27 Year Old BBL FisherDoll16. My Joureny Starts NOW!! - Santo Domingo, DO

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OMG, i have been researching for a long time now....

OMG, i have been researching for a long time now. Ive been saying for YEARS that i wanna bigger butt, and bigger hips and just never did anything about it. I tried working out (motivation comes and goes) Ive spent way too much money on gyms and classes. I have just decided that, you know what its time. Im young, im Healthy why not. I have read so many reviews and IM IN LOVE with so many girls pics, I cant stop looking at booty's lol. Any who i have decided to go with Dr Fisher! FisherDoll2016!! Lol. Im looking to schedule sometime in June '16, anybody scheduled already for that time? Inbox me. My journey beginsssss!!!! Im super excited, omg. Im at work and literally have done nothing all day but sneak on websites and read reviews lol. Dr Fisher is having a July 4th special right now 6000$ for EVERYTHING. BBL (+LIPO in 12 areas) recovery house (5 days 4 nights) 24 Hr nurse, Medication, Transportation, Meals, ect. Literally all you have to worry about is your tickets. I mean that is a steal!! I was considering going to Dr Duran, shes really good as well, im in love with her pics BUT i decided against it because God Forbid ANYTHING goes wrong (prayerfully nothing will) but if in fact any complications you WILL have a hard time finding a Drin the states that is willing to go behind a Surgeon (esp outside the country) and I read some not so good reviews with Just some of the care pre and post that some girls received, lack of communication, no call backs, refund problems, deposit problems. And i just do not have time for that. I will be too far away from home to be running into some problems in DR. Boston girls can be a lil updity but we will BEAT THAT ASS (lol, jokey joke) anyways im looking to make friends and befriend any of my fisherdolls out there, pre or post! Inbox me, reply back. Tell me about your experience, your recovery, of if your just shopping around. Off couse I would love someone to get on this amazing package deal so we can be big booty buddies lol. I will be posting some pics soon. Also my surgery coordinator's name is Margaret, really sweet girl. I will be sending her some pics tonight, so that she can forward to Dr Fisher for an eval. Im 5'6 about 220 lbs but i swear i dont look it, hopefully i dont have to lose alot of weight because i want as much fat as possible to achieve the look i want. Im not gonna worry about that too much right now though, I will keep you all updated. Bye dolls!!

Ok...idk im thinking about DR now

Hi Ladies..so im thinking about DR now...anyone else going to DR next yr? I feel like surgeons in the states (thats ive seen) havent done a dramatic difference. idk could just be me but i feel like i want my money worth and i dont want to get a BBL and then have to go back and get another one (who does that!) go hard or go home, i just dont wanna go that hard I dont want a nicki manaj but or K mitchell i just need some curves and ill be satisfied however i dont want to settle for a doc that will do the bare minimum. any advice?

Baez Doll!! Who coming with me!

Ok ok ok, so guys Im booking with Baez for spring '17 and i want a butt buddy!!!! Anybody looking to book for next yr in april sometime or march???

Hi dolls!!Afrer careful research (which seems...

Afrer careful research (which seems like NEVER ENDS) I have decided to go with dr manon. first let me say that my first choice was dr duran BUT on top of her very busy schedule, which she can take forever to respond, i also do not like the fact that she wouldn't give me a quote because my BMI was over 35. Now, i understand weight limits, sx etc HOWEVER this made me a little uncomfortable because this is my FIRST sx and i want to have my sx done by a Dr who understands every body is built and shaped differently. its very important to me that the Dr i choose will be versatile. and i reached out to duran for the first time in October 16, to schedule for 07/17, i would have lost weight by then. i just wanted to secure a spot. but anyways...my doctor will be ...drummm rolll..... Dr MANON!! yaay. im excited for him to do my sx. His pics are amazing more then anything he seems to understand that every one is shaped differently. Im not a skinny girl and i rather be under with a doctor that isnt just comfy performing on skinny girls and vice versa. (sorry for this long post) and i like my weight, the point is to be thick, i dont know about yall but i dont want to have skinny legs with a big ol booty, i need my butt and hourglass to compliment my shape and dr manon does this for me. over all the whole experience has been pleasurable so far, his assistant Rosa is the BEST and she repsond quick! ALSO the quote you ladies see above IS INCLUDING EVERYTHING but my plane ticket! so with that being said i need a sx buddy???? serious inquiries only. i dont have a date scheduled yet but i will be going in July 17, im coming from the boston area. so LADIES LET ME KNOWWWW!!! also has anyone heard of Sea Lily, New lIfe, and rocio ortega recovery houses?

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