25y/o, No Kids, 115lbs, 5'1"

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Hello everyone! I've decided to get a bbl/ fat...

Hello everyone! I've decided to get a bbl/ fat transfer either the last week of February/ first week of March of 2017. I'm currently stuck between Llorente, Ghurani, Hasan, and Fisher. I'm somewhat petite with my height but I do somewhat have some curves and fat to work with. After speaking with Eres (Hasan/ Fisher), Spectrum (Ghurani), and New Life (Llorente) I still can't figure out who's the best doctor for me even after reading reviews from other patients and constantly lurking the doctors' pages. ????????????????. Can I have an honest insight? I'm also currently trying to gain 15-20 more lbs before the surgery so I can achieve my desired outcome. Help ladies!! * Will upload photos.

Current body. Below are my wish pics

These are my current photos, please excuse all of the sunshine and hearts.

Cons over Pros

Since I'm seriously stressing over to choose the right doctor for me in order to book for my surgery date/ flight on time (I've already requested the entire month of March off, and it's difficult changing vacation requests) I've decided to look at the cons more so than the pros to know who to narrow down my choices. These cons are what I've gotten from ratings and reviews so any insight would really help, and please correct me if I'm wrong on any of these. I know that not everyone has had a pleasant experience or may be 100% satisfied with their results, so this is all an overview of all clients' experiences.

-Hasan: burned a client, doesn't provide massages, does multiple surgeries a day so exhaustion/ rushing the procedure may happen, doesn't follow up... (Eres, use to be Vanity)

-Fisher: hard to get in contact with, doesn't follow up... (Eres, use to be vanity)

-Llorente: apparently only cares about money, doesn't really answer/ converse with patients, 3 years ago had a record on him (that's his personal life so I don't want to use that as a factor, although it's nice to know) (new life)

-Ghurani: recent reviews on Yelp about bad professionalism (spectrum aesthetics)

I guess Eres/ Vanity, Spectrum Aesthetics, and New Life have all had the same mannerism when it came to dealing with clients... They'd all care up until you make your deposit/ full payments and then they'd neglect you and everything turns into a game of you trying to constantly keep in touch with them.

*I'll make more notes on what I find.

It's official, I'm a Fisher Doll! February 24th, 2017!

I paid my deposit to reserve my spot today and I'm beyond excited!! I'm doing all the research I can in order to prep for my surgery date. What are some insight into what is needed prior?

Counting Down!!

Current body

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