28 Years Old, and Just VERY UNHAPPY with the Way I Look Now. Deposit Paid

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I will try to be as detail as possible from the...

I will try to be as detail as possible from the beginning of my journey to the end hope you guys find this helpful. I'm asian 28 years old my weight is 152 and stand 5'0". I'm pretty much at least 30lbs over weight for my height i feel like. I used to be a size 0 or s/xs but after I used birth control patch for 3 months and became a stay at home "mom" to my siblings I started to gain even more weight because there's just too many things on my plate. I had breast reduction a few years ago because due to my previous job required me to constantly bend and I HATE have big boobs....That decision was the most regretful thing I ever did because about 10 years there was pretty much no reviews website that anyone can depend on. I live in Virginia and flew to Beverly hills spend all my credit and saving on Dr Robert Ray aka so called "celebrity cosmetic surgeon" now I'm left with this nightmare, uneven boobs and nasty scars. Lost my complete confidence to even leave the house. So therefor having to make another decision to get BBL and choosing the hope to be "right doctor" is all that much IMPORTANT to me. I've decided to get BBL for about a year now, and has been torn between Rami Ghurani (Miami, FL.) and Emmanuel Mallol (Dominican Republic). I sit on the computer all day and just constantly reading reviews and looking at pre/post op from these to surgeons but couldn't make up my mind. For pricing Ghurani is $5500 and Mallol is $2800 and of course expenses for Florida will be way more than DR. so basically if I would to choose Mallol my total cost will be cut in half comparing to Ghurani and by looking at both their works it's a tide since both have some that I love and some that I dislike but I've decided to choose Ghurani in the end is because I will feel safer since I'm still in the US, I'm pretty sure that everyone that he works with and he himself speaks english, I love the idea of open incisions so that it can drain freely, and lastly there're many popular DR surgeons that does very good work but they all have one thing in common....probably 2-3 out 10 patients, after they come back to the US with tummy tucks/breast reduction their incisions pop open/flame up/gets infected. As for BBL looked really good at the beginning but then after a few months starts to get deformed and then of course the surgeon will offer to fix it for free but really...who wants to look like that and have to take time off, fly back to DR and get it fix (it's your body parts, not hair or nails). So..there, I'm all booked for Dec 7 w/Ghurani for BBL and probably lipo on my arms (still thinking because it will cost $800 more) I will not be staying at a recovery house since it's not recommended for me because I'm traveling with another person to care for me so why waste that money. I'm booking flights/rental car and Airbnb now. WISH ME LUCK DOLLS!

Help me choose my post op pillow

Hey Dolls

I'm torn between these pillows but I really need to order asap, any suggestions?


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