26 Yr Old, 3 Kids in Need of a Tummy Tuck/BBL - Miami, FL

Hey every one so I've been doing my research on...

Hey every one so I've been doing my research on BBL procedures and I finally courageous up to get it done !im from Oakland Ca will be flying out to Miami. Just set the date for Sept. 30th with DR.BLINSKI. 5'4 168lbs big chested but small butt so I'm in need of this! Can any one else share their thoughts and experience with Dr. Blinski! Super excited but nervous!!

Just booked my flight !!

Ahhh I'm getting super impatient . Lol I'll probably be super nervous as soon as the date gets closer! I'm obsessing and researching I hope I come out as I imagine my self to be . My moms side of the family has always been super curvy and with big butts to my Luck I got my dads side of the familys body ????????. Big chested small butt reminds me of an ice cream cone . I really hope dr. Blinski does magic and makes me look awesome !

Dr. Blinski!!!SCHEDULED 9/30/16 In need of a OCTOBER OR NOVEMBER DAT

Hey every one Do any of you want to trade a late October or November date for September 30th? I am scheduled in September and need a later day with dr. Blinski . Please let me know !!!

1 month pre op In need of help advice !!

Hey every one so its one month away !! Dr. Blinski asked me to put on 10-15lbs . Totally the worst ever . I feel huge !!!! Super anxious and ready for this !!! My buts gotten bigger on its own with working out and gaining weight so I'm really hoping I'm super happy with the results. Can any of you help me out and tell me what the best fajas would be? And what supplies will I need ? Do you really need to wear maxi dresses all the time? Do any of you experiences Blinski dolls recommend anything. Specific ?

1 week to go ????

Ummmm I'm getting super nervous . I've gained all the weight I was told to gain but now I've decided to start losing it it's about 9 days to go so whatever I can lose I doubt it'll make a difference in my result . Kinda having second thoughts like what if I don't like the results . I still haven't bought any supplies or whatever . I've bought a bunch of lounging clothes loose dresses etc. I bought a bbl inflatable bed which should be helpful. Still haven't booked a place to stay. I know , I know I'm procrastinating . I guess I'm a little nervous for the outcome ... Any pre op advice suggestions ?
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