26 Years Old, with 2 Children BBL - Miami, FL

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Hey ladies! I'm so excited to finally begin my...

Hey ladies!

I'm so excited to finally begin my bbl journey! My friend put me on to the procedure back in July when she booked her appointment with Dr. Fisher at Vanity Cosmetics. I knew it was just a matter of time... Lol

6months pre op

I'm 5'6 and 175lbs. I plan on losing about 20 lbs before the procedure, and looking to go in October. I'm an out of town patient so planning early for me is a must! Right now I'm go back-and-forth with either Dr. Fisher at Vanity or Dr. Ghurani at Spectrum Aesthetics. They're both awesome doctors with great credentials and their work speaks for itself

I've been quoted $5500 for Dr. Fisher and
$6000 for Dr. Ghurani. I feel like they both could give me the natural look I want . But Right now how Fisher's been building these bodies lately... LOL!!! Got me leaning towards him. Once I finally make my decision I plan on putting a deposit down with the next few weeks.

I've reached out to Keyla, of Keyla's Recovery house. She responded to my text within 24 hrs, letting me know she would call me just to talk a little, and that she did have space for me for the time frame I looking for.

I can't believe I'm actually doing this ! I'm excited, nervous, anxious all in one! I know without some of these testimonies, I wouldn't know what to do during this process! Definitely glad Realself is here :-)

Decision Made!!!

I will be going to Dr. Blinski. His work is outstanding, and from the reviews Ive read, his patients love their results! I'm going to have to push my expected date back, but he's well worth it! I still love Dr. Fisher's work, my bestfriend's body is bangin', but Blinski is for me!!!! I'm sooooo excited! :-)

Deposit Made almost made

Today I finally called in to Dr.Blinski office and was quoted $6200 for a date in April 2017. I originally planned on scheduling a date for this October, but life happened and I'm ok with that. As long as I know the day is coming I'm good!

I'm excited about getting a better booty, but I'm even more excited about Dr.Blinski's lipo technique. I was quoted $5300 for just lipo.

I emailed Jackie and I am currently waiting on her response I didn't realize how nerve wrecking this was going to be... This is a major decision and a lot of money lol( no room for error).

I really wish I could find more of his patients from a few years back, just so I know his booty's last lol

My hubby is down for the cause which makes this process A LOT easier!

Date Secured!

After emailing twice, and calling twice I finally secured my date in April!

Wish pic

Before pics

I'm currently at 168lbs. I'm trying to get down to 150-155lbs before the big day. Jackie suggested a tummy tuck... I'm good! Lol. She wanted to make sure I had a realistic expectation of what my stomach may or may not look like after the liposuction. She said there's a chance my skin might still hang over. I believe with a lil working out it will be just fine!

Miami Escape Recovery House

At first I was planning on staying at a recovery house for a few days, then going to a hotel, but after reading many dolls say recovery is REAL, and highly recommended a recovery house I've decided to stay at Miami Escape. They understand the first 24-48 hours are critical so they offer caregivers including CNA's that are trained to assist in surgery recovery, and there after 24-7 for any medical needs. Right now my plan is to stay 8days 7 nights depending on how long Dr. Blinski recommends.

First, doubting moment

So today I had my first what if moment! What if this doesn't go right, what if my booty doesn't come out right... just a lot of what if's! I know I've made the right decision with the doctor Ive chosen and as well as the recovery house it's just becoming REAL since April is around the corner! Just going to keep it up in prayer! And continue to get I shape!

Not to big not to small!

Dr. Blinski ig

I love the fact that a lot of Blinski dolls are coming out and showing their results. For so long I couldn't find anything on Realself from past dolls showing their results a few weeks out, 3 months out etc! But now I've seen the light lol! It just reassures me I've chosen the right doctor!

Flight booked!

It's getting real out here! My husband found me a really good deal on my flight, so I booked it today! I can't believe it! This is really happening! I'm sooooo glad he's on board with everything! He's amazing! Probably because this will benefit him in the end lol ;-)

60 day countdown

Hey ladies, I hope everyone is doing well!
I only have 60 days before the big day! After speaking with Dani at Miami Escape, I'm just bringing the minimum. Miami Esacpe provides everything you could possibly need for recovery!(which is another reason I chose them)

What I'm packing
-6 maxi dress
-8 cami tee's
-shower showers
-sports bra
-facial cleanser

I'm purchasing a small carry on suitcase $34 , I will be carrying a small clutch purse I and that's it! I'm not sure what I'm going to do as far as sitting on the plane ride returning home, so I have 60 days to figure it out. Any suggestions?

Current weight 158 lbs

27 days

I have 27 days left before its my day. I was suppose to get my labs done this past Monday but unfortunately I have the flu so I have to wait. Jackie has been great responding to all my questions and concerns. She told me to wait until I was better before I completed my labs. So hopefully by next week I should be right, I can't believe my day is right around the corner! So many emotions so many thoughts it's getting real out here lol!

I'm here!!!

Dr.Blinski and Jaclyn are everything! If I had any doubts before they both really put me at ease. I'm so happy I made right decision. When you know you just know. Any future dolls I would highly recommend Dr. Blinski!!!

I made it!

I made it... the pain is real!!! Beauty is pain but shucks!!! ???????? All I can say is Thank you Lord for bringing me through, and getting me through this! ????

Massage day!

My first massage was a little intense, but nothing one couldn't handle. Elsie was as gentle as she could be and helped me drain a lot.


Elsi comes to you for $60 a massage and the massage last for an hour. It's definitely painful, (not because of her) but because how sensitive your body is to the touch. Once she's completed you can definitely fell the difference in the sensitivity/ mobility of your body!

What Elsi has to offer really worked for me. Right after she was finished I would hop right into bed. I didn't have to drive anywhere. Very convenient!

Recovery Lifts

Chris with Recovery Lifts was OUTSTANDING! His customer service, his timeliness just on point.

He offers airport pickup/drop off, pre-op/ post-op visits, pharmacy runs and massage run.

Recovery Lifts

1 week Post op

I'm one week out and I'm still in shock that I actually went all the way with this procedure!

My current mood is WHY? Lol why did I put myself through this pain. It's getting easier to walk around, but getting back to my normal day-to-day routine with children has been a bit complicated. Just because of the inflammation makes it harder to do things around the house. My husband had been outstanding through it all he rubs bio oils on me and whatever else I might ask of him. I'm so glad to have him in my corner

I'm starting to itch which means I'm healing so that's great! I've started using scar cream for my incisions that have scabs on them! I'm getting the hand held massager to do at home. (Elsie recommended) I've also steer back on my vitamins 1 a day, vitamin A and vitamin C! Ladies just be ready for the after! We prepare for everything before and might forget about after the procedure how things are going to go especially with children.

Hand held massager

Elsie recommended I should get a hand held massager to use at home. I purchased the Wahl costume body therapy massager $29.98 at Walmart! It works great it relieved all the stiffness I've been feeling within minutes!!! It's definitely a great buy!

2 weeks

I'm wearing my faja 23 out of 24 hours a day. I'm still sore and itchy but it's getting better!

My Notes

Notes/ helpful info I kept to keep my organized during this journey!

Dr. Blinski Notes

Dr. Blinski background
His thoughts about drains
A review I found on him!

3 weeks

Three weeks is a great milestone. I'm still stiff and sore, I get random sharp pains, and heart burn if I eat and lay down within two hours of eating, BUT everything is now tolerable.

Skin sensitivity is still a 10 but I'm able to move my upper body more. I no longer use the ab board it was just uncomfortable. I'm now in my L garment, still with foams. Once you get to the smaller garment it seems like things start feeling better.

I still haven't sat down. I either lay or stand. I tried sitting backwards in a chair it wasn't bad I just didn't like how my thighs were feeling. I forget I had thigh lipo. Which pain level is manageable. I massage my thighs because sometimes you can feel lumps. Went to the doctor said it was just complication from the liposuction. I walk daily at least 15 minutes, I feel like that helps with recovery! I'm still satisfied with my results and now my stomach is looking!

Miami Escape/ Dani's Dollhouse

Miami Escape is no longer Miami escape, not because it was shut down or anything crazy like that but because there's now new rules/ certain types of licensing etc. that everyone must abide by in order to have a recovery house. With that being said I understand ish happens, and Dani definitely made up for it.

The day of my flight I got an email from Dani early letting me know to contact Chris with recovery Lifts once my flight landed in MIA. Chris kept communication with me all morning and was there when I landed. He took me straight to Dr. Blinski as well as to get my meds. Chris dropped me off at a house around the corner from Dr. Blinski office which I later found out was an airbnb, that Dani was using in order to accommodate ladies that already booked with her pre Miami escape closing. It was clean, 2 twin beds per room three with a 2 baths and a decent size family area. Anything that was not at the airbnb Dani got it for me.

When I finally met Dani she broke down the entire situation about Miami Escape and why I was in an Airbnb and I understood. Later in the week I ended up going to Dani's home to recover. It was clean spacious a pool in the back that me and another doll walked around to get our daily exercise in. She cooked breakfast lunch and dinner which were great selections. I'm telling you Dani was on it. Whatever I needed/extras or so forth she got it no hesitation. At one point it was just me recovering and she took me to breakfast. Very cool woman who is genuinely concerned about your well being after surgery.

I believe Dani is now doing Dani's Dollhouse where you are staying in her home and recovering. Depending on what you're looking for in recovery this could definitely be an option.

3 weeks quick pic

4 weeks update

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. ???? this week I've been noticing my thigh lipo, not that's it's hurting more so it's itching... I forget I had thigh lipo, and nothing dramatic. I had little extra fluff sticking out on both sides so he removed it. I massage it due to tightness that's about it. I probably should compress them more but I'm not.

I went without my garment yesterday it wasn't too bad I was gone for about 2 hours. I wore a butt lifer(which goes to my knees) I had pre-surgery, cami, foams and waist trainer. So as I got home I put my garment back on .

I use my hand massager less than before. The two weeks back home I had to use it every day. Now I use it when I have tight spots on my back.

I have hardness on my sides and under my breast, I massage it daily with my hands, my husband hands, my kids hands... ????but my back is soft and my booty is too with some hard spots. My scaring is coming along I use scar gel in two spots where the drains were. Everything else healed up pretty descent . Still satisfied how things are going. Oh I've had sex and it seem to have actually loosened me up and not in a freak hoe type of way LMBO, but it helped my muscles loosen up!

Fanny pack tip

I used an old fanny pack to hold my drains instead of pinning them to my legs (that was annoying) because the drains kept coming down.

5 weeks update

Things are moving along literally!!! Booty has came down some but still good projection. It jiggles but still some small spots of hardness. Body still stiff but definitely able to move around more and more . I've tried sitting at least three times no more than 10 minutes straight. Doesn't hurt more so feels weird as if your booty is sleep!!! I wear my faja and foams 23 hours out of the day because it's really a second skin!! All in all still satisfied and thanking God I made it!!!!

6 weeks and still padded up

I'm still padded for majority of the day. I just started back using the ab board. I'm still in my L faja I just got thicker foams for compression. As my friend more for comfort than for size. I'm really satisfied with my results. I've dedicated the month of June of getting things toned up!!!

I'm able to twist without much restriction, but it's still there. It's still kind of tough to bend forward but I'm just going to stretch more see if that helps.

The random sharp pains are less frequent but definitely still going strong when they hit. I'm still sleeping on my stomach I've tried laying on my back and it was uncomfortable. I haven't slept on my side because my hip area is more sensitive than my rump. I've drove three times, I'm so grateful my husband been so helpful throughout this entire journey! If you have help use it. We don't always have to be superwoman????

6 weeks pics

7 weeks

I'm feeling good! Sharp lipo pains are a daily thing and I sit at least once a day. When I sit my booty itches let's me know it's still healing. I've tried laying in my back it wasn't bad couldn't really lay legs flat but mentally I just couldn't do it so back to my stomach!!! The emotional roller coaster is real. One minute you love your results the next you're like what have I done!!! I'm still satisfied despite my emotions!

8 weeks

8 weeks and working out. My mobility is definitely improving! I sleep on my back, I sit now the only thing I don't do is sleep on my sides because my hips are still a little tender. Booty is just about soft small spots of hardness but overall soft and moving! I started working out this week just to tone some things up! The only complaint is this burning itching sensation I get in my lower back... that sucks! But still happy with overall results

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