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So i have been browsing this site for the past...

So i have been browsing this site for the past week or so. And decided I wanted a butt. I have always been slender, but never had a butt. Now I have gained weight to where i am not aatisfied with my body. I decided I wanted to go with Spectrum Aesthetics and have Dr. Ortega do my transformation. Emily has been my coordinator.

Deposit Paid

Ok so I paid my deposit yesterday morning for Dr. Omulepo. And now from reading other reviews his license has been revoked. Guess I will call Emily in the morning to see why i wasnt informed when i paid my $300 deposit to secure my pricing. Once I figure that out then i will pay the remainder to secure my date which is $200 more. Should have just stuck with Ortega.

Hoping for Omelepo

Hoping that Dr. Osak returns. Havent really been seeing the results that make you want to go with a different doctor. If he doesn't come back i will have to start planning for the D.R.

DR is where I will go

So after not be no able to have Omelepo do my surgery. I have decided that go the DR. I had 3 choices of who I wanted to do my surgery. The choices were Baez, Yily, and Mallol. The quotes from all 3 were good. I am leaning towards Baez, although she takes a while to respond. Mallol he's the runner up, but now communication with him has slowed down as well. Whoever can give me the date I need will be my choice.

Nurses in the DR

Does anyone know any nurses in the DR that can be hired. Me and my bestie will be traveling at the end of June for our surgeries with Cabral. I wanted Baez, but she didnt have the dates available. We chose to opt away from getting a recovery home and just rent a place so that we will be comfortable. Which brings me to my search for nurse and caregivers.

Torn Between Diaz and Cabral

After I have paid my deposit for Dr. Diaz, I want to go to Cabral. Can any of you ladies give me any opinions as to what I should do? I still have my June 27 date with Cabral and paid my deposit for a June 30 date with Diaz.

Cabral Snatched

So i went to Cabral on June 30th. I am now 13 days post op and feel good. I do have lipo burns on my stomach as well as my sides. But its nothing.

For the 1st 3 days, i was iseless all i could really do was eat and sleep. By the 4th day o was feeling much better and able to venture out. I hired a sweet nurse who came in the morning and left in the evenings.

I was told no massages from Cabrals nurse, but my swelling was bad and she was only draining me. The day before i was to go home i received a massage in the morning and the evening. The ride home was 3 2 hr trips with 10 hrs of layovers. So my butt received a lot of sitting. I did not use a boppy, but when the pressure got real, i sat on my neck pillow to releive some pain.

Since being back home i have received 1 massage and drained myself once the day after i made it and my bf drained me the following day.
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