27 Years Old, Just Trying to Finally Have the Body of my Dreams. Miami, FL

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Hello ladies, I will be getting a BBl done in May...

Hello ladies, I will be getting a BBl done in May at Spectrum Aesthetics and I have such high expectations. I am super nervous as its my first time doing having cosmetic surgery, a lot of my nervousness comes from those cases that you hear turned out unfortunately horrible and the fact that I have no clue what the long term effects are. I have been reading so many of your experiences on here but a lot of them are from 2013-2014.i want some recent info from ladies that have been to the same practice/doctor I am going to. Please let me know your experiences and any advice you can offer me especially things you wish you new pre sx.

Dream body/booty

Here are some of the women with bodies I admire ????????

Current weight/Before pictures

Weight: 185
Height: 5'6

Here are some of my current before pics. My biggest concern is my stomach and back fat. I am hoping Ortega will be able to liposuction the crap outta this fat! I am definitely not interested in a TT and I am hoping I don't need one to achieve a flat stomach :( I just want to have curves, a flat stomach and a nice booty that matches my body. I am also considering loosing 10-15pounds before I go under. What do you guys think?

Change of Doctor. Ortega ---> Alvarez!

So I have decided to switch from Dr. Ortega to Dr. Alvarez. Here are my main reasons behind my switch:

1. On reading a couple reviews on here from ladies that have gone to dr Ortega, a couple of them have gone in for a revision. That scared me because I only plan to do this once! Now although everyone is different pre surgery and some may need more than one round depending on their individual goals, I'm just not willing to chance it.
2. I have heard Dr. Ortega is not aggressive with Lipo. One of my biggest concerns is the lipo portion of the bbl. I need my stomach to be completely snatched and I need some aggressive lipo!
3. I have gotten the impression from a couple ladies I am following on Instagram who have been to Dr. Ortega over the past couple months, they don't seem as happy with their results as others. Although, they have not posted up many pics of themselves, and the ones I have seen don't look too bad actually and a lot of them are still very early on in the healing process so it's still too soon to judge. The couple Alvarez ladies I am following however, look amazing and have been posting tons of pictures, all within just a couple days after surgery.
4. I didn't actually get a phone consult with Dr. Ortega. I requested one from my surgery coordinator Liz, but she informed me that Dr. Ortega is really too busy to schedule phone calls with out of state patients. That did not make me feel too great because I really wanted to speak to him over the phone beforehand just to get more comfortable with him. I have heard from a couple ladies that have been to Alvarez that he actually called them on the phone. I haven't spoken to Alvarez yet but I do intend on finding out if it is possible for me to do so.
Doral Plastic Surgeon

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