26 Yr Old Mom of 2kids and 2 C-section - Miami, FL

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After going back and forth for sometime now trying...

After going back and forth for sometime now trying to figure out which doctor would be best for me at snatching my waist and bringing my beautiful curves back I picked Dr. Llorente. But honestly I've been seeing a lot of Dr. Hasan's work and seconding guessing my choice :/
Although, my price includes a package of recovery home for 7 days, meals, garment, 5 massages, transportation, 24/7 care, supplies, belly board, and lipo foams.

Elena @ new life plastic surgery ????

In just these few days she has answered ALL (45467875) of my questions, with patients and understanding. She remains supportive and reassures me through my bipolar(ness) knowing that I'm just nervous and I soooo appreciate her!!! #cantwaittillmybday #gettingmycakeonmybday #shetherealMVP

Only 3 Weeks left

It's getting closer to my SX and I'm both excited and scared... I also have some concerns about the recovery home I'm suppose to be staying at because I haven't been seeing many good reviews... Wonder if I should look into staying else where??

SX was 10/04/16 (my bday)

Everyone was amazing New life plastic surgery family was so nice and informative and Elena I love her for being so supportive. Dr. Llorente was so nice he sang happy birthday to me before he did my surgery. I stayed at New Life Recovery Home, where do I even start with William. There is nothing he wouldn't do, he has the kindest heart he's the sweetest person I've ever met. He was always there when I needed him! I so wish I could've brought him home with me.

3 days PO

I cried today, recovery is very emotional... I've very bruised and uncomfortable, I'm tired of sleeping on my stomach I'm tired of this faja and stupid foam boards. My skin is so sensitive and my back is killing me, I'm so swollen. It's just really rough today and it's been a headache trying to find someone who does lymphatic massages where I live???? Today sucks

Loving my results but ready for round 2

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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