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I am 25 years old. I been thinking about getting a...

I am 25 years old. I been thinking about getting a BBL a little over a year now. I finally made the choice to go for it. I am getting my BBL done with Dr. Llorente at New Life. I don't care about having a huge butt. I just want something that goes with my body type and hips/curves. I am very afraid of getting it done because of the consequences and leaving my family behind but after talking to the doctor I feel a little more at ease. He has been there to answer all my questions.

Blood work

Yesterday I went to New Life to do my blood work and to take my pictures. Hoping everything comes out fine and I don't have to reschedule. Wish me luck!!

My before pic. 2 weeks until sx

The curves are in all the wrong places. Can't wait to get a butt and curves

Similar body shape to mines (not me)

This is not me. It's a similar body shape to mines and their outcome was great. Can't wait

Blood thinners???

I been overthinking this whole blood clots thing being a possibility. It doesn't run in my family nor have I ever got any but I think I might tell my doctor to put me on blood thinners after the surgery. I want to avoid all chances. Don't know if this is a good idea or not. But I keep telling myself better safe then sorry. Have any of you been put on blood thinners and what's been your experience?

Current front view

Hopefully my skin retracts back good and no loose skin. 7 days to go.

Side back view

I need projection and hips

Jennifer at New Life

Jennifer hasn't been much help. When I first saw her to get my blood work done and signed my papers she somewhat rushed me towards the end of the paperwork since I was taking my time READING what I was signing which is basically my life. I then got my blood work done and left. The other time I contacted her was when I called to see how was my blood work. She didn't answer me. She later called when she was on her way home to let me know I was cleared. When I try to ask her questions about it she said she didn't have my file on her because she was on her way home. I then had to reschedule my surgery and again it was hard to get in touch with her. She doesn't answer back fast on a timely manner like Elena which she's great by the way. Since I rescheduled I had to do my labs again so she called to tell me I had to pay $200 for the labs and to take pics. When I went to do the lab work again and finished that I waited for her to take the pics. She passed me 2 times not asking how she can help and she was ready to leave with her purse in hand and I stopped her and told her I'm waiting for you to take my pics. So she did that real fast. Now I am trying to get in contact with her since yesterday morning to see how these labs went and ask her more questions regarding the procedure and nothing. She needs to stop rushing through the patients because that's how people get into surgery complications. She needs to take her time with that patient and once done move to the other one. I'm very disappointed with her professionalism. Good thing Elena is nothing like her.

Surgery date and time confirmed

So a lot of things had happen since my last update but everything has been taking care of. Now the other thing happening at the moment is Hurricane Matthew. Yup. Mother Nature. New life will be closed Thursday and Friday so therefore the patients who were going to get sx those days are now going to have to be rescheduled. I got my called that I will be getting my surgery on Monday at 2:30 pm and that I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything pass 4 am. I dk how I'm going to do that. I will have to eat Around 2 or 3 am because in the past I get really bad migraines if I go without eating so long. I'm excited to get this new body. Praying everything goes smoothly and an easy recovery

2 days left for the big day

In 2 days this body will be snatched. Can't wait to have hips and get rid of the love handles

Big day tomorrow!!

Today is the big day

Today at 2:30 I have to be at New Life. That's only about 2 1/2 hours away. Nerves haven't kicked yet but I'm sure they will once I'm there. I'm praying for a safe surgery and a smooth recovery. Excited to see the new transformation of my body. Bye bye love handles and hello curves

Love my results

This isn't the best picture but it the best I can do for now. The picture doesn't really give justice to @llorentemd work. I love my results. I asked him for something natural that goes with my body and he delivered. I am still swollen and this is just day 2 PO

The picture does no justice

I love the outcome. Just wait until the swollen goes down and the booty fluffs. Patience.

Each day it's a little better

It's been 3 days since I had my surgery. It's true what they say each day gets a little better. So here's a quick update of what's happen these past days which isn't too much. I been getting my massages done at New Life since they were part of my package. I'm paying for an extra tomorrow and from there I'll be going to medical massage professionals since I heard she is it when it comes to draining you. I haven't started my foams or boards because I'm still draining. Ariana the lady who does the massages has been a dear and recommended me to wait so that they don't get dirty right away. So here is the bad part of my experience so far. I got left with very loose skin. Who knows if once I start the foams and boards it will get better but I'm not liking the sight of my stomach right now. Another difficult part has been sleeping. I sleep well on my stomach but I wake up with my neck hurting and small headaches. Aside from that everything else has been ok. I'm going to research more about ways or methods to help my skin tighten.

Foams and Boards

Today was my last day getting a massage at New Life. I will purchase 5 more on the side. I go tomorrow to get my first one. I been consistent with my massages so far. Tomorrow it will be my 5th one. I been getting one everyday since the day of surgery. I started my foams and boards today. I hope it makes a difference on my stomach. I want it to be small small since my butt has shrunken since I received the surgery. It looks good now and I wish it stayed like that. I really would hate if it went more down. Elena at new life suggested I gain 5 lbs so the fat can go to my ass. I'm so lost in this. They gave me a new faja which is 2 sizes smaller than the one I have but I'm scared it can squeeze by but and not let the fat survive. I do however need it for my belly because the one I have is very loose from there already. I really need suggestions on how to make my belly small and helping my butt not shrink anymore

Front view

I am one of the lucky ones that got really bruised during this procedure. I do see the changes but I also hate waking up and seeing this everyday. I am taking the arnica gel and pills to see if that helps. I just want the healing process to be done and over with but who am I kidding. This is just the beginning. I'm still swollen and still have fluid in me. I started my boards last night before I went to sleep. Hopefully it helps with the loose skin I told you right under my belly button. My stomach wasn't ugly before and I don't want it to stay ugly now

Side view of the butt

It's gone down tremendously and I hope it doesn't go down anymore. It's very bruised and stiff and swollen still.

Quick side view

Still swollen and have a bit of fluid in me still. I have done 5 massages so far. I started using the foams and boards the correct way yesterday and I already see an improvement.

First day back to work

Today is my first day back at work. I feel horrible. I brought my happy booty pillow but I can't be on it too long. I am alternating between standing and kneeling but my back is killing me. Not to mention the way I am positioned I think I got a lot of fluid moving to the front so I am so swollen and I feel the fluid inside of me. My belly isn't looking flat today like it was yesterday ????????????. I can't wait to go home to massage myself and see if I can drain a bit since I don't have my next massage until Thursday. This is just the first day. I have 4 more to go. During my lunch break is when I go to the couch and just lay flat on my belly. Lord give me patience

1 week pic

Today was bad at work but my husband was kind enough to massage me which felt great. This is the most decent pic so far. My waist is still swollen.

Emotional Ride

Getting this procedure is no joke. Researching it for a year I thought I would of been mentally prepared but that's not the case. I was able to handle the pain of the surgery very good with no pain meds so physically it's been good but emotionally it's been a roller coaster. The first day after surgery I was swollen and I was like I hope my butt goes down because it's too big. The second day I liked the size of it. As time kept passing by it was like a love/hate relationship with my body. Some days I was swollen from my stomach I thought I was so fat that I wasn't going to get the small waist to show off my butt better. My butt was also shrinking a lot more and actually one side more than the other that it left me in tears thinking why I got the procedure done if it wasn't going to look nice. I kept having to remind myself no one is perfect and your are just on day 9. Give it time to heal better and whatever the outcome it's way better than where I was at before. From that point I was sure I was my worst criticism and that had to change. I need to be learn to be patient and love the new me.

Day 10 front view

Skin is getting a bit better attaching back. The sides are still swollen and hard. Today I go for my 6th massage


I use a combination of both. I use this wrap around foam which I found to be a great investment and this new faja I purchased where I get my massages. The faja is nice and loose from the bottom but gives you the compression you need on your belly. I was swelling a lot in my last faja because the compression on my belly wasn't there. I don't seem to swell to much with this new faja. My body shape looks very nice from the front. I have hips and a small waist. I just wish my ass had more projection. I'm still bruised but not as before. The bruising has gone down a lot.

15 days

Today makes 15 days since my surgery. I haven't notice my butt gone anymore down and I'm starting to feel a little jiggle when I walk. I actually like my shape overall. My stomach is still very sensitive and hard. I am getting my 8th massage on Thursday. I really want my stomach to start feeling normal again. My stitches are still on and I think I'm going to stop by the surgeon to get them removed and see him. I haven't seen him since the surgery. They called me to make an appt but I didn't have anyone to take me so I couldn't make it. I'm still not driving. I don't feel comfortable enough. I will try on my 3rd week.


This is the reason I can't get mad for a small imperfection. I am way better now than where I was before. Swollen and all I can see the major change. From here and on I know I will just get better and better. I am glad I decided to do this surgery for me. To feel more confident about myself and to enjoy shopping and dressing up. Don't let no one take that from you ?????? thanks Dr. Llorente

Hate my stomach

I am loving everything about my surgery except for my stomach. I really dislike how my stomach looks. I had some stretch marks due to my pregnancy but they weren't noticeable. After the lipo they are very ugly and noticeable. I really didn't want a TT but maybe in the future after I have another kid I will consider it.


So I started applying more bio oil throughout the day to see if it improves the stretch marks on my stomach that are noticeable after the lipo. I also started using the marble to give my belly button it's shape again since it was looking a bit crazy. My stomach is still sore and gets swollen quick when I'm out of the faja. I give myself an hour to an hour and a half break out of it but mostly I'm in it since I feel more comfortable being compressed. There are areas in my stomach that are very hard that feel like leather but I'm working along with Marian from medical massage professionals to soften that area out before it turns into fibrosis. I haven't notice that my butt has gone anymore down which is good. Day by day my bruising is going away. I still have just a bit on my butt but from my stomach all the bruising is gone.

Happy 1 month to me

So today I am officially 1 month. Up to now all I can say is the hardest part of this journey is the after care. I haven't drove for a month, haven't sat on my butt, only been sleeping on my stomach, wear my faja daily, wear my wrap around foam daily and I haven't been all that consistent with my ab board. I wear it for only like 6-8 hours a day. Today I purchased more massages because I personally thought I needed it. I had my 10th massage today and I will be going for 4 more. Total of 14 massages. I still get very swollen once I am out of my faja for more than 30 min. I hate that. I'm hearing a lot of dolls say they get swollen even after there 3 months. I dk if I'll be able to wear a faja for 4-6 months. Yikes.

2 months post op

Time sure passes by fast. These are my results 2 months. Even after i fell hard on my butt at 4 or 5 weeks my results still stayed. Really glad. I love my shape overall. Looks very nice and natural

I have met with Dr. Llorente for my consultation. He is a very honest person and doesn't overpromise or tells you what "YOU" want to hear. He tells you what will be the outcome. I have gone back to see him 2 other times for concerns I have and he has made me feel more at ease.

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