27 Years Old No Kids 198 Pounds - Miami, FL

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Hey out there! Very NERVOUS but excited about my...

Hey out there!
Very NERVOUS but excited about my upcoming proceedure... I am having liposculpture full body and brazillian butt lift bbl and liposculpture arm bilateral. I will be going with Dr. Hasan in Miami after seeing my cousins results, she looks amazing! I am currently 198 with a BMI of 32 so I will have to loose about 15 pounds to keep Hasan as my Dr. Which is not a problem at all. So far my experience with Vanity has been great Amy speaks English so I understand her, very friendly, and quick responses. I have yet to be assigned a medical assistant just yet so will keep you posted on that interaction. I have paid $3000 so far and will pay the additional in about a week. I was able to lock in a special rate that ends tomorrow so I took it. My appointment isn't until March so plenty of time to drop the weight and prep for the big day! Total cost of the proceedure is 4500 as shown in the picture of my invoice, still have much to book like the flight, recovery house and supplies. I'm fortunate to have my cousin go with me since she has already been through it. I feel a bit more at easy with what she has shared with me already. Keep everyone updated through the journey! Thanks for reading.

Recovery House!

I have booked my recovery house tonight. I decided to go with Dolls Recovery Getaway. Their prices are great for what you get. It's all inclusive so you don't feel like you are being nickel and dimed. I went with the seductive package, need all the rest I can get before flying home to California. Plus my cousin can stay with me for the last couple of days and it's only an extra $65 per night. 24 hour nurses care is a huge plus!

Dolls Recovery house pt2

Deposit accepted.... now time for flights.

Booty pillow?

I've seen 3 different ones which is best? Booty buddy pillow? Bbl pillow? happy booty pillow? Any reviews will help?

Faja? Garment?

I'm having bbl and bilateral arm liposculpture but most faja or garments don't include the arms ... where to buy / find one ... Do the come in separate pieces? Thanks for your help in advance...

Flight is booked!

Got my flight booked I am all done with all of my large purchases now to getting all the little stuff... flying two different airlines and only taking a carry on since Dolls Recovery house has a majority of what I will need.

1st week of recovery dolls?!?! Question???

I will be flying in on the 8th with sx on the 9th of March and will be at the RH till the 15th that 7 days total... how is everyone in recovery or recovered moving around after the first few days? My cousin is flying out to help me get home and I'm curious if her and I will be able to get out in the sun for a day or if everyone is basically bed ridden?!? Please share your experience! Thank you!

Dr Hasan BBL Sx Transfer $4500

Hi dolls I am looking to sell my quote with Dr Hasan! 4500 for bbl liposculpture 12 areas and bilateral arm liposculpture... he is now charging 6000 not including arms! Rule is you must not currently be in contract with vanity/eres Found out I am pregnant with twins and could really use the monies to support my babies. Please share!
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