Brazillian Butt Lift, 25 ATL to MIA

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I am "5'7" and weigh around 175 right now. I carry...

I am "5'7" and weigh around 175 right now. I carry my weight around my stomach and in my breast area. Ive always wanted to have a nice slim waist and a big round boooty ( since I can remember, Im talking like being 7 years old). Unfortunatley that is not what God blessed me with and even witg working out I dont think Id get the results I desire. So I decided to find a doctor and put a deposit down for a BBL. I have been researching this for years and I am happy I didnt get a butt implant in my younger days before BBL had become a common procedure!!! I will post before pictures very soon, I am having a coworker help me take them! ????

Appointment Date

That was his soonest appointment available everyone!!!

New Wish Pics

Found some good wish pics of the back side view, which Ive had a hard time finding!

Initial thoughts

I have not yet met Dr. Salz or had my consultation but have read so many good reviews and follow him daily on instagram and on his snapchat. I like his results and his prices are still reasonable as he is just now gaining alot of popularity!! I will be traveling from Atlanta , I had a consultation with the famous Dr. J here in Atlanta and I have nothing bad to say about him or his staff, his prices are high(12,000) as he is popular here, and his waiting list is ridiculous!! If money were not an option I'd be fine with Dr.J or Dr. Salz doing my BBL. I have my BBL scheduled with Dr. Salz for July 26th 2016, and my phone consultation is May 26th (next week). I know Dr. Salz is awesome and will only be better by the time he does my surgery next year! I have a feeling that he is going to blow up soon and his prices will raise too!! Im glad I put my 1,000 down to lock in my BBL for 6999. The BBL includes lipo to abdomen, flanks, and full back. I do need to ask him about adding extra fat to the hips, I never see this listed on his procedures for the day and his patients come out looking great. I just want equal amounts of hips and upper fullness, if that makes sense lol, I will post wish pics today! I will try to be very detailed in my experience as I wish I would of had more real life experiences to help me decide! Wish me luck ladies!

Surgery Date

Hello Dollz!!! Obviously this is a long shot but if anyone needs to push back their surgery date, Id love to get in earlier than July 2016! I stay n the house this whole summer bc I dont have the body I want, hoping that I will have the body I want by next summer or 2016!! My sx is scheduled for July 26th, 2016. If anyone has a sooner date, Id love to come sooner. I am an Iowa girl, I cant imagine what the heat will be like in Miami, in JULY!!! Pray for me! ????????

Before Pics

So I am hesitant to load these but I feel they may help someone get a better Idea of what their results may look like. These are my current photos! I have a long back no curve to the booty!

Hey Dollz! :)!! Will pay 800 dollars for sooner date!

I am becoming so discouraged having to wait until July to see Dr. MIAMI!!! I feel like my life is on pause until I have the body I want!!!! I am scheduled for the end of July 2016. I would love to get in sooner possibly between Jan and March. I willl pay 800 dollars to anyone that could switch dates with me!!! ???????????? if anyone is interested let me know!!!

Ladies I need advice!!

I've lost some weight since my initial consultation. I now weigh at 150lbs and am 5'7!!! My surgery is scheduled for May 11th, yes 2 days away! Dr.J said he can give me good results but if I want a big booty I need to reschedule and gain some weight!!! I know 12,000 is a lot of money but rescheduling with work will be such a hassle!! I also feel like I am ready to look good for the summer! He said even a month out would be enough time to gain some but they cannot give me a date as they are booked but plan on someone falling off (people who are not paid in full)!!!I have to call on Monday morning to see if anyone has fallen off schedule for next month to see if rescheduling for that soon is even an option or otherwise it will prolly be fall!! Ahhhh! I will post new pre op photos n my old ones are loaded. I've been told (especially with my body frame) that to get wish pics I will prolly need a round 2 anyways!!! Sincerely STRESSED!!!!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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