tummy tuck.

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I've been a Rs member for a little over a year now...

I've been a Rs member for a little over a year now. I'am been addicted to this site. I' m a mother of 5 and really need this makeover. I'm currently 5"5 192 and currently a size 14. I've done my research, and going with Dr. Fisher I love his work n hope to get the result I truly desire. I contacted Dr Fisher's office on 12/20/14 spoke to Lia who is now my consultant n was giving a quote for a tummy tuck of $4300 but I decided to go with full body lipo n a bbl witch is what I wanted in the first place, I was quoted $5000 including under bra line,back,flank, and waist. I locked in my price with a deposit of $300 on 12/27/14 hoping to have it done before March of 2015. I need as much help and support from you dolls love some of the result I've seen on here and y'all been helping me just by posting what y'all journey been like the good n the bad...lol thanks and any advice will be consider dolls????????????

Trying to reach Vanity ????????????????

So I rreceived some emails conforming my secure deposit, and are op check list from Lia informing me on what/how to prepare my self. It seems like a lot of work but I'm up for it. Need to loose 10 pounds, need to start taking iron pills I hate pills???????????? I also need my Hmo to be a 12 or higher before sx.

more wish pics..

wish pics

wish pic

plastic surgery app wish pic using my own body.

I have change my doctor from Fisher to Hasen .

I have change my doctor from Fisher to Hasen. Dr Fisher was all booked for march, and I don't want to keep waiting any longer.I waited long enough I want my new ass, and I want it now. lol
My sx is paid in full, RH booked its going down 3/20/15 if God permit it to. I just pray and hope for to bless me with good results/recovery with as little pain as possible.

Check list done!

I now have everything I think ill be needing for my recovery stay in Miami. I will be staying with Moni at New Body recovery. she answer all my questions, and make me fell very at ease about my upcoming stay with her, I will be getting my garments with her as well. For my check list these are all I have gathered, and if you ladies think I'm missing anything fell free to make suggestions.

Bobby pillow
Lipo foam
abdominal board
Baby wipes
Arnica gel
Arnica tablets
Bed Pads
Female Urinal
sleep aid
XL panties
5 tanks
6 maxi dresses
Extra charger for cell phone

On stand by...

So sisters I wrote a entire review on here about my test results but got deleted...
where do I start!! I got my results and my Hemoglobin was 10.4, and need to be at least 12-14. I talk to my doctor n decided to put me on prescribe ion pills sulfate 325mg 1 tab daily but I'm doing two as long I don't get a migraine or any unusual side affects from doing so. I take them 8hr apart, and I'm also taking my prenatal since it has all I need in one as well as SSS Tonic a is liquid ion, vitamin C, D supplement after each meals. I'm waiting to retest before going to Miami, and at Vanity. Hopping for good news on the 17th from retest or they will change my date for next month. Please pray for me sisters because this SX is putting me in so much stress I just hope I don't end up regretting this decision in the long run. Thanks to all, and hope you all are doing good.


I wrote a book of a review but it got deleted.???????????????????? This whole experience is taking so mush out of me I don't know if I want to start the whole process over again the waiting game will have its way with me.

From Hasen to Osakatukei Omulepu, MD

I change my doctor from Dr Hasen to Dr Osak my date is now 4/18/15 my surgery is confirm n ready to go. I'm still staying with Moni @Newbodyrecovery.org she is awesome ladies don't sleep on her she is hands down the best in Miami. Please keep me prayed up for a safe surgery n happy recovery. Love everyone for the support in charing y'all journey n helping each other along the way. I'll will keep posting to let you all know what's going on feel free to ask questions. I will help anyway I can.

3 days till surgery????????????

I don't understand all these feeling right now emotions are on overlaud too much to express. I'm happy,scared,excited, shit my stomach even hurts. Please God cover me throughout this process, direct the surgeon from start to end lord. Bless me with beautiful results n speedy recovery be with me always. Amen

please keep me in yall prayers tomorrow is the big day.

My holy Angel Guardian, ask the Lord to bless the journey which I undertake, that it may profit the health of my soul and body; that I may reach its end, and that, returning safe and sound, I may find my family in good health. Do thou guard, guide and preserve us.

3hrs till sergery.

So I'm up sitting here praying the Lord for a safe surgery n speedy recovery. I miss my babies can wait to make it home to them. I know I'm in your hands God please take full control every step of the way in your name I pray Amen... Talk to you sisters later....????body in the making

only getting a tommy tuck now

Dr osak suggest for me to cancel my surgery due to my hemo being 11.2 but will do a tommy tuck on me...so TT it is since its my most problematic erea...????????????my health comes first. He stated if I did the bbl i would end up in the hospital I definalty don't want that so TT then maybe a possible bbl in the future.

two days post op

I'm feeling much better Moni n her staff are amazing I honestly wouldn't be able to to get this far with out them. The pain I felt is hands down the worst I felt in my entire life. Was not able to do anything for my self day one n two. I will post a better review when able ladies I just wanted everyone to know if hat I'm fine a made it. Dr. Osak is the best y'all I was not just a other patient to hear m he took the time to know me n what I was looking for. He was so hones n true I appreciate him for being so down to earth n clear about the odds of me doing the bbl. He stated he will not put my life on the line n gave me better options for now n when I'm where I'm suppose to be heath wise he will be more than happy to do my bbl. Thankx everyone who prayed, supporting me throughout this process will leave on the 21 night ladies n good luck.




The big difference!!!

Disaster Result's!!!

So the tapes are dissolving n I'm starting to see my stitches. I cryed so much y'all wouldn't believe how disappointed I was my stomach is fucked up from what I'm seeing. I've been doing a lot of YouTube to make sure it looked good but No I've waited to get my body back for a long time now but to only fucked it up Dr. Osak fucked my shit up from what can see this far. Its only fair I share my entire journey with y'all I'm emotionally broken.

Dr Osak fucked my tummy up!

Cant Stop Crying!!!

looking amazing in a swimsuit!!!!

I still have to see Dr.O to get my stitches removed from my naval. TT scars healings perfectly waiting to see Dr.O before starting scar treatment. Everything is good hope you dolls are doing great. I'm no longer addicted to real self the way i was before surgery but still love you all. I'm still thinking of getting my bbl in the next fwe years if its God's will but I'm happy with my results n Dr. Osak did a amazing job. The most important advice I can give to someone who think of getting this surgery would be to give your body time to heal.
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Osakatukei Omulepu, MD

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