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Hi dolls, been addicted to RS for so long now my...

Hi dolls, been addicted to RS for so long now my friends and I have all wanted to get BBLs done and I'm the first one to actually go ahead with the procedure.. I'm from out of the USA, Australia to be exact and I'm really excited!!! Deposit paid and surgery booked for 19th October with Dr Fisher at Vanity! 4 months away! Wow. A little bit nervous. Any tips would be appreciated. I'm quite concerned about the flights home after procedure as I need to fly from Miami to LAX, then a 14 hour flight back to Aussie.. I'm not too sure how my butt is going to deal with that but I'm going to try and stay in Miami as long as poss maybe 3 weeks so I can heal as much as possible. I'm currently looking at places to stay and any suggestions would be great!! What's better I'm travelling alone.. Are recovery homes the way to go or just renting a condo somewhere near better. Is anyone else going to be having surgery around this date?


Omg this has come around so soon! I'm getting more and more nervous blood tests are done and in 19 days I will have a new ass! Was mucked around big time by Vanity don't even get me started I'm now having surgery with Dr Hasan when I booked with fisher.... They contacted me last min saying fisher was going away the week of my surgery ???? wtf! I couldn't change anything as had already booked accom flights and everything else so they managed to give me a date one day later but with Hasan.... I'm not sure how I feel about him I think it will be ok???? A bit nervous. I've been reading through a lot of good experiences though. I'll be staying at Miami escape for a week then my sister flys over a week later. I haven't paid the rest of the surgery yet as I'm sceptical about vanity don't want anything else to change last min and not be able to get my money back. Will upload before pics at a later date! X


So my surgery is in just over a week now..... Vanity are still being really slack with communication. I have now paid my surgery in full and they haven't replied to my emails asking for an invoice. I am going to call them tonight the time difference between Australia and Miami makes it hard too. Anyway here's my disgusting Pre ass pics!!!

Wish pics!!!

Honestly I'm all about waist and hips not so much projection I mean I don't want it tooooo big but I definitely need some projection what I'm working with right now is just not ok lol

Surgery done!!

Hi everyone sorry I didn't update this.. I was so nervous coming up to surgery my mind was just focused on what was going on.. So my surgery was on the 19th I'm still currently in Miami recovering all I can say is this surgery is probably the hardest thing I have ever done the pain out of 10 is a 14 the first two days are unbearable!!! I hated every minute of it honestly I thought I had mentally prepared myself maybe not enough..
One of the best things they ever came up with was recovery homes. I stayed at Miami escape and boy was that the best decision I've ever made!!! Ladies don't even try to recover on your own at a hotel, even if your with a friend or family member it pays to stay at a recovery home at least the first 2 days as they are the hardest. I stayed at a recovery home for the first 4 days and have now moved to a hotel with my sister. You need that extra care and knowledge for this surgery they'll show you how to do things and once you get used to it you'll be ok on your own. I also had so much fun recovering with the other girls we were all in the same boat and could relate to each other it makes you feel better having others going through the same thing.
In regards to the surgery at first I was really iffy about my results I wasn't happy with my stomach it looked bumpy and saggy I was like OMG I've ruined my body it looks worse than before but I made sure I had massages every day starting the day after surgery (the lady Elsi came to our recovery home and did us there which made this so much easier too) and now my stomach has really evened out and looks amazing. I am actually in love with my results they get better and better every day the pain and everything I went through to get here was totally worth it. It wasn't easy but it was worth it.
Coming all the way from the other side of the world I was so nervous I have never been to Miami, I have a different New Zealand accent a lot of people struggle to understand here.. just everything was so foreign to me and I was so scared. But the recovery home helped me so much with feeling better everyone was so nice and we became instant BFFs us, the nurses our driver just everyone..!!! Anyway I have so much more to write about maybe tomorrow or something but if anyone has questions on anything I'm fresh out of surgery with Vanity Dr Hasan or Eros whatever they have changed their name to now. My pain is at about a 6 now I can walk around and do things I'm good :) feel free to ask anything and here are some pics
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