25 Years Old, 1 Child, 150 Pounds. Miami, FL

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My name is Quinn and I am from Milwaukee, WI. I...

My name is Quinn and I am from Milwaukee, WI. I scheduled my appointment with $300.00 down deposit I think February 3rd with Spectrum Aesthetics. My BBL was originally booked with Dr.Osak but thanks to God, just found out a couple days that he injured 4 of his patients so I called yesterday to reschedule with a different Doctor so they gave me Dr. Sergio Alvarez. I already booked my flight and hotel for May 9th, so there's was no other way of changing that. Before gaining weight on purpose, I weighed 143 pounds and to me it's a big difference with the 6 more pounds and being 5'4. I am really excited because the surgery is coming so fast and I've never done anything like this before. The BBL is a gift I wanted to give to myself from me turning 25 March 13th. I really hope it turns out the way I want because I don't want to be like some girls that constantly go back to keep getting it done over. I will be uploading pics and videos throughout my entire journey and I would love to hear from you all esp. the girls who have it done already or that worked with Dr. Sergio Alvarez. Can't wait to hear from you ladies !

My booking and restriction letter.

I booked my flight and hotel March 5th I believe. I didn't know anything about recovery homes and I was so nervous to stay with other people, (I'm very shy). So I just ended up booming a hotel near Spectrum and the airport in Miami. This will be my 1st time getting on a plane and being in Florida. My friend will be coming with me but I home to see some of you ladies there. I will be there from May 8th to May 12th.

Before th weight gain.

I started gaining weight as soon as I gave my deposit to Spectrum in February. I'm done gaining weight since I gained about 10 pounds. These pitures are before I gained weight so these were taken around February 10th.

Cleared for surgery !!!!

Yay!!!! I been waiting for this moment and today my results for my blood work came back and I'm fine with everything. I'm been so happy all day. Lol! UPDATE ::: Last week spectrum called me and notified me that Dr. Alvarez won't be in that Monday of May 9th to do my surgery so they rescheduled me for that Tuesday May 10th.

More wish pics !

These are just a few wish pics that I'm hoping my ass and hips will compare to.

It's right around the corner!!!!

I can't believe I have surgery with Dr. Sergio Alvarez in just 2 weeks. I been so nervous, excited, stressed, overwhelmed, scared, happy all in one! I wonder are any of you girls having surgery at spectrum around on May 10th. I would love to have a surgery buddy!

Weight gain and pics!

2 months ago I was 145 pounds. Now I weigh 159 pounds. I was basically eating everything to gain weight so there's more fat to put back there. I'm so happy that I put on more pounds! My surgery date is May 10th with Dr. Alvarez at Spectrum.

Wish pics!

I don't just want a big butt, I want the curves ! I rather have more fat put into my hips than my butt.


Is it me or is damn near everybody scheduled with Dr. Alvarez at either his private practice or spectrum on May 10th, 2016. I'm scheduled that day with him but I don't know the time until the day before thanks to spectrum. I've noticed so many women scheduled with him that same day and I wonder is everyone going to actually get theirs done that exact day. It worries me a bit because I cannot switch my surgery day for anything. ????????????

In MIAMI Ladies!!!!!

I made it to Miami ladies and I just have been having a ball and so excited for my surgery on May 10th!!! It's like a day away! Any other bbl dolls made it yet for surgeries with Dr. Alvarez.

Miami is beautiful !!!

I still can't believe I'm here!!

Went and paid today !!!

Exactly what I seen on the Internet and it was so clean inside the office! I'm just so happy! Lol

The befores and last pictures before surgery tomorrow!

Y'all this surgery ain't no joke!

I'm in pain a bit and very sore. Glad I can walk a little bit now though. I kept waking up having to pee all night but a good thing I stopped bleeding, atleast for now. ????

Before massage

This was before my massage. ????


I finally had enough strength to put on my makeup, thank god! Lol I been so slow updating because I have been tired and trying to rest because I lost so much blood from the surgery. These pics are from the Thursday of last week.

1 week post!!!!

Woohoo! It's already been a week since surgery which is crazy !! I took a few pics for you dolls to show you how I look today.


So I need to be honest with y'all. The reason why I'm saying this now because my mom been lurking my real self page and she goes crazy over things but yes, I was scheduled with Dr. Alvarez initially but a day before my surgery they called me with a offer I couldn't turn down. Dr. Rami Ghurani did my BBL and the reason I'm saying it now because I didn't want my mom worrying after all the research she did in the first place for Dr. Alvarez. I finally told her a week after my surgery Dr. Ghurani did my bbl. She was kinda disappointed like I expected but I finally got it out. I'm telling y'all this because Ghurani takes all the credit for my new body I'm in love with. I was getting so many messages on how good Alvarez did but it was really Dr. Ghurani. Sorry if I let some of you down but I wanted to let my mom know 1st before I got back on here.

Videos 5-21-3016


I'm so in love with my results tho!!

Lol I always hear damn here damn there. Like I'm so in love with my body now!! I have curves, a huge ass, and the swelling went all the way down so I'm guessing this is my results. These were taken 5-24-16 and 5-25-16.

Hey dolls!

I took some new pics for you all to show you what this body looking like kinda at 3 weeks post. Lol


Just a few pics for you dolls. My current pics.

6-4-16 - 6-14-16

I been sooo busy with work and I have not had any time to do any update. Currently I'm 6 weeks post and yes, I'm sitting on my ass now. I don't sleep or lay on it because it's still a bit sore but I'm just updating you all on recents pics I've taken.

6-18-2016 - 6-23-2016

Put putting up a few pics I took of these past couple days. I wish the videos would work because I have so many!!

Update. 8-1-2016

While I'm almost at my 3 month post mark, I haven't updated anything to y'all so here are a few pictures in order from my last post.


Updating with new pics. This ass isn't going anywhere and it's still huge after 3 month post!!!


Just a update of pictures I taken from the end of August until September 12th. ????


Took these in Chicago. The only recent pics I've taken so far but just a update.


I know, I know!! It's been so LONG since the last time I was on here. I been working like crazy and spending all the time in the world with my son. I'm sooo sorry it's been a while but I'm back and I'm going to try to keep updating this more often from now on. I know a few of you used me as your wish pics and I'm pretty sure you would want more updates so I'll stick with my word. It's 2-7-2017 and these are a few recent pictures since the last time I was on here. Feel free to message me or comment!

My body without clothes

Ugh I wish I can upload videos but I guess they don't let people do that anymore. I took this pic about 4 days ago. I'll upload pics later on in the week of my backside once I can find someone to take pics of me. Lol
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr. Ghurani!!!! He is the best and knows exactly what he's doing! I'm so satisfied with my results!

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