25 Year Old. FINALLY Getting SNATCHED.

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Hi, I am 25 years old and I finally about to have...

I am 25 years old and I finally about to have my BBL. I have been contemplating the procedure since 2014. I was originally going to go to the DR back to either Dr. Duran or Yily but I just started my career and was scared to go out the country at the time. I then became a part of FB surgery group where I first heard learned about Dr. Fisher. I then began by getting a quote and researching his work, at the time he was $4,300. I was going to make a deposit but I got scared and decided to get a personal trainer. I began working out, eating right, and starting this "fitness" journey but still not getting the results I wanted. I would either drop the weight and get super skinny; I mean no butt but a small waist (27") or my butt would be right but my waist was like 30" plus I have no hips. I was over it. One of my best friend and I were discussing the procedure and she wanted to go plus my now boyfriend encouraged it as well. My friend and I are embarking on this journey together. We are staying at Miami Escape and our procedures are within a day a part. I am so excited but yet nervous at the same time, but I need to do this for me!

Five Days Post Op: 10/30/16

I been awhile but I was simply trying to recover properly that entails drinking water, resting, massages etc. I will go over the last five days:

Pre Op Day 10/24: Chris from Miami Escape dropped my boyfriend and I off at Vanity at around 1030. We first paid for the cell saver then we were taken back to seat in the lobby then finally Daniela had me try on my garment. We continue to wait until FINALLY I was given my paperwork to sign. We were then free to go. I got an email that night to arrive at Eres at 6:45 am.

10/25: Today was the surgery day! I sat there and they called me back to prep for surgery. I change my clothes and I finally met Dr. Fisher. Dr. Fisher was so nice we discussed politics and everything. He took my pre-op pictures and we discussed them. Dr. Fisher stated I have scoliosis, I have projection at the top but my butt goes flat at the bottom, and that my left check is slightly longer. We agreed I did not have hips. I showed no pictures, I just informed of my wants are hip and absolutely "no ant booty". We finished our conversation, I spoke to the anesthesiologist and I went back to surgery room. The anesthesiologist instructed me to lay down, he said he was going to give me something relax. I proceed to state, "Ativan?" He states, "No, Versed. You must be in the medical field?" I said "Yes." After that I was out. Then I was awoke, I remember my best friend and boyfriend talking; Chris was setting up the car. Once I returned to Miami Escape; I walked in my suite and Brenda offering me food. I ate, pretty much slept, and peed a lot. My friend also came back that night after her surgery as well.

10/26: Post op follow up at Eres. That day was rough but I tried to push through. I started the day at Eres, I felt TERRIBLE I was talking my pain pills but I was hurting. The NP took my ABD pad out, we put the lipo foams in. I slept and ate most of the day. I did get a massage at Miami Escape and FINALLY got to shower. My boyfriend encouraged both my friend and I to walk. Once my friend tried to get up she got dizzy, her temperature was elevated, and went to the hospital. She was not drinking her fluids.

10/27: I walked around more. I took less pain medication but I still took pain medications before the massages though. My appetite was coming back. My friend came back that night from the hospital.

Fast forward to 10/29: I got my drain removed. My boyfriend and I are ready to go home. I am up walking all day because I notice we I lay down my face becomes super swollen. UGH

10/30: Homebound at 6:00 a.m. The flight was bad, I used my BBL pillow and took two Percocets. Although I sleep most of the flight, I was HOT and just uncomfortable. I'm just glad to be home.

15 Days Post-Op

It officially have been 15 days since surgery! I still feel stiff at times and my appetite hasn't fully returned. I did sit today for 10 minutes and it was uncomfortable so I still will still be using my BBL pillow. The faja makes me so HOT but when I don't wear it while washing it, my stomach feels heavy and swollen. That is why I purchased another one. Today was my first day back to work, luckily I am in orientation so its not too much work. I also had my first massage since being in Miami. Everyday gets better, I just cannot wait until I get back to "normal".

UPDATE: 3 weeks

This week have been my first week back to work and when I say when I leave I am sore especially my back. I've been using both the Bio Oil and Scar Away sheets on my incision. I still HATE sleeping on my stomach and I have sat down but its too uncomfortable so I use a BBL pillow. I feel most comfortable when my stomach is compressed. I cannot wait until my swelling goes down and when I am able to workout because I feel like my waist isn't snatched like I would like it to be. I just feel like my stomach is always swollen and my back is sore. I want to use my AB board but Vanity (Eres) said its too soon but VETs let me know if I should start using it. I'm just ready to see the REAL results. Happy Healing Ladies.

Little Over 2 months

Recovery getting better day by day. I want my waist smaller so I will be starting with a trainer in a week. I feel my face is fat. I started this fat flush tea and already lost 4 lbs. I'm still wear a waist trainer all day and my garment at night. I haven't went out yet because I don't feel I'm ready to be out there.
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