Dr Fisher for March 2016

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I have been searching for good doctors for a yr...

I have been searching for good doctors for a yr now was scheduled with dr.robles in D.R on may but after getting paranoid I switched to dr.fisher decided to stay in the states..I decided last minute and am scheduled for may 8th already put down $4000 and I am readyyy excited and nervous but getting it done!!

scared!!! 11 more days!

Is it normal to feel so scared I have been thinking way too much last night I cried and really had second thoughts I have 11 more days to go. Anyone else feels the same way?

post up pics

Ok first here are my post up pics my surgery was october 3rd

Round 2 Bbl-Dr.Mcadoo 06/22/16

Back in Oct 2015 I had my first BBl with Dr Fisher in Miami overall I'm happy with my results just want to retouch for better hips and more projection.I tried to book with Dr Fisher but he is pretty much booked so my second option was Dr Mcadoo I will post pics after my surgery but you can see my pics with fisher above.Good Luck to everyone who is getting any procedure done! ---if any one of you girls are going to vanity Miami around the same time please write me will like to talk to someone while I am out there.I live in Orlando Florida and will arrive the 21st to do lab work before procedure :)

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