25 Years Old with No Kids. Dreamt of This BBL Surgery for the Last 10 Years!! Now I'm Sure and READY!! - Miami, FL

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Current weight 235 as of last week. I'm weighing...

Current weight 235 as of last week. I'm weighing in tmrw to see if iv progressed in losing 20 lbs. So far a few of my relatives had this surgery done and I think they looked great! Both went to different doctors which did great jobs but my relatives weren't as happy with the size of there butt because they didn't have enough fat to transfer. They both were close to there goal weight where as I'm not, I would like to be 170 and maintain that. So it makes me feel better that I have more than enough fat to transfer that I have to lose weight. I still have concerns on how much over my goal weight I should be for surgery to get best results. Any suggestions?

Losing the weight!

Today I got a colonic for the first time and OMG! I go back in two weeks but I must say I'm very backed up. The iron supplements are making my stool hard so when I tell you I only last 30 mins for my hour session because I felt nauseous and like I was gonna faint.. I pulled that thing out so fast. The doctor prescribed me to take magnesium every night and in my next session I should lose atleast 5lbs! This is gonna be great for the help of my 20lbs drop for surgery which iv already lost my 8 lbs in the last 10 days... oh how I'm so excited for the future me!! # healthy & #curvy :)

Saw reviews and was excited for promotion with this doctor. Felt like it was ment to be!

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