#TeamFisher switched to fisher.. I'm 27 years old, I have a beautiful 8 year old daughter. I can't wait for this BBL

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So far Dr Ortega has been great, I had my...

So far Dr Ortega has been great, I had my consultation a few weeks ago and it went great. I was nervous, anxious etc... He made me feel at ease right away, I told him what I want and he says it's very possible. I just want a smaller waist flat stomach and a big dramatic booty and some hips which I wasn't blessed with. I can't wait.... So excited

Switched to Dr. Fisher!!!!

So after much thought and researching I have switched to Dr. Fisher at vanity... I'm really excited because he was the doctor I had originally wanted. Love his work and I'm looking forward to meeting him. I know fisher does a body good!!! I know he can give me the big ol booty I want.

Pre op pics

Finally posted! I can't wait until December, all I want for Christmas is a big ol Booty! Lol

A few wish pics

Need your help dolls

Does anyone know if Dr.fisher is in town ?? I'm trying to schedule to meet him for my a consultation sometime in this upcoming week.. Please help ladies

December 14

Is anyone scheduled on December 14 ??

I'm obsessed with RS lol

Surgery app!

If only it was so easy to change our bodies lol Fun app tho.. ????

Trying to Lose 10 to 15 pounds

I've been trying to exercise and eat better to lose some weight and change my eat habbits. For better results and for healthier life style. It is not easy ..... I need to help, any advice????? Please helps sisters

I need this belly gone hips rounded and a big Ol booty

Need your help ladies

What exactly do the doctors focus on to clear you for surgery??? Or is it basically everything and if so what gets check for surgery when doing labs???

wish pics (hips and waist)

Cake ????

Honestly I want a dramatic booty lol

New date Feb 27, 2017!!

I can't wait #FisherDoll Does anyone else have this date??

Surgery is next month!! I'm super nervous, happy, excited, scared and a million other feelings!

Ladies I need some help on all the must haves for bbl and recovery?? Please help ladies anything helps

Had to change date, New and final date March 3. Anyone have that date??

March 3rd

Wish pics

Wish pics I will show fisher!

Need help ladies!

What is the hemoglobin level required for surgery?

Labs!!! Having my blood work done today!!! It's getting real

I'm happy, nervous, excited and a million other emotions. I hope everyone comes out fine and I am cleared for surgery!

Anyone else having surgery March 3rd?

Tomorrow is surgery day!

I'm so ready for this, I'm nervous but can't wait.

3 days post op

Feeling a bit better today! Will post pics later this evening after I shower. Getting massage now

2nd massage

Had my second massage and it feels great afterwards. It bothers a bit during the massage but it's worth it. Maria is the best :) love her. My recovery has been way better than I expected, first night and second day were the worst. Everyday it gets a little bit easier thank god my hubby is so wonderful and has helped me do everything.

change of doctors!!!! changed to Dr fisher

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