28 Yr Old 5'6 153 Pounds and I Am Shaped Like a Refrigerator. Miami, FL

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So I just placed my deposit with Dr. Blinski today...

So I just placed my deposit with Dr. Blinski today. I chose him because he seemed to take his time. Some of the other doctors in the area seemed very drive through service to me. He only does 1 or 2 a day, he uses the multi bead technique instead of just pushing as much fat in at one time , which would result in more fat being lost. Also he goes out his way to preserve that such as not allowing the fat to be all exposed to air. After looking at several doctors Instagram pages where I literally can see them doing this, I decided to o with him. He should post more pictures from his Instagram on here for bbl. I'm on the smaller side but carry all my fat in the under half of my body, he expects to be able to get about 1000cc's in each side from lipo to my upper and lower flanks and coccyx. May not be able to get anything off my abdomen since most of the fat is in the back. I'll update my progress as it gets closer surgery date is the last week of August.

Ready for August

Finally told my mom and some friends. A lot of people say just work out but they don't understand you can't just spot train. I don't want to lose weight all over. I literally want to lose it in the middle and gain it on the bottom. Besides excerise gives a toned looked and surgery gives a curvy look. Not regretting my decision at all just ready for it to be August already. He's not doing any lipo to my abdomen I feel like a little would be nice but I'll see at my pre-op visit. My current measurements are 38-34-38 I need this waist snatched so wide. Patiently waiting for August

Anyone Need To Switch Their Surgery Date?

I may need an earlier surgery date if anyone out there has a June Surgery Date. If you may need to switch your date comment your scheduled date below thanks.

Trying to remain hopeful

A blessing and a obstacle has happened. I have been given a second chance to go back to an amazing company that really I should have never, never left in the first place. I've been reapplying for 2 years and I assumed it was a no again. But now I'm actually getting the chance to be rehired thank the lord but the start date is July 7th with no time off for the rest of the year :(. My surgery was August 29th I need a switch bad, if anyone can't go forward with a June surgery date let me know please. So I can heal all June and be ready for July. I really don't want to change doctors but now it's 3:00 am and I'm looking for Plan B's, I'm thinking Spectrum Rami, Ortega or Alvarez all of them at Spectrum and hopefully they have June dates. I hope I don't have to change it, waiting for a miracle cancellation :( I am determined to have this surgery this year.

Date Moved Up Again

So my coordinator called because there was a staffing issue that day now I'm going in next week Wednesday. The fear is settling in. Im up at 3:16 am my pre-opperative visit is today at 10:30 am lol. Mind my mind is like oh just work out then I remember my skinny body is just as straight as this one and I hated it as well. I decided to do the surgery because I just got tired of not liking my body slim or thicker its always been straight up and down and will always be. And I hate it. Atthe same time I'm excited and terrified of what the new me would be like. Sometimes you're so use to being a certain way you cling to it. My self esteem has been beat up a lot lately and this is something I should do for myself. Since I never do for myself. At the end of the day I hope it all goes smooth, safe and very worth it. Wasn't ready for the move up things are getti g real.

Almost That Time ...Next Wednesday

Going through with it. I got my RX and did my labs today hopefully everything is good to go. Made all my arrangements so June 8th it's a go. I gained a little weight so now I'm 157, I'm trying to get to 160. At my pre-op visit I made sure he can do my lower abdomen lipo and add to my hips as well. It seems everything is good to go. Now I'll just pray for safety and quick recovery. Wish me luck

Made it

Recovery is tough Im sleeping all day and peeing a milpion times. Been using a stool as a walker.

Looks bigger standing up

My square body is gone now

Still swollen but there's a big difference in smoothness and roundness to my hips /butt. Just ready to feel better

One week results

I'm pleased with my results so far. Im tired of this damn garment but I won't dare take it off. I never wanted a big big booty just more curves, smaller waist and some hips. Overall my physique im pleased with

Everything looks good now

I think my new wardrobe will consist of form fitting dresses lol. Like seriously everythang...

Trying to figure out how to sit

I have the booty buddy and I hate it. It sucks, its hard and hurts my thighs. Its not car friendly. So I bought a boppy. How are you suppose to sit on it? Opening towards butt or away? Anyways here's another hoochie dress picture. Enjoying my new body. My booty got a lil smaller praying to keep as much booty as possible. Got a lil flat spots but hell im not a perfectionist overall it looks good. Real booties aren't perfect either so shrugs

Stomach Lipo

Pretty smooth I only got 2 massages but I did massage myself my daily.

Over a year later. Post- Op Blinski

So I've gained a little weight, I haven't been exercising. I just started a week ago. Now I weigh 164 but all of the weight is either in my butt or my breast so I'm still happy. Everything looks natural. I'm not the best photographer but here's some updated pics.
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