25 Years Old 2 Kids - Miami, FL

Before I got pregnant with my daughter almost 6...

Before I got pregnant with my daughter almost 6 years ago I was so skinny I was 115. I always wanted to be thicker. I finally got my wish when I got pregnant with my son 3 years later. Now... Well I'm 145 sometimes 150 depending how much carbs I stuff down my face that day. But I don't like how my body is proportioned. So a bbl is exactly what I need. I was looking at DR. Ayman in NYC. Tooooo many horrible reviews. So how I'm looking at DR. Fisher at Vanity in Miami I'm originally from there so traveling is no problem. I've been lurking for so long now that I'm serious I'm ready to do this.

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Ekg why me :(

Well as of 2 months ago I've had 2 slightly abnormal EKGs but my primary care says it doesn't look serious. But now that I'm considering sx I'm masking an appt with a cardiologist Monday. I have to find out what's wrong with me. I've had history of horrible aneixty attacks. They have put me in the hospital because my heart has raced to 170. My doctor thinks that's why my EKGs come up abnormal. But up until now they have always been normal. I'm scared it's something serious. They say for my age it's not serious but if I was older it would be very serious. I know this stuff I'm going to school to be a physician assistant. Just because I'm young doesn't mean it's okay. So I'm getting it checked ASAP. The whole cardio work up. I pray it's just stress I've been so stressed lately moving to MD, looking for places here in this expensive ass state. I have no friends here. Blah blah. I've been soooo stressed. My doctor even put me on Prozac it's been that bad. So in hoping it's something I can fix myself. I eat healthy. So I know it's not clogged ateries. I need this to be normal for me, my kids, and my sx. But mostly for my family.
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