26, 3 Kids Ready for a Fresh Start - Miami, FL

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Okay so I contacted Spectrum in January and...

Okay so I contacted Spectrum in January and finally spoke with my coordinator 'Liz' in Feburary. She's really nice and sweet. I hope everything goes smoothly. I booked my flight last week for my surgery date on April 11. I'm so nervous because I'm going by myself and I haven't told anyone (I don't want anyone to know just in case I become famous one day lol). Anyway ive been reading all the reviews and I feel like I'm ready... Even though I'm nervous. I'll be uploading before pictures soon.

Before pictures

Okay so here are some before pictures of me. As you can see, I am in BAD need of a tummy tuck, which I am going to do at the end of the year, but i want some hips first. My butt is a nice size but I have no hips and I have love handles from having 3 kids. I am so ready for dr omulepu to do some EXTREME liposuction on my muffin top and transfer it to my hips!!! Also ladies I am about 5'9 to 5'10 in height and I weigh about 210 pounds.

Vital information reguarding Dr Osak

I just found out Dr. Osak license has been restricted from performing Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lifts. According to the court order, it was because of 3 bbl's and 1 lipo that he did May of last year within a 2-day period. Im not sure what exactly went wrong during those two days or what was wrong with him on those days but I'm concerned a little. He hasn't had anymore complaints that I know of since that time so maybe he figured out what he did wrong and fixed it. I was and still kinda am still looking forward to getting this surgery done. I scheduled my surgery date for April on Feb. 8th and I already bought my plane ticket and a lot of other stuff I need for surgery. All I can do at this point is pray about it. I'm going to also pray for Dr Osak as well.

I'm So ANGRY!!!

Ladies let me start off by saying, if you want a Brazilian butt lift, go to Atlanta for it! I just talked with Liz at Spectrum and she informed me that Dr Osak license has been revoked and that the only other Doctor that's available during the time period I'm scheduled is Dr llorente. I looks at his profile on the website and it doesn't say that he even performs BBL's, then I looked at his real self reviews and all of the bbl reviews seem fake & don't have any pictures. At this point I'm really considering paying a extra 5 thousand plus traveling expenses to go to jones-Wright in Atlanta. Ugh! I wouldn't recommend spectrum to a pet dog!

Switched to Llorente

I am really just praying at this point. I hope Dr. llorente can give me the butt and hips I want. I have seen a few reviews & the ladies seemed disappointed with the results. I am going to stress to him that I want him to stuff my ass like a piƱata ! I'm not paying my hard earned money for a decent size booty! I want a badonkadonk! & I want hips! Y'all I'm so frustrated. But if it's ment to be, it will be
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