOT from my lipo sx I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis last year and I had to have 2 major surgery operations back-to-back.....

2 months 1week post opt

My video didn't no upload from the other day... I think this is my last update until my 6 months POST OPT and give my review on DR.MEL ORTEGA have been a rollercoaster ride but it have been a journey also I've learned so much an thankful for the RS Ladies... Here's what's going on now I have my days some are better than others my butt still is hard but I can tell the difference it's coming along, my garments still tight and I no longer wear it everyday finally wearing my Lipo foam board it helps out with my waist stiffness, soreness a lot a MUST HAVE MY LOwer back still swollen I sits on my bum sometime and drive w/o my bbl pillow sometime also CANT SIT FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME IT START TO BURN OR STING and also if I lay on my sides that solid fats shifts over to the other side and it burns(yikes) still haven't been able to wear panties My biggest problem is finding jeans that fits my waist.. I went from a sz8 to an sz12 still at 45"inches so far.and now my waist have the itches!! Everybody bodies heals different some heals faster than others and what works for the Next person mite not works for you. Everything and life is a lesson ..And Happy Healing to all the currently/ future (big booty judy's) Good Luck dolls!!!! Oh an Next week I'm start working out and waist training here's a few pics

3 months post opt

So it's been 3 months and 2 days my left cheek still hard 50% my right cheek have softened up about 85%. I still have my days my booty still hurts off in on my waist have it's days... But next month in finna start looking into a 2 round of Lipo and inner thighs Lipo and fat transfer in my hips and my breast done preferably (fat transfer) also within the next 4 months

Just Sharing some pics from last week

As you can the shape is still there and volume.... Still having tightest in my waist and lower back butt still trying to soften up.... But I think I made a good choice I'm happy with my results (still keeping my fingers crossed)

random pix

Close up view of my waist(side)


Here are a few pics results so far....

Not Special Volume Still there

5 months post pre opt....

Finally 6 months update

Guess these are my Finally Results Still having a Lil tightest in my waistline and back not no biggie. Think I'm going back a Lil more Lipo and booty just a Lil and hips just a little... But overall My Doctor gets and (A) oh I'm waist training now

10 months post opt

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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