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My name is Ayana I have wanted a bbl for several...

My name is Ayana I have wanted a bbl for several years now. I finally decided to go through with it and I'm so excited. I'm scheduled for surgery on February 3rd with Dr. Hasan in Miami. I live in NY and will be traveling with my mom and a friend. I have also been on a weight loss journey. So far I'm down about 35 lbs and I'm wanting to lose 20 more before surgery. Dr. Hasan is requiring only 10 but I think I'll get optimal results if I lose a little more. I have been doing a low carb diet and I have a trainer. I will actually be doing an in person consultation next month. I will post updates on how that goes.

Still losing weight...scale hasn't moved much this past month but I can tell I've lost inches

It's getting real

Omg surgery is less than a month away!!! I'm so excited but nervous!! The only thing I'm really scared of is laser burn!! Praying that the bbl gods will bless me with a good turnout. I will definitely address my concerns with Hasan as well. I met him back in November when I had my initial consultation and it went really well. Ive gotten down to 165 and I'm trying to get down to 150s for surgery

Getting nervous

So I did my labs on 1/3 and my hemoglobin was only 11.7 because of my period. I've started taking iron but I'm kinda nervous because I will be on my period again at the time of my surgery. Hopefully the iron will bump it up enough so that it doesn't drop below 12. When I did my physical a few months ago it was 12.9 without me taking anything. Pray for me y'all.

Day of surgery

Here now about to meet with Dr. Hasan. Can't believe the day has finally come. Will update later hopefully.

Day 1

Omg this is no joke. I feel better than I did this morning but this is definitely no walk in the park. Have a good support team ladies cuz you will be very dependent. I can't imagine doing this without my mom. I feel like I have a high tolerance for pain but I would give this an 8. Good night will update tomorrow. I'm so nervous about my first massage.

3 days post

Right after my massage with Marian. She's amazing so is Val her assistant. Feeling much better today. Heading to the mall now.

5 days post op

I'm 5 days post op and feeling good. I finally had a bm and it felt amazing!! Highlight of my day lol. I feel like my body is finally coming together it's a little nerve wracking to see your body right after surgery cuz it doesn't look good at all. I'm finally seeing a body that I paid thousands for lol

Swell hell is so real

Everything has been going so well but these past 2 days I've been so swollen and idk why. I drink water all day everyday and haven't been eating badly. Idk just hope it goes away soon. Pics are from a few days ago btw. Butt has gone down a bit and I'm praying it stays this size.

Just pics


I'm so over this recovery process already. I wanna sit so bad but I'm trying to make it 8 weeks since that's what the post op instructions said. I was finally able to book an appointment to get massages in NYC. It took forever. Everything else is ok. My butt definitely got smaller but I'm hoping for some fluffing down the road. My shape is still better overall so I'm happy regardless.

8 weeks post

Not sure if anyone looks at these reviews but I know I stalked this site before my surgery so I thought I would leave an update pic. I also started working out again. I still have back rolls I want to work on but I am so scared to lose my booty. I'm doing light cardio for now but eventually I'll switch to heavy lifting

Almost 6 months post op. Loving my body!

Miami Physician

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