Dr Ghurani is the best! 4L out, 1200 each cheek

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So far, the office staff have been great! Really...

So far, the office staff have been great! Really looking forward to getting deeper into my journey. I sent my photos to Thania last week and my telephone consult will be today at five. I am curious to see if i will need to gain weight. I am hoping to have surgery beginning of February or the beginning of March!

Telephone consult

So I spoke with Dr ghurani tonight and he was very kind! Made me feel comfortable. Says I'm one of the hardest body types to get a bigger butt because I don't have a lot of transition. I like that he was honest in what to expect, he said he'd do very aggressive Lipo to give me a shape and put as much as he could into the butt, but it looks like I have tight skin so he's not sure how much he can get in there :(

I'm not looking for a Nicki minaj or Kim k but I would like it kinda fat lol. Damn.

I saw pictures of him turning situations as bad as mine or worse into something better so I'm optimistic, but realistic.

Especially since the price is how much Doctor's around here wanted for just Lipo, I'm still going to go through with it.

Thania is supposed to be calling me tomorrow to quote the price and pick a date. I'm impatient and want the beginning of February but I know I'll probably have to wait until the beginning of March.... I'm so impatient.

Has anyone had a situation like mine with good results? Is it still worth it??

Surgery scheduled for March 3!!

Deposit down, scheduled for March 3rd!! So excited. Looking for anice place to say for ten days, any suggestions??

What do I need

I booked my flights today. I'm starting to get nervous about my "tight " skin and the fact that Dr G told me I was one of the hardest body types to work on. Do you think it's worth it? I certainly hope so!!!

I'm also getting confused about which garments I need and just on complete overload!

ready ready ready, MARCH 3RD!!! Dr Ghurani here i come.

So i bought tickets, booked a place to stay (it was $1500 because its spring break, ugh) and got the time off work. I'm all set for March 3rd, 2015!

I keep asking thania if they provide garments, im getting confused seeing everyone talk about different ones. I want to make sure i have the initial one i need and then i can figure it out!

I'm also wondering what kind of medications they provide after surgery, i have really bad anxiety, not so much pain issues. I'm getting nervous! My BFF is coming with, but she is no good with any kind of blood or anything like that lol. I'm a nurse, so i think i'll be ok, i just need the support.

Trying to develop a list of MUST HAVES after the surgery.

Dolls: how long were you absolutely down? i hate staying inside, im just wondering about how many days until ill feel like going on a walk or something like that.

Thanks! wish me luck!

Made my payment!

So I made my payment today!!!

I posted more before pics, I've intentionally gained weight even though he told me I didn't need to!!! I wanted to make sure that he had enough to work with!

I feel miserable, and fat, and shapeless!!! 12 days!!! Stay tuned!!

Photos didn't upload

These didn't upload

Ugh pics


This weight gain is no joke

So even though Ghurani told me I didn't gain weight I wanted to just to be sure, because when I consulted with Dr j he told me ten pounds and I'd rather have too much than not enough! But I am MISERABLE!!! I THOUGHT eating everything I wanted would be awesome but I honestly can't wait to get back to the gym and eating well after this!

My current measurements are 37-41-43.... Gross!!!!

Getting nervous that my results won't turn at well since he said I was the hardest body type to work on and my skin is tight, but I trust in him so we shall see!!

I leave in three days, surgery in four. It's surreal.

I'm a RN AND had a management meeting today and everyone was trying to talk me out of this. But, I have wanted this for so long!

Prayers RS sisters!


Gained weight

More weight gain pics


hey dolls, so let me tell you that every obstacle was in my way of getting here!!!!

My flight was cancelled three times with southwest because of the horrible weather in Maryland!!! I had to buy another ticket last minute with American airlines but I made it!

I love the place I'm staying, right on the beach in Hollywood. Downside, it's pretty far from Dr Ghurani Office, with traffic about 45 minutes to an hour. But I wanted to stay there because that's where my friend lives.

I'm currently waiting for my pre-op, I called the office because I was going to be late and Dr Ghurani answered!! Thania had surgery so she's not in...


Soi just had my pre opp and Dr Ghurani had to do everything including my paperwork! Lol. He was SO kind and took as much time as I needed. I didn't feel rushed or anything. I felt awkward taking pictures naked but other than that I'm really excited about this.

He told me to get a muscle roller to smooth out any lumps, because for the first three months you can mold your body still! Just very thorough with suggestions.

I told him I didn't want Nicki minaj but I wanted it Big enough!!!! I tried on the garmet, I needed the large, but I'm so tall it cuts into my shoulders :(

Anyway, off to buy my supplies for the big day and some groceries! My friends flight was delayed too so she won't be in until 9!! Ok see you on the other side!!

4 liters out 1200 in each cheek, love Dr g!

HEY everyone, I made it through!

Where do I start? Well Dr g is so caring and I felt really safe with him. Thania had surgery so I've been dealing with a girl named Christie who is awesome!
He took out the max 4l of fat and put 1200 in each cheek! I couldn't believe it!

Recovery is no joke! Definitely wasn't prepared for this. When I woke up I was in the most pain I had EVER been in! I wasn't happy with the recovery room rn but maybe more on that later. LADIES! PLEASE HAVE YOUR CAREGIVER BRING YOUR PAIN MEDICINE AND PUPPY PADS FOR THE BACK OF THE CAR!' I was leaking everywhere. I'm staying in Hollywood and let me tell you that was the longest car ride of my life I was in so much pain.

When I got home I took a Percocet and I've been much better ever since. Dr u told me to take 600 of Motrin every 6 hours and use he Percocet for break through pain which had worked well for me.
I had to get an xl Garmet and they only had one so today when I took a shower I had to put it back on, gross.

I'm supposed to go for my massage Friday and they said they'd have a new one. I'm just uncomfortable. I started the foam today and it makes me kind of miserable!! Laying on your stomach so much sucks too! I'm so swollen it's crazy but moving around very well. Even made my own breakfast this morning. I'll post more pics when I take the garment off again! Just wanted a quick update.

Dr g even called me today to see how I was. That means allot, I'm a RN AND work with a ton of physicians that wouldn't even consider doing that!

Anyway more later, trying to get comfortable.

This never lets me add pics

Post op day two

Deff feeling better today, lower back still really swollen, the drain in my back hasn't drained at all, Dr g says that's ok. First massage tomorrow. Excited/scared.... It feels so weird to touch my skin it almost makes me nauseous so I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it! Anyway more pics, still really swollen, think my waist will be more apparent when it goes down, but so far it's a definite improvement

Day three and first massage

Let me tell you, the massage is everything! I was really feeling tight and just all around bad this morning,I feel so much better now. I'm going back tomorrow for another.

They pulled my back drain too since it wasn't draining anything and that feels so much better too! I'm working really hard to eat low sodium but it's so hard for me because I'm a salt fanatic! So I went to the store and got lots of proteins and no sodium seasoning... Yuk, but it's better than being swollen. Still drinking the Pedialyte too because I swear it gives me life. Doc says it's better than Gatorade. I started feeling a little discouraged because my shape isn't so drastic but they assured me I still have allot of swelling and my waist will get smaller. Wearing this foam all the time makes you feel huge and shapeless.

My right hip and cheek are more swollen than the left so I'm waiting for that to even out too! Anyway, here's a couple more pics.

One week post op

Where do I start? This really is a roller coaster lol. One day I feel good, next day I'm going crazy. The other day I thought my booty was small, then today I put on clothes and I thought jk lol

Saw Dr Ghurani yesterday and I just love him. He's so caring and even comped me a massage because I had some issues with his office and the garment.

I think Tanya is officially gone for good so that's sad!

I'm still really bruised. Swelling much much better. I'm telling you PEDIALYTE, WATER, HIGH PROTEIN, LOW SALT, LOW CARB.

I feel huge with the foam still but definitely starting to feel more like myself. Here's some pics

Ten days, finally home!

Finally home! Worst plane ride ever had to stay seated due to turbulence the whole time but I think I did really well floating the booty on my boppy.

It feel so good to be home! Being in my own bed makes such a difference. I work tonight for the first time and I'm kind of nervous.

Right hip/cheek still bigger than left but I have scoliosis so my body kind of cocks to that side due to the curve in my spine. That cheek was bigger before surgery too. Trying not to get too concerned yet.

Still massaging myself allot. Tell me what you think especially the pic from the back it looks so uneven.

Overall LOVING my results. The clothes I've tried look amazing and I'm just hoping the results stay!!! Dr g is really the best ladies.

Pics from previous post

I swear this system is the worst! Never posts my pics

Went out

Finally went out, need a smaller garment, stomach still gets hard. Can't find anyone to do massages :( left side still bigger than the right. Starting to think maybe it will stay that way.

But so far I'm really happy, I finally feel confident. Still need to lose weight, my upper body is still Big from gaining weight and doesn't really match!
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So far everything has been great!

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