29 years old with a 1 year old, May 26,2017 waiting to become Dr. Calva doll...FINALLY!!!!!

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Hey ladies I have been doing my research for a...

Hey ladies I have been doing my research for a year now and I really can't wait to get my surgery. I just had my first child In January so I was told by vanity that I would have to wait six months after my delivery to have my surgery. I'm scheduled for July 5th with Dr. Hasan. I have seen his work and I can say I'm really impressed.

Thinking about goin to fisher... Or can someone refer me to anothe GOOD doctor

So after reading multiple reviews about Hasan disappearance act. I think I might go with fisher. I think he do good work as well. Is there a good doctor someone can refer me too because I don't have time to play with vanity

Becoming a DR Doll

So because4 Im not interested in playing hide og seek with Dr. hasan I've decided to go to Dominican Republic to get my procedure done. Last year i was gonna go their in get the procedure done with Dr. Yily but backed out because I wanted to stay in the states. should have went with my first mind. I now have two Doctors in mind Dr. Duran or Dr. Yily. Both Doctors do excellent work. So for right now Im just waiting on either one to email me back so I can get this show on the road and wait for vanity to issue me refund back.

Yily doll now

After going back in forward with trying to figure out if Dr. Hassan would be in the office to do my surgery I decided to go with who I first want to do my surgery... dr. Yily, I'm very excited and can't wait till march 31st

What extra supplies do I need

Can some of you guys fill me I. On what supplies I would need to make this a more safe and comfortable adventure..lol


so I was scheduled for surgery March 31st with Yily I mean I was ready.... I get a call from a friend telling me about the someone she know who went to Yily and got a real bad stomach infection and her hips were uneven... My jaw really dropped to the ground, I'm like you got to be fucking kidding me. Im already nervous as hell and my family already disagree with me going across the country to get the surgery then I get this news... Im like God this must truly be a sign for me not to go to DR. SO I emailed Yily office and told them the information that was given to me and they said that she could have gotten that when she got home but Im like she didn't have a stomach infection before she came to you guys, but any who Im over Yily, Im just mad I wasted $300 for my deposit... I wanna live to see my new body. which brings me back to Dr. Anthony Hasan. after going back in forward I decided to go back with him. Im trying to book for the month of May.

Dr. Calva doll May 26, 2017

So now that Dr. Hasan and dr. Fisher is booked the next best doctor is dr. Calva, it's been a journey trying to find the right doctor. I'm excited and also scared because it's only two months away. I haven't started getting anything but will start this weekend. If anyone can please give a list of things I might need that will really be helpful
Miami Physician

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