28 Years Old, with Two Boys, Getting a Bbl with 12 Areas of Lipo

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I've been wanting to get a bbl for years now &...

I've been wanting to get a bbl for years now & the time has finally come.. It's in 25 days & I'm doing this review now because it finally feels real now that the surgery, room, & plane is paid for.. I also got my labs taken Friday so I'm real excited.. goal weight before surgery is 180 wish me luck


Got my labs taken on friday and they came back normal which is a blessing because my iron is always low. I just knew I was going to have to take iron pills until my surgery which would've sucked because I hate them.. anyways these are my wish pictures.

Wish pictures

Medically cleared

Ok so since I have asthma I had to have my primary doctor clear me for surgery... So I had my appointment on June 8th and he told me that I was foolish for wanting surgery and that diet and exercise could give me my result... he also sd that the surgery was dangerous and that I'm asking for the consequences.... right before I left he sd it's his medical opinion that I not go though with it and just get my money back.. so I left and called kyoky and let her know that I gave them the paperwork for my medical release saying I was cleared and she said ok.... so yesterday at 3pm kyoky called me and said she still needed that form and that it had to be faxed to her by 10am this morning.. so I called my doctor yesterday and I was told it would be sent before they close at 4:30... this morning kyoky called me again and said she didn't have it so I went up to my doctors office and knocked on the window until the lady opened the door and I stood at the little glass window staring at everyone until they faxed it... I then got copies and waited in the same spot until kyoky picked up got the fax and said I was cleared.... Oh and I'm changing primary docs because he's an ass.

2 days to go.... till I'm a doll

Yall pray for me because I'm starting to freak out about getting surgery... thanks for the support dolls

At the airport

So my plane is boarding and my boyfriend is freaking out trying to act cool but I know him... this is his first plane ride so I understand.... love my big baby.... thanks for yall prayers... wish me luck dolls because I'm scared for tomorrow.....

Sorry for the late update

Ok girls... so I had surgery yesterday at 7:30.... I made it there at 7 and they took me straight back... I then signed my last bit of papers and talked with the super sweet nurse that was in there for about 15 minutes... i got undressed then took pictures.... then she left out to get the doctor. . Which gave me about 5 minutes to cuddle with my boyfriend.. doc came in and was very real about what I should expect... he was super cool about everything even joked a little... then he took me to my surgery room and there was the about 5 people in there waiting for me... all were really nice and they joked around with me and one another.... i was then hooked up and with in ten minutes he put the mask on me and it felt like I was sleep for 2 minutes and then I woke up.... now that pain was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life... I don't remember being put in the wheel chair I just remember the lady asking me if I wanted to get out of it to sit in a chair.... so I must have passed out because the next thing I remember was a nurse putting holding my head up and calling my name... then she strolled me up front with my boyfriend and they took me downstairs to the car where I almost passed out again trying to get in the car... so my hotel is behind their building so it took less than a minute to drive over... so my boyfriend and one of the male hotel clerks helped me to my room... where my boyfriend gave me my medication and I fell asleep.. I woke up around 3 and was no longer in pain I just feel a lot of pressure and tightness so my boyfriend made me drink a lot of water and gave me my meds then I went back to sleep until around 5... i then got up and he helped me walk around the room and use the restroom. .. from 5 to 9 I got up and walked around for about five minutes every time... i was even able to take my garment off and use the restroom and change my pads with my boyfriends help... still haven't been in any pain since I first got back to the room so thank god...

Post op pictures

Looks different in pictures

So I said I would put some updates on here in a couple of weeks but I don't think that's fair since I wanted people to put up pictures the day of surgery.... lol so here are a couple of pictures. .. my butt looks bigger in person... and I have a lot of swelling.... but my belly looks the exact same...

I seem bipolar

Ok so first I thought my butt was too big.... now I think it's just wide with no projection.... can't complain though because my waist is snatched... and I am happier with my results on day 4
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