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Hello, So i have been wanting a BBL ever since i...

So i have been wanting a BBL ever since i found out about the procedure =), and after being disappointed by Dr Miami's customer service lack of professionalism( waited for 9months to have my phone consultation, to have him tell me his coordinator would reach out to me the next day talk prices and dates available but never heard from them again). I decided to go with Dr. Fisher. I made my deposit the next day after being told he had a special i couldn't pass on =) so now i have 10 months to prepare my self physically and mentally for my big day. Does anyone have any suggestions with recovery homes, my coordinator sent me a link to one but the price would be around 1500 for the week that i have to stay out there(traveling from Cali) ? Thank you in advance =)

I will be posting some before pics and wish pics soon.

Wish pics

I took this from Dr. Fisher page. Her before pic is similar to my shape=)

Using the Surgery Stimulator app

One can dream, i hope Fisher can make this happen. I've wanted bigger hips ever since i can remember

Seems so far, yet so close

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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