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Hello Ladies! After searching for about 5 years I...

Hello Ladies! After searching for about 5 years I have finally gotten the courage to schedule my surgery with Dr. fisher in Miami. My surgery is in January as of now, but the coordinator told me I could call every 2 weeks see if anything before that has become available. I'm really hoping that's the case because waiting 155 more days will be terrible! My total for the surgery is 5300 and that includes a faja and all of my massages. I've heard some truly awful things about Vanity, but my
Coordinator (Angie) is very nice so far. Just hoping things keeps going well! I was told I needed to gain 15-20 pounds she said my goal weight should be 140. Currently I'm at 120. I will let you guys know how the weight gain goes. I will update if anything exciting happens! Good luck to you all!

Wish pics

Since I cannot stop being here I might as well post some wish pics! Not sure that some of these are realistic...

New surgery date!!!!

I have been given a new surgery date and I cannot believe it, but it's September 15th!!! Less than a month!!! I feel so unprepared. I need to research what I should be eating, what I should pack, important things for after surgery care, someone to stay with for the first few dates until my husband gets there! So many things! I'm also nervous about my blood work coming back without the iron I hope to see. I've already paid for everything and was told everything is included. My massages, faja, and whatever else she mentioned today. I hope they don't try to rip me off! I'm trying my best to gain weight. Im eating like 4,000 calories and I'm still not sure if I can get to my goal of 140. Will update with any news!!!

Do I look like I'm gaining any weight?

Ladies! I have been drinking 4 ensure a day, drink shakes with calories, eating junk food and soda 24/7, big meals, ice cream and fast food! There is no way I can be 135 by surgery ???????? do I look like I gained anything from my pictures almost two weeks ago? I'm just praying Doctor fisher doesn't turn me away because he doesn't think there will be enough because seriously there is sooooo much fat on my love handles and bra line! I did my blood work yesterday and have my follow up tomorrow. Wish me luck!!! Hope my iron is high!

Bloodwork and packing!

I got my blood work done a few days ago and everything came back great! I'm still stuck at 126 pounds :( I'm starting to pack today and I can't believe that at this time
Next week I will be getting surgeon!

A woman died at vanity this week!!!

I'm praying for the family of the woman who died at vanity cosmetics this week. I'm really freaking out now, I don't want to leave my little daughter behind. I don't know if I can do that. What if my heart just stops? Or I stop breathing? I highly doubt they will give me l a refund so I don't really have much of a choice.

On my way!!!!!

I will be in Miami for my pre op at 9am tomorrow. I am still petrified. I also don't know if he will even do the surgery because I didn't gain 15 pounds, Only 11. I have been praying a lot and questioning my decision, but I'm just trying to be brave. I'll definitely be on the lookout for them trying to kick me out right after surgery. I may have to let them know that I won't be going anywhere until I feel good and ready and my vitals have been checked. My lipo foam didn't come yet, so I guess I will buy that there. My hemo was 13.9 last week, but I would really like to have it checked again and also have an ekg. I'm sure they will tell me no, but sometimes my heart beats a little irregular and I'm panicking about it!!

Wish pics updated

Maybe he can give me something similar to this at least, if he doesn't turn me away. I really just want to return back home a week from
Now healthy and safe.

Pre-op appointment! Checkkkkkk

Yes, I am still terrified, but Claudia is seriously an angel. She was so sweet from the first minute. Very friendly. I told her how I felt and she was comforting me and praying for me. She's waited with me the entire two hours I've been at this clinic. She also really seems like she really knows what she is doing and I trust her for my aftercare. I was super surprised when I got to vanity because it wasn't really that busy and crazy and all of the employees were extremely friendly and helpful. My ekg went well and my blood came back great! Now, I'm
Just waiting for them to fit me for a faja I guess and to sign all the papers.

Sx day!

My surgery is at 3pm. Prayers everyone!


This is no joke. Can't move. Will update tomorrow

Too much pain

Can't write much. First massage today.

Update of Surgery day!

I got there at 2:30 for my 3pm surgery and was taken back around 4pm. They get you naked and take pictures then put you in your surgery gown and cap and socks and you wait for
Doctor fisher. I waited until 5pm and was sweating and anxious the whole
Time. I was sitting by the door thinking "maybe I should just run out now! Maybe this is a big mistake" then Doctor fisher came in with a smile and making stupid jokes. He showed me
His kids in his phone and talked about random
Stuff. He was definitely trying to calm my
Nerves down and it worked. He told me last two wish pics were realistic and that he could
Make it happen. The next thing I know I'm being walked to the surgery room. I lay on the table and started shaking soooo badly, but the anesthesiologist started making me laugh and within 10 seconds I was out. I woke up without any pain and in a faja somehow. Claudia was there waiting for me and helped me
Slip a dress on. The last two days have been a blur of pain, but getting a shower and massage has really helped. I told myself I was only going to use Tylenol, but that went out the door yesterday.

Post op day 5!

Post op day 5 has been decent. Still a little low on energy, occasionally light headed, but feeling generally better. I pulled out a stitch today and saw a little bit of a hole underneath. I put s butterfly bandage over it and am hoping it doesn't become infected. This drain has gottttt to go. I really do not want to drive the 4 hours to Miami and the 4 hours back but I do need this Drain and these stitches gone. Ignore the mess in the picture.


Measurements before:


Not really much difference, but the fact that my uneven love handles are gone is amazingggggg. Hoping to get my waist to 25 eventually. It's 27 now, but full of swelling and fluid.

Pain in my calf

I am having a tight pain in my right calf and getting worried it could be a blood clot! Praying it goes away by tomorrow.

Y'all are so sweet!

Bless your hearts! I'm okay. I haven't gone to the ER yet, and I do still have the calf pain but it's lessening. I discussed it with my mom who informed me of all her medical Mumbo jumbo. Basically the pain can most definitely be deferred, but the area where I'm having the pain doesn't even have any deep veins. Although it could still be a clot in a superficial vein which is usually less serious. She says that normally pain in that area is the result of a stretched muscle...and I have been really over exerting myself. She said since there is no swelling or warm sensation to see if it continues to improve the tomorrow. If not, she says to go to the ER. My mother is like the queen of the clot watch at the hospital so I trust her advice, but I will most definitely be at the ER tomorrow morning if it hasn't gone away.

Sidenote. My waist is soooo swollen. It's current at 28 inches...I can feel all the fluid moving around there and it's making me look like I dont have any curves.

Thanks for being so concerned!!!

This is ridiculous!!

I hate complaining, but seriously, this no sitting thing is soooo hard. My knees and elbows are rubbed completely raw and I'm developing so triceps. You never realize how often you sit until
You can't anymore. I purchased a vedette seamless faja so I can start dressing in shorts and shirts without this faja zipper and legs showing through. Hopefully one more week and I can sit...because I need to go back to work!


I have a seroma in my lower back, you can see the pouch in you look closely at the picture. It jiggles like a waterbed when I touch it...nasty. My butt is shrinking away.
Current measurements: 34-26-39 (40 with faja)
It is getting soft and is beginning to juggle so I believe what I'm losing now is actually not fat, but rather the butt dropping into the correct position. I'm still enjoying my shape, but this seroma sure put a monkey wrench into things. I had a lymphatic massage today and I think it did absolutely nothing. Is it supposed to take time? I always felt so much better and less stiff after my massages with Claudia, today I didn't feel any different with this new lady. I cannot stress this enough ladies: Be mentally prepared for this.

Disappearing booty...but still liking the shape

Ignore my fingernails. I dyed my hair and the gloves were not cooperating. Those bumps on the bottom of my abdomen are annoying me, but I am starting to see my
Abs show through on the top again. The fluid in my sides is not going down yet, just playing the waiting game. I'm 80% back to normal. My hips are down to 38.5 now....super scared to start sitting soon to go back to work.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Haven't met him yet, but will update shortly!

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