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Today I decided to switch doctors from my home...

Today I decided to switch doctors from my home state, and pursue a new doctor, Jonathan Fisher! I just put my deposit down for $1000 and my surgery is scheduled for January, 31 2017! I am so excited. I am working with the Service Coordinator, Amy, who is so delightful! She so prompt and has been an excellent guide for me! If there are any suggestions anyone can make, please advise!!!

Worried about cancellations

Hello Dolls,
Although my procedure isn't until January, has anyone had any experience with cancellations of appointments with Vanity? I've read some reviews prior to 2016 and they were having scheduling conflicts, and for me, that won't fly especially because I'm out of town from far away. Secondly, has anyone had a procedure done on a Monday and due to Vanity being closed in Sunday's, had a pre op appointment on the same day of the procedure? My procedure is Jan 30 which falls on a Monday and I was informed my preop appointment is the same day early that morning.

Recovery House Help!

I'm headed to Miami on January 29th (accompanied with my bf) and I'm currently researching RH's? Any recommendations from anyone who has stayed in a Recovery home, or anyone who has any details on where I should look? All help is appreciated!

Preop pic

So this is what I'm currently working with. I would like a smaller waist and more projection. I have thick thighs and I've gained ten pounds since I've been working so much (which my Coordinator says is fine.) It's a little stressful though because it sucks to carry this weight on me. I'm planning on hitting the gym three times a week to tighten my thighs and my arms, and I actually want to loose about five pounds. My goal weight is to be 140 I'm currently 160. When I'm 20 pounds down though I have no butt - which is crazy.

Another picture

Another Preop

Decisions for my stay

So Dolls, right now I have some RH options I was provided; however, I also have another option to use a timeshare which allows me to stay comfortably with my boyfriend some place either close or maybe 30 min from Vanity. I'm still looking into it, as I have plenty of time, but I'm one of those people who wants to book everything in advance in be done with the planning process and then focus on food, supplies, and garments - know what I mean? I told my boyfriend it can be a gruesome recovery, and doesn't have to come, but he did assist me every step of of the way for my surgery prior to this one, and was amazing support :) Support is sooooooooooo important to have during this, you don't even know! My previous surgery was a mixture of emotions (but I think it was primarily due to the medications I was prescribed AND I had to take a final for college two weeks following so I was a bit stressed), buuuuuuuuuut, it was all worth it! I hope to say the same for this one, even though Vanity gets me a bit worried with all of their negative reviews; however, I'm remaining hopeful to get the results I want from the BBL King! I've seen toooooooooo many bodies be sculpted in such a way by this man, that I can't turn back and I'm going forward! To all of the Dolls pursuing their goals and investing in themselves in the next coming months - GET IT! I wish you all the best ladies!

Flights and car booked!

Hey Dolls!

My flights (my boyfriend and I) and my car are now booked! My flights ended up being about $745 for two round trips (non stop) and it takes about three hours each way! I'm traveling Sunday to Sunday (1/29-2/5)! I also reserved a car which was about $245 for the seven days! I already paid for the timeshare that I'm using ($550 for seven days) and I provided three options to my friend, so once that is official, I will also update you ladies! Next on my to do list is to gather a supply list (which I've been following many of you dolls and appreciate all the things listed), buy the supplies, and pay off my surgery! I plan on doing this by the end of the year, so I can go into January with everything done! My boyfriend will officially be my caregiver, and I also need to look into where I will be going for my massages! Any suggestions or recommendations, please feel fee to share!

Also, I'm going to be doing my measurements near my date, but right now, I'm 5'2 and weigh 162 pounds. I just started a new eating plan where I will be having a strict diet m-f and be able to splurge a little on weekends ;) I feel as though I was to loose about 7 pounds before going into surgery, so that is currently the goal I'm working towards!

That's it for now ladies, but I'll check back in when I have another update!

Always preparing

Hello Dolls!

So I still have ways to go; however, some of you fabulous ladies have already given me suggestions on what to bring which I thank you for! Now, I just need to focus on paying my surgery off, which I plan to do before January, and gather my supplies. I'm guessing the best thing is to by my first garment from Vanity so I don't take the risk of getting the wrong size? Any suggestions on that?

Before weight gain and after :O

Ok! So, in my blue underwire pic that was me at 140 which is my ideal weight, but for the surgery, I have been trying to put on some pounds and I have stopped doing kickboxing, and the gym for the mean time. During the past year, I put on 20 pounds, and that's where I have to stay for this surgery. My boyfriend doesn't think 140 is the right weight for me, as he says that's too thin and I loose my thighs and butt (hence why I'm getting my butt this way :D) lol! Regardless, here are some pics of what I'm working with now. It's a struggle to keep this weight on and stay away from my intense workouts I used to do, but I tell myself only three more months, and then I'll have a road to recovery where after all healing has taken place, I can get back into gear. Right now I'm 5'2 and 163 pounds. This is a journey, and I haven't even begun the real deal. Preparing myself mentally because after reading reviews, the post op is no joke :O


I was debating on whether to finance some of the procedure, and just recently, it was mentioned to me that vanity charges 10% on the total price you are financing. Has any other doll heard of this? Appreciate all feedback ????

Medical portal

Just got my access to the medical portal, and all of my preop instructions! Aow aow!

Cell Saver Added


Follow my Instagram - fisherdoll17 if you want more info as well! Have a blessed day everyone :)

For anyone interested in cellsaver and the benefits - here is an email I received.

I follow a lot of dolls on here and Instagram, and I have read their recoveries, and to me, it seems like a big help! It's your life dolls, something so precious, so make sure to look into it!

Sit and stand desk

Yeeeeeeeeees! Just found out my desk is being replaced with a sit and stand desk! Is this not the best timing or what?!! BBL is at the end of January, and my desk is done in December! The excitement is real :)

Medical massage professionals or mybodycontour for massages?

Ladies! I need your help! I have two places I am choosing between to do my massages in Miami! If anyone has any personal experience with either, or is planning on using one of these locations, please let me know! Both seem to great choices, but wanted some feedback before I made a deposit! All help is appreciated!!

78 days!

78 days from 6 months ????


Bought half of my things on Black Friday :)


I picked up my list which included: B-12 (1000mcg), Vitamin c (1000mcg), Folic acid (400mcg), and Geritol liquid iron supplement! I will begin these on Monday and continue until my surgery. I want to make sure I can increase my hemoglobin level so it's high and comforting before going under the knife.

Massages - Medicalmassageprofessionals it is!

Hey dolls,

I know that one of my updates included me questioning on what to decide on regarding massages, and I have finally decided to go with Medical Massage Professionals. I purchased five, which are set to begin the day following my surgery and will continue each day following after until I fly home. I paid my $80 deposit, and will pay the balance ($180) at the time of my first visit.

Morning routine

Morning regimen - hemoglobin needs to be as high as possible so prepare yourself!

Supplies arrived

Ladies, some of my supplies have arrived and I'm so happy! I ordered them from shaped curvy, and the material is on point. Don't waste money on cheap material! I have included some pics of what came in

Officially under the two month mark

Yes! Officially under 60 days! I've been taking my vitamins and today marks the official days of lots and lots of greens! Ladies, prepare yourself because your day will come before you know it!
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