I Am a 25 Year Old Hispanic Girl with No Curves - Miami, FL

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I have been looking for a doctor since I was 23...

I have been looking for a doctor since I was 23 years old to fix my body lol. I want a flat tummy with accent in my bottom. I gain weight in my shoulders, Lower/upper back, lower and upper abs . I have very noticeable bra rolls ugh. Hate them!!! I was thinking of going to Mexico to get my lipo done with a very good doctor. The problem was he was booked solid for 4 months and charged me double what Dr.lagrasso is charging, but honestly I want my new body before the summer. I'm traveling from Washington sate to Miami by myself :(. I'm a little nervous but I have a recovery home to arrive to and everything set up. I leave tonight! im grtting 12 areas lipoed and maybe getting my arms too. Unsure if I want to go through the pain of not being able to move my arms at all.

Flew in today.

I'm staying with Miriam Landfrod. She's very sweet and cooks amazing!!! I'm so happy with my recovery decision. She's guna take me to get a good grament and get my labs done. My surgery is tomorrow! So exited about the end results, but scared for the pain.

A girl had to go to the ER

I arrived yesterday all was well! I had great breakfast great lunch and dinner, did my labs, bought my supplies, was driven around seeing the city and had a fantastic day. Basically I couldn't complain at all!

This morning woke up feeling great and exited. I woke up early to have breakfast and in the middle of my breakfast a girl whom had surgery yesterday at Vanity had to go to the ER, she was unable to walk loosening sensation in her legs and arms. My surgery is later today and I'm getting a bit nervous. Thank god for the other girls who have had a great experience with my clinic, also thank god im not getting surgery with vanity.

Waiting to be called

I am a little upset because I was told 2 and its 3pm and I have not been called also a girl that was getting surgery also with Dr. Lagrasso at 1:30pm what the fuck! That's so inconsiderate! Why the hell would you make a 30min gap? I'm guna have a big talk with him!

One day post up.

Everything went well. The anetheologist was sooo amazing ver sweet man! Dr. Legrasso was very kind and sweet too. So far IM glad with my choice. Yesterday when I was being rolled out of the surgery room I was in so much pain and had a big gray cloud over my head. I wanted to cry, well heck I cried when I called my mom. Very intense feeling of nostalgia and confusion.
I've been using restroom every two hours. Thanks to that I'm feeling better. Walking around and getting in and out of bed has helped my backside no feel so stiff. I was feeling like fainting but thank baby Jesus for my nurse Miriam. I'm telling you gals she's a germ! She made me feel so safe. I think without her I'd still feel emotionally drained. She took care of me all night. I'm so happy with my decisions. I owe my dr choice to her too.

Try and make surgery earliest one.
Get a peeping cone
Eat very well after survey. Fight the sleep and eat soup before going to sleep.
If feeling nauseous please please down water that saved my life. Thanks to my nurse she made me down water and me sickness went away.

I'm not taking the pain killers because I heard they make you vomit and I rather deal with pain then vomiting feeling
And gals be ready for intense pain for a fay.

24 hour post

Last night I was in chronic pain. I fainted today it was pretty dramatic. Feeling way better. I'm walking around stretching and today will be my 1st lymphatic treatment ugh super scared!

Miriam cleaned and changed my garment

She cleaned me it was very painful! Putting on new garment was not as bad. I can only imagine how the lymphatic massage will be. I'm going to cry!

Had my first lymphatic massage today

It's the most excruciating pain I have ever felt. The lipo is nothing compared to the drainage. I did it like a champ tho, and after I felt fine and less swollen. Worth the pain!

Going on 4 days post up

Feeling way better today. My lymphatic treatments are so painful but they sure do help! I'm way less swollen, still swollen on my left side, but everything is going down.

Flying back to Seattle

Okay so I moved my flight to Wednesday instead of Tuesday. I now am being told I should have given myself 15 days before i fly. I'm so afraid to be on my feet for so long. Ugh as anyone had a bbl and flew out 6 hours?

Ultrasonic therapy

I had ultrasonic therapy today. It was way way less painful then the drainage treatment. I felt lighter and more flexible right after.


I've been very focus on my recovery. A lot of drama happened in my recovery house I didn't feel like posting. So far im way less swollen and much more thin. Lagrasso did an amazing job! He left me just the way I wanted. I know I need 3 months for final results but even if the swollen is my fat now I look great.

Back home!!

Overall I'm very happy with my doctor. He is very good. I did have issues at my recovery house which I will write about later today. I need to really write what happens and put with words on paper. My experience was awful and I don't want anyone ever to go through that. I will give full details.

New pics

I feel so much better being home! And I'm getting thinner and thinner. I love my realit

Miriam Landford

I wrote a review before, I am now rectifying it because I don't want anyone to go throw what I went throw at her house. Let's start with I have never ever met anyone so manipulative and fake. She talks so nice to you on the phone and makes tells you she is this and that. Later i found out it's all lies and she has zero credentials and then you witness her unprofessionalism two days in and progressively gets worst! She is the biggest crap talker I've met. Not once can she say something nice about someone or take responsibility for her actions. She says she charges 250 a day but is willing to give you a discount but she then holds over your head the whole time you are there. She claims she gives you food all day long but give you food when she pleases and at inconsistent hours. When you do ask for it because you can't take the hunger she gets mad. I apologize but If I paid you a wapping 1600 for 10 days you should cook for me at specific hours and not complain about it. She once had the odasity to say sometimes "my kids don't eat because my patients eat". What the heck is wrong with that comment?! Well let's break it down. Her kids are full gown. I'm sure they can fend for themselves. Oh and most importantly we pay you, crazy pants! Her meals consist of: The morning; two eggs and hot chocolate (sugar). Afternoon; soup, three crackers (she asks two or three crackers lol) and a sugary fruit drink. Dinner; white rice and some kind of meat or a tuna caned sandwich. Her food is cheap form cheap stores and basically minimI. I will say this it's not bad tasting I did enjoy the cup size meals but I know it was low quality and was starving all day. I bought myself jello thanks to a girl that was a three days before me and felt with her abuse. She told me be ready not to eat, and mentioned get jello now that she's being nice to you. Thank god for her! I bet she had it worst then I did poor girl! I didn't believe her, oh boy was i wrong. Then there is the rooms, if you stay with her be prepared not to have a so called "private room" there is no privacy she come in as she pleases ZERO manners. You leave any light on she wants to charge you for the bill. She makes you move from room to room, I moved three times. The reason why she dose that is because she likes cramming ppl so she can get the big bucks for her not so big service. For example the day I came in she gave me the "suite" it's a waking closet in her room lol. Then the day of my surgery she moved me to makeshift room in the kitchen with walls not touching to sealing and a plastic door. I was cold the whole time because she gives you half a blanket that dose not go over you at all. She dose not keep you warm she claims its because you can get a infections if you are warm. Okay, I get it but I was freezing all day and night. You sleep on plastic on plastic the pillows suck so bad my back hurt more then my surgery. Then when you stop being "gross" she moves you again to the "suite" and puts white sheets and tells you don't get them dirty. If you do she will charge 50 bucks. She never knocks which drove me insane, she dose not care if you are sleeping she will wake you up to feed you when it's convient for her. She's incredibly incinerated it's disgusting. All she dose is complain and complain about everything and everyone how everyone played her wrong. Lord I couldn't hear it anymore. I'm beyond happy im out. Let me tell you how mad things got. A girl could not longer take her abuse and her bullcrap excuses. She left and then Miriam somehow thought it would be wise to blame me because I was helping her and the girl told her I was not a nurse she did not pay me she paid her. Which is all true! I am not a nurse I am a paying patient that is just too nice. I respond saying I thought her comment was rude and she should lean to take responsibility for her actions. Then she continued to spite lies lies and lies that that never happens. BS with capital letters! She is never home and when she is she's making your life impossible with her attitude oh and another thing beware she dose not speak she YELLS. She's always yelling none stop. There is no peace in that place. Don't be scammed like I was. Miriam please do the world a favor quit your recovery home. You have a delusional reality and you need psychiatric help. Also you are not a doctor and never were. You are not a nurse. Please come down to earth.

I met 5 other girls in my time in hell and they all had an awful experience and feel ill about her. Save money and peace of mind. Hire a private nurse for 3 days to 5 you should good. Zero stress zero complaining.

17 days post op.

I made it to two weeks! I feel great drians came out in Sunday. Flew to Sandiego to vist friends from before I start school on Monday. Feeling great!
My measurements are 29.5 waist hips and butt 44. I would love to be 28 waist and 44 hips and butt. That would be my ideal measurements. So far so happy with the results. Also I got the best garments! I searched high and low, I got a full arm and knee length grment in San Diego. It codt me double the price it would of online but i was so desperate for a tight one and the one I had order wouldn't be coming until Friday (6 days later). Garment totally worth the price. Ice been sleeping in it and I feel nothing! It has a zipper so I can poop and It's open where I can pee. It's fantastic!!

Miriam Landfrod it just gets better and better.

Okay so I was scrolling on to the recovey house from made for assisting girls like me get a recovery home. I posted my review warning girls about going there. Next thing you know I get on again being in class all day I get bored so I'm in it just too see. Boom! I see Miriam posting three reviews two that got deleted. The only one I can see is her saying that she's suing me becuse I have discredited her license and blah blah oh wait the best part saying she forgave me for "physically attackeing her" this lady man she is out of line. So I quickly add a comment. Actually why don't you guys see it for your self. @magnificentme Recovery houses in Miami, you'll prob need to scroll and read a lot but it's a good read. Anyways I respond to her and I say true facts unlike her. Next I screen shoot to one of these girls that was in recovey with me. She gets on and states her facts then I'm assuming Miriam's circus is receiving these notifications her son Gregson takes the unprofessionalsim to a lower degree and sends me these messages. Ladies this family is out of control. I can not imagine how a whole family can be okay with the way she treats her clients and totally Brian washed. Anyway by this time I've had evough and I tell him if you continue to message me and harass me about a f*cking real comment I will report this bogeys claim. I'm so tired of this like honestly I'm here to help the girls not go through the sh*t show I went throw with her. And what bothers me the post is all those freaking good reviews where all fake and all those girls saying they love her are fake too. She has all her kids make fake profile and talk all these lies. And if one or two happen to be real it's prob because she just did a message on them and then got to go home to here family. If you stay there she is a totally f*cking monster. Anyways here and the screen shots of one of her sons. Just so you guys can see the madness. I've heard this before, that when someone talks to much about god like a lot is becuse they use him and a word crutch to sound like a good person. So please see for your self. It's very hard for me to believe they use Gods name like this. Ugh
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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