26 Years Old 5'6 155lbs So Excited!! Miami, FL

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It's official I put down my $500 deposit today set...

It's official I put down my $500 deposit today set my surgery date and will be heading from California to Miami in September to have my Brazilian butt lift done! I've been doing research on bbls and bbl doctors for months now this is something I've been wanting to do for some time I've always been self contious about my love handles stubborn tummy & bra fat I've done the hole dieting and going to the gym thing and even tho I would loose weight and tone up my butt would always get small and I hated that I think this will improve my confidence level & all wrong will make me happier with what I see when I look in the mirror my boyfriend will be occompanying me we will stay for 5 days dr B said I might need a drain with is something he will determine after the surgery hopefully not tho I can't believe I finally did it I've been following dr blinski work on Instagram for a few months now and choosing him was a no brained not to mention I feel very fair prices I feel I will be in good hands with his many years of experience in this I'll be sharing more photos after I have the surgery!

A girl can dream...

Switched my date!

October 21st is my official date now some last minute things came up I had to switch it but I'm more excited then ever still haven't booked my flight yet but I will soon I have to gain 15-20lbs I was told by Jackie one of Blinski office staff & I'm not looking forward too that but I def wanna make it worth it so i plan on doing it will be posting before pictures soon!

Looking for a date swap for Blinski!!!!

My sx date is scheduled for October 21st looking for something in November message me and let me know please ladies!

Flight booked it's official & didn't need a date swap after all!

Hips or lateral is the question?I think I prefer big hips and a tiny waist????????

I'm here!!

It feels so surreal to finally be here met dr B today and my first impression of him was an awesome one he's blunt honest and tells it like it is which I appreciate he says I will have a very good result i was excited before but I'm even more excited now after meeting & talking to him & his amazing staff I have full faith & confidence in him that I will not only be happy with my results but that I'm in good hands!

1250ccs was the most I was able to get im 48 hours post op today

Recovery hasn't been easy don't get me wrong but honestly I thought it was gonna b worse I've been up and walking around regularly I showered and went and had my lymphatic drainage massage today which was very relaxing will update more when I feel up to it

12 days post op!

Still sore in the areas of lipo but I'm loving how much my tummy & back are shrinking I've had love handles my hole life it feels so good to not anymore I'm so happy with the shape he gave me it was exactly what I wanted got a really bad UTI about a week after surgery that sent me to emergency they gave my antibiotics and told me UTI are very common after having a Catheter in surgery that's really the only complication if you can even call it that that I've had so far each day it gets a little easier went in to surgery at 160lbs started at 145lbs I plan on working out as soon as I'm cleared to so I can drop some of the extra weight I gained for surgery all in all if you had to ask me to do it all over agin I would do it In a heartbeat dr B is the man not only does he deliver with giving you a body he really knows how to shape the rest of your body as well!
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