Round 2 BBL May 2016 via Dr. Fisher or Dr. Hasan!

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Hello girls, Finally decided to introduce myself...

Hello girls,

Finally decided to introduce myself on this thing lol. I haven't been lurking on RS for a long time but came across it at the right time. I've been looking into BBL since forever without knowing it actually existed until 2009. I was really considering it around Fall 2009. Researched a couple docs online and NYC. for some reason it didn't seem like that many surgeons were doing this a couple years ago until recently. Around '09 when I was looking for doctors my mom took me to one in MD. Seemed like a great doctor and his book showed the great results his patients have had but he was like 15K and then went to another consultation with one in the city for 8K but I ended up seeing some shady things on his record and didn't like his operating room. Looked like some ish from a scary medical movie. So I put it off and thought I could just whatever work it off. But no. At the time I got approved for care credit but never activated it. But recently I've been wanting to get this done more than ever.
Well let me back track.
I've always had a small bottom. It's always bothered me. Especially in boarding school when all my roomies had shape I didn't. Genetics. I love my face and my body is okay but would love for it to be good/great. Like for me to feel like it's close to 100. In general, I'm broad up top and when I gain it goes straight to my arms, back/bra area and abdomen. Blessed are the women who gain weight in their hips and butt lol. When I gain weight in my arms I can tell immediately! I hate even thinking that I may look footballish. (Anyone else felt that way?) When I wear certain shirts, the sleeves will feel so tight. I hate that. I'll get a small shirt because I'm a small but bc my arm fat is so OD (can you tell I'm from NY) I sometimes have to opt for the medium but then the shirt will be so wide & open looking by the waist where I'm still a small. Smh. And I'm a pretty active person. I just know my body and know for a fact that fat just doesn't leave my arms with regular exercise. Just doesn't. Smfh. I'll do hell cardio and regular squats, sumo squats, donkey kicks and other lower body weights and my two trouble areas, the 2 A's, arms and ass won't have hardly any change.
Love my boobs they're fine. I've been wanting to get my arms lipo'd for sometime now and getting my back area and some of my abdomen would help my silhouette for my butt. Then I started thinking. If I'm paying a certain price for that lipo in NYC why don't I get it all done including BBL in Miami for the same amount of money or less?
So that's where I am right now with this process still researching. I. AM. doing this this year! I don't want to be unhappy and uncomfortable about my body anymore. Don't want to keep looking brolic. Sometimes to my embarrassment a friend will say something along those lines thinking its funny while I'll be cringing inside and am like "it's not muscle it's fat and I'm getting rid of it soon!! Dammit" lol.
And I'm really tired of wearing these butt pad things. Because of it some people know me by this figure and I want my butt to look like that if I'm in my bday suit too. I think I owe it to myself to do what I know will finally make me comfortable with my body and make me feel sexy. I'll continue to update this as my journey comes along.
Thanks for reading. ^_^

Had my consultation with my doctor this afternoon!!!

I originally had an email-consultation with Dr. Ortega earlier this week. But after sending him my photos he wanted me to gain 20-30 lbs. Thats not happening! Nope no lol. I'm 150 lbs right now. I have enough fat to use idk how it wasn't clear via email but whatever. I'm slim/thick, there's definitely useful fat on me. Just another sign I have to stay my ass here and get it done in NYC.
A week ago I set an appointment for a consultation for this other doctor on my radar that I heard about through a friend-of-a-friend. I had my consultation with him this afternoon. He seems amazing and his Patient Coordinator Stephanie was so helpful and nice. I really felt comfortable in that office. I wasn't a ball of nerves like I was during my first consult a couple yrs ago. Perhaps because I knew what I was getting into. His office and examination suites were clean, bright and inviting. After I got down to my undies, he and I spoke into depth about my problem areas, what I wanted done and what would be realistic for my 5'4 frame. He explained the technique in his BBL methods and how to get optimal fat survival. He understood why I wanted my arms lipo'd and plans to really sculpt my back and abdomen to best projection for the BBL. He saw from my "wish" photos that I didn't want a video girl type of look but just a nice pretty bubble.
Usually I'm not so impulsive but after the great consultation I set up my proposed Sx date in Aug and paid my $500 deposit. I'm so bent on getting this done this summer.
Now I have to convince my mom to help me co-sign this care credit application. They denied my application earlier this week. Wish me luck!
Here are some of my WISH photos.

Some BEFORE & 'shopped AFTER pics...

I photoshopped some pics to see how it would look based off how/which areas my doc wants to lipo.

Anyone know of sites to order all supplies...

Anyone know of best sites to order all supplies that needed for aftercare?? Like the compression socks, urinal, compression sleeves, rajas etc. Especially if affordable options. Please let me know.

Change in plans...

Have to change sx and doctor. I'm glad they were gracious enough to understand and promise to refund my deposit. Not sure when I'm doing my BBL. So many things to think about. Hope I don't talk myself out of this.

Spoke to my Mom about BBL!

I spoke to my mom about the surgery and what I wanted to get done. I was kind of nervous because I didn't want her to disapprove and write it off. Even though I'm "grown" wouldn't necessarily need her approval, I still am close with my mom and wouldn't want her to not be informed on my action. Luckily after reminding her of "what we were looking into for me a couple years ago" (when we were 1st interested in BBL in '09). I shared with her that I wanted to revisit doing this. But for real this time. She heard me out and kind of alluded to a counseling suggestion for self-esteem. Which kind of sucked to hear because as someone else with a small butt she knows how I feel. Plus I am pretty confident about my beauty its just that I have a small, semi-flat ass lol. Its like a girl with A-cups all her life who wants C-cups. Its just an enhancement to the beauty thats already there. After seeing my side she understood and says that she supports me. She also said she would co-sign my Care Credit application since I got denied when I tried to apply on my own. She's amazing. I love that woman.

Care Credit!

I got approved for Care Credit! Let's go!!

Supply List

More WISH Pics!

Just had my consultation with Dr. Salzhauer!

Just had my Skype consultation with Dr. Salzhauer. Was supposed to be Facetime but as soon as I get home just in time for my consult my phone 5s is dead. I go to charge it and it won't charge. Its still "clocked out" as I'm typing this. SMH! I called his office hoping that he didnt call me and I missed it. One of his coordinator's told me he's still in consultation with another patient and will be late for our call & took my skype sn. So that worked out.
He seems so cool. He answered all of my questions! Love that. Told me I have enough for him to put 1300 cc's in each cheek. Thats a lot isn't it? I'm be walking around with a wagon or nah? lol. I don't want it to be toooo big.
I just hope my quote is reasonable since I'm not getting that many places lipo'd for my BBL. Hopefully I hear from Arianny tomorrow. I'll be thinking about it all day. I really want to lock in my SX appointment so I can put in my vaca time and get my flights in order....and try to convince my mom to come with me.
After this consulation with Dr. S I'm not even going to bother with Dr. Ortega's office anymore smh. I have yet to hear back with answers to simple questions about the recovery house. Dueces to them.

Doctor Change

So...I changed my mind again
I heard from Vivian at Spectrum Aesthetics with my quote and what would be included. 5 day & night stay in their recovery facility, meals, transportation, 24 caregiver supervision & post-op garment. They're closer to downtown and other hotels so incase I need to stay a 6th day the Best Western Miami is right there. Preparing for this procedure is very nerve-wracking when you're coming from out of state let alone by yourself. So since they have a recovery center with nurses I figure I'm getting an advantage cost-wise instead of paying for a hotel for 5+days and a nurse for 4 days. I might have to hire a nurse for 2 days after my 1st 24 hrs post op. Like Salzhauer, Ortega doesn't use drains for BBL either thank god. That whole drain shit creeps me out.
Ortega's reviews are great and I love the butts he's created just as much as I like Salzhauer's. I'm just getting more included in my package than what was quoted from Dr. S. I placed my deposit today, got my quote/invoice, lab form and surgery contract. I'm getting my arms, waist, flanks, whole back and abdomen lipo'd for the BBL. My surgery date is Friday, July 18th. God willing it will be a great success! Can you dolls recommend an affordable place for lymphatic massages?


Idk why I can't correct my surgery date & doctor name in these edits on my page.
BBL - July 18th
Mel T. Ortega, MD

Thanks Sharon!

She was the RS community support manager that helped me make edits to my page. :-)


Here's some of the supplies I got so far...
Compression socks
Compression gloves
Medical tape
Latex gloves

Free Boppy Pillows!

Stumbled upon thanks to Azzmatazz's review to see if they still had any sales going on. Use "50LOVE" code to get a free boppy pillow!! You only pay $12.95 shipping! I believe its $5 more if you upgrade to a Minky. Just wanted to share!

Is it weird...

Is it weird that I obsess over my potential new body day & night? My sx date can't come soon enough!

Idk which compression garment to get.

I know that I want one that has sleeves since I'm getting my arms lipo'd. Idk if its a waste of money since they will be providing me with 1 right after surgery. Shouldn't I have 2 since 1 will get bloody with drainage? I should probably play it safe and have options with me. I'm hoping I get the right size. So many reviews I've seen with ppl having to buy, return etc b/c the garment ran way smaller than advertised. I also don't know if I should get the ones with the butt in. That scares me. It doesn't hurt the new butt fat?? I want to keep as much ass as I can lol.

For my post-op/stage 2 faja I'm probably going to trek to this spot in Dyckman I heard about where you can get properly measured in person by their specialist or whatever. I just don't like ordering something, it being sized wrong and then having to return it and wait for the right size. Have any of you vets seen a cg with sleeves and the butt out??

Had my consult with Dr. Ortega yesterday!

Had my consult with Dr. O yesterday. I've been almost asking Vivian about that eery day for the past 2 weeks. I was grateful that she set that up for me yesterday. Since I want to get my plane tickets this week or next week. Talking to him and getting his opinion on my WISH pics, current size/shape and realistic results made me a little bit more comfortable. I kind of had to sneak and leave my office for the stairs so no one would hear me. People are like always in my business here about trivial shit so this would be the last thing I would need anyone there to know. He told me he would get as close to my WISH pics as possible, basically what the skin tissue in my butt would allow to hold. And that I would have to add my inner thighs to get lipo'd too. I was thinking about that before but thought my arms, abdomen, waist, back & flanks would be enough sites for donor fat. I think he might agree when I see him in person for my pre-op in July. But I wouldn't even mind doing my inner thighs though, they're huge which would help the natural look of the BBL. I'm more comfortable now since I got to speak with him and he let me know he'll get to as small a waist as he can realistically do and plans to give me good lipo on my arms & back since a lot of my resistant fat is there.
Just got some more of my supplies & maxi dresses in the mail earlier last week. I think all I have left to get is the pre&post op vitamins from MakemeHeal, compression sleeves, Arnica, CarribbeanShape faja/garment, Mederma, antibacterial soap & pads.
Its kind of hard trying to gain and put on when weight goes to your arms and waist already. I feel like I'm getting so broad up top all I've been wearing to work has been mens clothing 2 sizes too big. Luckily I works in the menswear industry so majority of what I wear I get a pass on but still...July can't come quick enough!!

Everything's Moving So Fast

Me & my mom got our flight tickets. Thank God she decided to come with me and stay with me for a few days after my sx. So much more comfortable about things now. All there is to worry about now is my iron & blood levels. I've been taking Blood Builder since May and Vivian sent me a link to Floradix. I'm going to try to take that also but I don't want to od on it. Iron is the last thing you want too much of. I have to do my labs at the end of June w/ Spectrum's lab but I wish I could get an appt w/ my PCP so I can get my labs done before I get it done w/ Spectrum's. So I could at least see where my levels are at now and what I'm working with. Ive always been good about getting my supplements in and eat pretty well and usually get my greens in anyway so I'm just praying for the best. Just nervous because I use to be a lil anemic when I was younger. Also have to make sure to get my labs done before my period come at the end of the month. Ladies could I get your opinion, is it best to do blood work labs a week or couple days before you get your cycle or after the cycle?? Trying to estimate when the blood levels drop and rise back up. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks for the support also. This is such a nerve racking process.

Weight Gain Pics

At the doctors for annual physicals and figured I'd use their mirrors while waiting. I'm 160 lbs for sure. Now only if I can find out if my labs were cleared for surgery. :-/

My Labs!

My labs came back approved for surgery!!!! I was so worried b/c of my iron and my period coming and making my hemo drop or something. I guess I'm good!! I'm so freakin ecstatic. I've been praying for everything to go well. I'm going to continue taking my Blood Builder, Floradix Iron then add my MakeMeHeal pre-op vitamins 7/1. Going to keep on with my fruit smoothies I get from the health deli by my job. I usually get papaya, strawberry, pinapple, guava with orange juice. Its sooo BOMB. So much vitamin c.
Good luck and well wishes to everyone during this nerve-wracking journey. The support & sharing of info from other women on here is so great and a stress-reliever!

2 Weeks Away From My SX!!

These will be my official WISH photos that I'll show my doctor.
Time is flying. Can't believe I'm like 2 weeks away from my surgery. Shit is getting real.
All I do is think about this, go on Real Self, think about this, take vitamins etc. Even at work. I count down the time to get out of work to get back home and hop on RS. I feel obsessed. Going to have to meditate and pray more as time's winding down to the big day. I'm such a bundle of nerves!!!

Official WISH photos from above update!

Literally 1 Week Away!!!

I'm kind of trying to wrap my head around the fact that in 1 week, God willing, I'll be in Miami getting my SX done. Part of me is just excited to get out of work mode for a little bit and get to relax. ?I can't wait til all I have to think about is myself, relaxing and recovering. Even though I'll be in a bit of uncomfortable pain lol. It will be worth it God willing. Next week Ima have to literally be on full grind mode at work so I can get my sx off my mind during the day. I think about this shit 24/7+. Its wild.
?I've been trying to center myself with mediation and prayer during this time. Just trying to keep calm and keep negative & fearful thoughts out of my mind. Prayer works wonders.
I have to get my last bit of supplies. I'm glad in the early point of my journey I bought the important stuff first. All I have to get next week are tanks, bigger undies, slip-op sandals, robe and yoga mat.
?I'm still taking ?Blood Builder, Floradix, Vitamin C and started my pre-op vitamins from MakemeHeal. Bought hella Arnica gel and tablets too lol.
I ordered some cute dresses and sets from sonyabee's boutique that I can't wait to wear!!
I'll keep updating. Its getting close!!!

5 Days Away!!

It's 5 days away. It's so soon that it doesn't feel real. Probably won't until I'm on the plane with my mom. I've been in such nesting zone this whole summer and lying to get out of social events bc I just haven't felt comfortable in my baggy cloths trying to hide my extra lbs. Can't wait until I don't have to feel like this anymore. I have so much cute stuff to wear lol.
Side note: Still keeping up with my vitamin c filled smoothies from the fresh spot by my job. Guava, papaya, orange juice, pineapple & strawberries. So yummy.
I'll keep updating. Just praying for success with this. God bless everyone.

Going down in a couple hrs!

Touched down in Miami yesterday with my mother. Met some of the ladies at Spectrum yesterday they were so sweet. I took my pre-op pics and did my paperwork! A lot of paperwork. It was heavy reading. Like you know about the complications but it isnt real until you're actually reading it and consenting the forms. All will be well.
They kept stressing not to eat after midnight [I'm so hungry now lol]. Had some crappy Mexican food yesterday at like 7. It was blehh and I feel type bloated. Wish I had some pizza or something lol.
I'm ready to meet Dr. Ortega and talk about my surgery. I printed out my Wish photos am ready to get this done. Thanks for the support ladies and please pray for me. God bless!

Made It!

Feel like I got hit by a train. So sore & tired. Will update later.
Thanks for your prayers!

So so sore & swollen

Don't feel like typing much but wanted to update.

Pics From 3 Days Post [1 Week Post Today]

I'm now 1 week post officially. All I can do is thank God for letting everything have gone successfully for me. I wanted to update with some photos from 3 days post op.
Tonight I will hopefully put up a complete review about the procedure, recovery house, recovery so far.
Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and prayers. God bless!

Full Review: Day of Surgery to 1 Week post-op

Day of Surgery:
I was supposed to get to Spectrum at 11am. I was pretty much up since 9-ish, full of nervousness, anxiousness and excitement. Since I stayed with my mom at the best western right behind Spectrum it was nothing to get there in time. I didn't really have to wait long before I was called to do urinate for the pregnancy test. After that Jenny (who is amazing!) had me & my mom sit in the pre-op room. I had to undress and wear the medical socks, cap and robe. It wasn't long before Dr. Ortega came in. He was very nice and charismatic. Asked me about my name and background and made some jokes. I showed him my wish photos that I printed out for him. He got a good look at me and gave me the real. He told me what he could do based on my wants and what he would try his best on. He was very attentive and marked me up and explained where & why he was marking certain areas. Some of the questions I didn't even have to ask b/c he already answered them while explaining everything to me. It made me real comfortable and assured that I found myself in the right hands with Dr. O. Then I met his anesthesiologist, who was also nice and calming. She asked me the typical questions and then I was off. The last thing I remember before surgery was being on the examination table while the anesthesiologist had my left hand in hers while hooking me up and Dr. O complimenting my last name and that was it. Surgery was over. I barely remember waking up afterwards in recovery but I did with not really so much pain but A LOT of pressure then eyes closed again. I'm like half awake but kind of remember feeling my body in the compression garment and being put in a wheel chair. Remember seeing my mom then put in the backseat while my mom & Maria were in the front of the SUV. Maria was the angel of a caregiver at the recovery house. [sidebar: if you're going thru spectrum try to get the recovery house/condo included in your quote. it was a lifesaver and cost-saver too.] I felt myself in a car then carried then in my bed. I was knocked out for the remainder of the day. Occasionally woken up to either take antibiotics, pain killer, eat or pee. I had to have my mom and the other Maria hold me up while in the bathroom. Talk about a humbling experience lol. [another sidebar: this is not the type of procedure I would recommend to go through alone. I thank God my mom was with me for the 1st 3 days.]

Day 1:
The next day was rough. Nothing was easy...actually the only thing that was fairly easy was urinating. Thank God for the P-ez! Trying to eat was hard. Every time I would swallow it felt like I would "see earl" instantly. I'm not sure if it was the antibiotics or anesthesia still but I was nauseous probably til day 2. Tried to get up and walk around the floor. I could only do that for 5 mins at a time which felt like an hour. Still not that much pain but aching neck and pressure on my butt and back. Sleeping was hard but at some point I wouldn't focus on the pain and knock out.

Days 2-4: I was walking more. Pain decreased after my 1st bowel movement, shower and lymphatic massage. I had my 1st LDM on day 3 post-op and I felt like 100 after it. Pain level was probably 3 out of 10. I can't complain at all. It shouldn't hurt if its being done by a skilled professional. I got to see my bruising go down and the small waist Dr. Ortega gave me. I would recommend getting the massage as soon after surgery as you can. I only had time to get 2 done before leaving Miami. Marian gave me the best neck massage ever also. She's the best.
I saw Dr. O for my follow-up on day 3 also. He told me he put 850 cc in 1 cheek and from what I remember 900/950 cc in the other cheek. I think in general (before surgery) I naturally had/store more fat in 1 side of my body than the other because of a slight scoliosis. He also put fat in my hips but I forgot to ask him how much fat he put in there. He took fat out of both upper arms, back, flanks, waist, abdomen and both inner thighs. I was like loving my waist. My butt was stiff as a brick but shapely. I didn't want to consume myself with how it looked or felt just wanted to get through the rough recovery days as calmly as possibly. I know it will plump/fluff up because of the cc's that were put in. [still not sitting on my all]. I had my 2nd massage the day before I left and it was amazing again. I wish I could have gotten 5 before I left smh.

Day 5: Back to NYC
Saw the Dr and Jenny before I left. I got last minute questions answered and got my stitches out. Everything was healing good to them thank God. Said byes and Maria dropped me off to the airport. I didn't want to use a wheelchair since I would be sitting on the flight for almost 3 hours. SMH.
Honestly the flight was so uncomfortable before this cool flight attendant let my lay across the back row of the plane for the last hour of the flight. Before that though I was sitting on my boppy pillow in my aisle seat hating life and wishing the passengers next to me would shrink so I would have more room. I know what other girls on here are talking about when they're counting down the time during the flight and praying for their fat's survival. That ish is stressful!
As soon as my mom picked me up from the airport I damn near jumped to lay across the back seat lol. I was wearing a maxi dress and my mom was impressed with my shape.

Day 6/7:
The hardest thing to do to this day has been sleeping. I wake up with a headache almost everyday because of how my neck feels all night. Then I feel better every time I get up and walk around. My butt is still stiff. It feels like it is softening up at the bottom of the cheeks. My lower back still aches a bit and parts of my midsection feel rock hard but it will softened once I get my massages back up. My incision sites are small. I can't wait til sleeping gets easier. Been religiously sleeping on my stomach since. I'm trying not to sleep on my sides, trynna keep these hips. I need to get back to wearing the arm garment. It hurts though. I even cut it by the elbow area to alleviate my hands & arms getting swollen but still the same. Its the Medium Marena black arm garment. I ordered [via Ebay] a Medium MariaE sleeved garment while I was in Miami but just tried it on and it feels too tight on my butt. I took it off immediately. Trying to figure out if I'm going to keep it or return/exchange for a different one.

Half of the things I brought I did not use. From what I bought, I used the following:
Arnica gel & tablets
Dial antibacterial soap
alcohol pads
Pineapple juice
Cleansing wipes
Toothbrush & toothpaste
3 maxi dresses
1 hoody
1 pk of small tank tops
1 pk of L/XL hanes undies

I brought WAY more than I needed because they had majority of the supplies like chux, gauze etc at the recovery house. I think my original list would have been good for someone going to DR or staying at a hotel for recovery w/ a hired nurse. If you're staying at the recovery house you really don't need that much during your stay. My opinion though. This was a lot to type. Please let me know if I forgot anything or if you have any questions.
I really glad I chose Dr. Ortega as my surgeon and thank God that I had no complications and a normal recovery thus far. Thats what I was praying for, along with ongoing successful results ;-)
Thanks ladies for the ongoing support. Prayers to everyone getting their procedures soon and everyone in recovery stage like I am. God bless!

New Pics!

12 days post

The lighting in those pics suck

I'll take better/more pics soon!

Booty Greed!

Idk if I'm just having one of those days or what but I feel like my butt has gone down considerably. It wasn't that much put in to begin with but I just feel like its even smaller. I'm at 15 days post now but feel a lil defeated b/c it looks smaller to me. I know that Dr. O said he put 850 in one cheek and 900/950 in the other and couldn't get more than that in either. Just wish it could've at least had 1000cc's in them. I dont know if its too soon to think about a revision. Maybe I have to stop looking at my butt but I can't help it. And I feel like my arms are still as they were. It hasn't gone down. I just feel kind of frustrated and wanted to vent on here so I wouldn't cry. It's just hard to think of the money put on credit, weight gained beforehand, time spent in reclusion, recovering in pain to get a result that was less that what you wanted/expected. Just feeling a little sad right now.

New Pics - 3 Weeks Post Op!

Hey ladies!
I've been feeling better. I think the last post was on a day my butt looked different and it was getting to me. Thanks for your encouraging words and messages. I have to remember that my body's still changing and healing so it may look different day to day. I made 3 weeks post op yesterday and took a bunch of pics.
Some things I've noticed:
My back has gotten less numb but is still sore in the mornings, night and whenever I sit (on the boppy of course) too long.
My headaches from sleeping and back pain have stopped. Thank God.
My stomach skin is still funny-feeling but has subsided. You know how it feels like you aren't touching you're own skin. My friend told me I need to start massaging it myself at night between lymphatic massages. I use my clarisonic in the shower to massage it with dial soap as well.
Everytime I get up from sitting I feel like a robot that needs to be oiled lol.
My dad and brother have been dropping me off on the train so I can just stand for 20 mins before I get to work, that helps minimize sitting.
Also, had my first full work week since vaca and almost everybody's in my business. I've been wearing maxi dresses since it's the most comfortable and non restricting and it's like everyone double takes. I got the grand inquisition at work about what I was doing in Miami, why am I sitting on a pillow etc. it's like damn get the hell out of my business nikkas lol smh. My homegirl at work was like "damnnn". She could prob guess I got something done bc she's Colombian and a mutual friend of ours got hers done last winter out there. But I'm not telling anyone bc it's not their business to know. Only 1 of my friends know and that good enough lol.


New Pics - 4 WEEKS TODAY!

Lymphatic Massages in NYC

She was great!

Any of you vets get small sharp jolts

Any of you vets get small sharp jolts on your butt cheeks? Or itching at the lower back and sometimes on butt cheeks? I try to rub cocoa butter when it happens though idk. Do you ladies get the same?

Thought this was funny Lol

Lol smh


Measurements Changes PostOp

All measurements are in inches. I'm trying to find if I wrote down any measurements pre-op when I was trying to gain weight for surgery but I don't think I did.

Bust - 39
Waist - 29
Hips/Butt - 42

Bust - 38
Waist - 29 1/2
Hips/Butt - 41 1/2

Bust - 39
Under bust - 31
Waist - 28 1/2
Hips/Butt - 41 1/2

Bust - 39
Under bust - 32 1/2
Waist - 28 1/2
Hips/Butt - 41

Bust - 38
Under bust - 31
Waist - 27 1/2
Hips/Butt - 41

Bust - 37
Under bust - 31
Waist - 27
Hips/Butt - 41 1/2

Bust - 36 1/2
Under bust - 30
Waist - 27
Hips/Butt - 41


7 Weeks

2 Months Post Op!

I feel somewhat normal now. At times it feels like I didn't undergo a major procedure I feel so normal. Then sometimes I wake up and I STILL feel some pain in my lower back. But I also still use the triangle on my lower back when I sleep with my faja. Sometimes I will use my cincher. But most of the time I'll wake up in the middle of the night and take the shit off. I still use my boppy at work. I don't feel comfortable not using it yet. I may use my work boppy til I feel completely comfortable. I use a smaller boppy when I drive and at home when I eat dinner or go to the nail salon. I still lay down on my stomach in the living room and when I sleep. Luckily I have always been a stomach sleeper so it was never that much of an annoyance not to sleep on my back.
This booty has gotten me into some trouble lol. It jiggles when I walk. The vets were not exaggerating about the attention...especially in maxi dresses. My friend from an old job said "if I could take your ass and put it on my headboard I would" LOL. Smh he's crazy. I don't even care if anyone at my job assumes that I got my butt done. I love how it looks. I've been measuring my arms like when's it going to reduce! Can I still be swollen in my arms?? I wish I got more fat taken out of my arms and put in my butt smh.
Most days I have "good booty days" mostly when I have my garment on. Then some days I notice less projection on my left cheek. Like if I turn my body a 3/4 angle I don't see projection as I should all the way around. I'm not sure if it's going to fluff any more than it has but I'll remain positive. Everyday I feel so much more sexy though! I can't wait to get back in the gym and start back with squats, weights and pilates. I'm not doing any cardio!
When ppl got round 2s I use to think it was unnecessary but I def understand why now. I'll keep it 100, I'm definitely thinking about it also. I'll wait to completely decide on that once I hit 3 months tho and dependent on how it improves from work outs.
Arm update: I'm starting to notice that my arms look how they did before I started to gain weight for surgery. They're at 12" now. I'm hoping that also with the workouts and a tighter arm vest/garment that my arms will get a little smaller.
And I'm waist training. I had a latex cincher since last year but I'm going to buy a second one probably in black a size smaller so I could wear that now that the weather is getting cooler.

Happy healing ladies!! Good luck and prayers to everyone just out of surgery or embarking on it!!

I think I need a round 2 SMH

Definitely think I need a revision. My shape is much better but my butt has gone down. These pics are from last night at the gym. No garment on. The previous pics from the last update I had the garment on. Not pleased with the projection right now.


I was at the doctors office so I figure I'd use the mirror. I weigh 157 now postop. You'll see in some pics how I'm definitely lacking projection smh. See it with and without the garment. And the last pics in my garment and leggings.
Sending these pics to Vivian as well. I have to plan for a round 2.

Update w/ Photos

Idky it wouldnt let me upload from my phone.

3 Months!

New Pics...will detail update later. Hope everyone is well & feeling great!!

Getting Another SX with Dr. Ortega!

Hey Dolls. I know its been forever since I've been on RS. Life is life and its hella busy lol.
I've been satisfied with my BBL since I've been consistent at the gym. I'm like 85% feeling like I don't need a round 2, I'm fine with the size. I don't need anymore eyes than whats its been getting since my sx lol. I HAVE been wanting my arms, back and waist smaller though. Since there was only a certain amount of fat that Dr.O was permitted to take the 1st time I feel like a 2nd go at it will give me the small waist and slimmer arms that I want. I'm 100% on that so I figure just lipo would be my best bet. I put my $300 deposit down today with Liz at Spectrum to hold down my price. I may need an sx buddy going to Spectrum for beginning of April. So hit me if you're interested! This is technically round 2 minus the fat transfer. ^_^ I don't even know if I have to create a whole new review lol.

Thinking of Round 2 BBL...and the Dominican Republic!

Been thinking of doing a round 2 BBL instead of only lipo. I'm sayin like why waste this useful fat? Lol.
I don't know if I will be able to get the deposit I put down to Spectrum back. I feel like every time I call Liz I don't get a call back and they're so unresponsive sometimes same kind of issues I had with Vivian for my first BBL.
So I'm thinking of Dr. Duran or Dr. Medina... every time I've emailed Medina she's gotten right back to me by the next day. Going to reach out to Duran to see what she says.
As it comes along I think I'll start a new review. Hope everyone is well & happy new year!

Back with another BBL review…Round 2 May 2016!!

Back with another BBL review…RS didn't let me create a whole new review lol. I started a different review last month when I was considering getting just lipo alone on my problem areas like my back, bra area and arms and whatever was left on my waistline from the first SX. But the whole time thinking damn I should just use this ample fat and get a BBL again. Like why should I just get lipo throw away this fat and not fix what I didn’t like from my 1st bbl. Especially since the lipo price Spectrum quoted me for was $3,500 and thats around the same prices I’ve been seeing for BBLs from Spectrum and Vanity.
Part of me is like “damn, am I really going to go through the BBL process over again?”:
loading myself with vitamins, blood builders & floradix prior
The recovery!!
The sore ness!
bruised elbows from leaning on them
going everywhere
no sleep lol
walking everywhere with my mini boppy pillow
Not sitting ever!! lol
Telling people not to hug me too tight lol

But I can’t lie I lowkey loved that after surgery feeling. Being tended on and pampered lol. Is that weird? I just want my arms slimmer, my waist tiny and my butt to have a full heart shape bottom, projection and overall roundness.
For my 1st BBL, Ortega did give me a better shape and more volume in my butt but it wasn’t the banging ass that I really wanted from the beginning. His style isn’t huge butts from what I’ve seen. I find that he’s more conservative with lipo and with BBLs and I want a tiny waist and a BIGger butt. I seen a lot of girls who get their round 2s and they look SO much better than their round 1s so I highkey can’t wait.
I didn’t plan on having to do a round 2 but here we are lol. My advantage is that I did this before so I’m familiar with everything about it. I still have some of my supplies from my 1st round that I kept just in case…maybe I had a feeling. ^_^ I’ll update this as I go along ya’ll. Stay tuned.

Current Measurements

Here are my current measurements. I'm at 156 lbs, 5'4
Bust - 36-37
Waist - 28 (when I’m starving lol) 29-30 (when I’m full)
Hips - 41

Wishful measurements after sx lol
Bust - 34-36
Waist - 24
Hips - 44-46

Who's better for round 2- Fisher or Hasan

I've been talking to Shirley from Vanity and I don't know which one to go with. Hasan or Fisher?? I've seen amazing booties from both. I've been seeing more smaller waists from Fisher though. I just don't like that he takes so many patients a day. I also don't like that he seems to change his schedule so often. Ive seen some RS dolls say Fisher is better for round 2s though. With Hasan, he makes some impressive butts too but doesn't really do hips. I like that he takes just 3 girls a day. I really want a tiny (waist where bih?) waist and super round/heart shape booty! They're both $5K for 12 areas of lipo w/ BBL. what do you ladies think?

Vanity is on some BS!

How last week it's only $500 to secure the $5K special with Hasan or Fisher then yesterday when I spoke to Shirley it's $1K deposit to secure the price? Before she herself told me that I can put down $500 to old down the price but if I also wanted to secure my date I would need to put down $1K. I was like fine so you can send over the questionnaire. She sent me the questionnaire last week I filled it out the same day and sent it back she didn't get back to me. Of course. I didn't hear back from her so on Thursday I called Vanity, Shirley had off so I spoke to 2 other coordinators instead. Leah & another girl I forgot her name, but both told me the prices for Hasan and Fisher would be increasing to $6K bc of tax season. One girl said they would increase by Wed, the other said by the end of the month. But they said I would have to speak to Shirley when she's back in tomorrow to put my $500 down. So when I spoke to her yesterday she said she claims she never got my questionnaire response and pictures so that means neither Hasan nor Fisher would have seen my pics. *rolls eyes* so I resend it while we're on the phone and she gets it. Then says I would need to put down $1K to secure the price now w/o securing my date. HOW if I was told something entirely different yesterday? WTF??!
I'm either going to demand to be switched to another coordinator like Leah or someone else or go back to Spectrum because this is some really stupid shit. I'm not surprised bc of ALL the complaints I have read about Vanity over the years. Its a shame that neither Hasan or Fisher work at other facilities. Whatever man. Sorry y'all, I just needed to vent.

Does Dr. Osak do heart-shaped butts?

Does Dr. Osak do heart shaped bottoms? I've seen him do big beautiful bubble booties and I think his style is similar to Fisher. But I think I want more of a big heart shaped butt. Do you ladies know if Dr. Osak does that or if there are ladies on RS who received that look from him. Please let me know.

Another wish pic of exactly what I want

Look at this booty! This is exactly what I want
Miami Plastic Surgeon

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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