Need someone to room with for Duran during Jan 2014

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Hello ladies, I'm a youngin so I need some...

Hello ladies,

I'm a youngin so I need some guidance lol.

I been stalking this site since 2009. I used to b a overweight child with no body. I never nocticed my shape whn I ws younger just how big I was. My highest weight was 268 and I dropped down to 205. I'm 22 now. My height is 5'9 and my measurements are waist 46 and hips 45. Ugly I know but I still have time lol. I plan to go with Dr. Perry because his butt's look natural and not fake and thts key for me cuz I dont plan to tell too many ppl about this surgery and I dnt want them to c me n b like dang wht kind of surgery she got to look like tht lol.

This is the actual email Dr. Perry sent me

"The price for the BBL would be $7000. Your skin of the back has good tone and will contract well the skin below the umbilicus is loose and may require a mini tummy tuck if the skin is not contract well enough . You already have a curvy figure and after the procedure you'll just be more curvy. I think the areas that should be liposuctioned include the abdomen, back, flanks, arms and inner thighs. The price includes all the surgery fees, one garment, the office visits and there's a special for two post op massages."

Dr.Perry actually called me from his cell phone how cool is that. I had a consultation with Dr. Jimmerson 1/2/13 and I never got a call (SMH)

I want to get down to 170 b4 the surgery and get a lil bit of butt by doing squats with weight. I hope this works a lil bit cuz I heard that exercising can do your body very good so that is what I'm going to do. What do you ladies think of my body is it tht bad lol. Another question is that I'm a college student so getting $7000 is going to be a journey. I'm going to hve to pay for the massages, garments, room and board which will be another $2,000 probably. How did some of you ladies get this surgery dne and what are some cheaper ways to travel, get massages, and etc. Ladies any advice will help thanks

Hello ladies, I have changed my mind and...

Hello ladies,

I have changed my mind and decided to go with Dr. James Benjamin. I chose him because 1. He,s closer, I stay in N.C. And it's a 4 hour drive for me, so I can just let my sis take me there. Plus if i,m having any complications he is very close not like Perry (If only i was closer to Flordia) That's about $2000 cut off because I was thinking about bringing my sis so I was going to have to pay for that. I also have a cousin who stay in Bowie, MD, so I can stay there or just drive back and forth. 2 He do not use any drains so that's a good thing for me. 3 I have a family member who work there so I can use her discount, so that's a plus. I plan to get to at least 170 before I have a consultation. I plan to get this surgery sometime next year.

This is what I plan to do like stay off all social networks for a while. If I do just do something like working out eating right so ppl will b like ok she working out. Maybe get a fake booty like 4 months b4 my surgery. But what kinda clothes should I wear before.

Ppl have told me I can actually get my butt bigger...

Ppl have told me I can actually get my butt bigger if I do squats in heels and also if I do other butt building exercises and if I add weights I can get good results. Is this actually true or did they just get a BBL and said that lol what do you ladies think?

Hey ladies I,ma stay with Perry. I'm seriously...

Hey ladies I,ma stay with Perry. I'm seriously trying to lose weight went to the farmers market yesterday and spends bout $40 of food: homemade soups&bread, veggies, fruits. I plan to jst eat smoothies , salads, sandwiches, and soups. My dog and I have been going on our daily walks we both need to get healthier. My dog is my child and if you have one use him/her to b by ur side. I have a 60lb pit thts chubby and b4 she gt neutered she has to lose weight. So this is good for the both of us and she,s a house dog tht gt too much exercise. I ws always told a dog tht walks at least 30 mins a day is a happy dog.

Let me tell u how I found my dog. Last year I was driving from sme hood as a shortcut to my apt coming from my Mary j dealer and I almost hit her. She had a collar and leash on, so I looked around to c if someone was chasing after her and I didn't see anyone so I opened my door and she hopped in and she been by my aide ever since. Idk who had her b4 me but thy abused her she ws very timid but u cnt tell tht now. There r times whn she get scared but for the most part she is good. I truly spoil her too much and my mom. My mom b giving this dog all types of food (chicken, cereal, honey roasted peanuts, steak, basically if my mom is eating something and my dog is around she will give her something) smh. The struggle lol. I was blessed that she didn't bite me or nothing like tht. I think GOD HAS A PLAN FOR ALL OF US. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON WEATHER GOOD OR BAD. EVERYDAY IS ANOTHER DAY TO CHANGE THE REST OF UR LIFE. "The choice is yours"

I'm tryn to stop my relationship with MARY JANE. it's tough for me at times I been smoking since I was 17 n I'm 22 now. The longest I stopped was 3 weeks. Thts only cuz of my job, but thy didn't drug test me so I said spark up!! Today I didn't smoke and I don't plan to I been getting more into my religion and reading the bible and praying more, but it seems like I'm not doing enough. I can do anything I can put my mind too though. I think if 70% of my friends didn't smoke it would b better but most of my friends r potheads. I call my older sis Mis Smokes a Lot lol. I wanna stop I smoking cuz it gives me the munches bad yo real bad. I can eat a heck of a lot of food whn I'm floating. I hate drinking and I'm def not doing any other drugs, so I'm not gonna move to another drug.

Once I have this surgery my self esteem will be 200. I have major body issues I always have. I always been teased about my body, but I truly feel as though ppl want what I have in life thts y thy talk about my body cuz honestly thts the only bad thing thy can say about me. But all tht is gonna change. I always been a good girl who parents was doing well. Where I'm from there ain't too many families around like mines not saying we better than anybody but we are doing very good if I must say so myself. I realize tht THERE R ALOT OF PPL WHO IS HURTING AND DON'T LOVE THEMSELVES AND THEY R THE ONE,S WHO MAKE PPL FEEL BAD , SO I HAVE GROWN TO IGNORE THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS CUZ PPL WHO HAVE THE LOWEST SELF ESTEEM IS GNNA MAKE PPL AROUND THEM FEEL THE SAME WAY. ALSO PPL TALK ABOUT U WHN THY FEEL THREATENED IMAGINE THE B.S. I HEARD ONCE I LOST MY WEIGHT. I JST GOTTA PREPARE MYSELF WHT THEY R GOING TO SAY AFTER MY SURGERY. I HAVE AGOOD FASHION SENSE BUT I DNT DRESS UP TOO MUCH CUZ I DNT LIKE HOW IM SHAPED. BUT OMG ONCE I GET THIS SURGERY IM DEF GONNA SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT!!!!

I'm going to post a pic once I lose 20lbs. I'm 215 now and wanna gt to 180 by the time this semester ends. I'm a very strong willed person and all through out my life ppl have told me that im going somewhere and ima b something big. YOU KNW THE CRAZY THING IS I NEVER REALLY BELIEVED IT UNTIL BOUT 10 DIFFERENT PPL TOLD ME SINCE I WAS 18. THERE WAS TIMES I LOOKED AT MYSELF IN THE MIRROR BUCK NAKED YES BUCK NAKED AND SAID "u r going somewhere, ur beautiful, u can do anything u want to do, everything takes time". I have grown to truly believe tht but there r times whn I have self doubt , but everyday is a struggle, but it's getting better.

I jst knw once I get this surgery I,M NOT GONNA B DOING ALOT OF BODY AND ASS SHOTS LIKE ALOT OF GIRLS WHO R THICK ON SOCIAL NETWORKS, I WS GOING TO DELETE ALL MY SOCIAL NETWORKS BUT I SAID "oh no gotta let the haters c wht I'm working with". My dress game is gonna b on point. I have several dozen online clothing websites that I already have.

When u look good u do good.

Hey ladies, I'm graduating in Dec, so I want to...

Hey ladies,

I'm graduating in Dec, so I want to get this surgery done in either Jan or Feb no later then Mar. I'm losing weight and working out more. I do not get on the scale like that. Its not good to constantly weigh yourself daily or even weekly. Once a week is good but no more. So im checking out Duran and so far I love her results and her patients use the same recovery house as Yily. ALSO YILY BOOTY IS REAL...I READ IN SOME POSTS THAT DURAN DID YILY BOOTY NOPE NOT TRUE...

Duran has a FB and I talked to some ladies who tagged her in they post op pics and 1 girl actually met Yily and asked her about it. Yea she got a boob job but natural booty.

I plan to save $5,000 and that should cover for everything.

I need someone to room with or at least go to...

I need someone to room with or at least go to Duran together serious inquires only. We can split the cost of everything together and we do not have to stay at the recovery house.

Thinking of ways to save money. I'm waiting...

Thinking of ways to save money.

I'm waiting for my food stamps to come in its not alot but I'm only feeding myself and if I do have to pay for food then its not going to be much.

Gas I dont think there is nothing to do with that.

Then I started watching Extreme Couponers (I think thts the name) on TLC but anyhoo I saw that I can really save money like that and I love it. My thing was resources and networking I didnt not know of any couponer so I was kinda lost until I re connected with an old high school friend and she was a couponer and a good one so she said she was going to help me out this summer, but I feel like I need all the help I can get.


Need someone to room wit for Baez. Looking for a buddy in Dec

Got a quote with Baez and she quoted me $3100, so I'm going with her. Since my bs advisor didn't tell me bout this class I need to take n order to graduate I'm graduating in May, but I plan to get this surgery in either Dec because I'ma b out of school for almost a month. Or I may get it in the beg of Jan b4 school start I will know everything no later than sept.

Need A buddy for Baez either Dec 2014 or early Jan 2014


Baez soon. Do anyone know Yasmin Sotomayor

This lady nboxed me on Facebook talking about her recovery house. Her name is Yasmin Sotomayor. I'm friends with both Baez and Duran, so I,m guessing she found me on one of they pages. I posted the pic of the message.

I will know my exact date in Sept. I plan to go in Dec since I will be out of school for almost a month. I need HELP FINDING REASONABLE ROOMS AND PLANE TICKETS.
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