25 Year Old. FINALLY Getting SNATCHED.

Hi, I am 25 years old and I finally about to have...

I am 25 years old and I finally about to have my BBL. I have been contemplating the procedure since 2014. I was originally going to go to the DR back to either Dr. Duran or Yily but I just started my career and was scared to go out the country at the time. I then became a part of FB surgery group where I first heard learned about Dr. Fisher. I then began by getting a quote and researching his work, at the time he was $4,300. I was going to make a deposit but I got scared and decided to get a personal trainer. I began working out, eating right, and starting this "fitness" journey but still not getting the results I wanted. I would either drop the weight and get super skinny; I mean no butt but a small waist (27") or my butt would be right but my waist was like 30" plus I have no hips. I was over it. One of my best friend and I were discussing the procedure and she wanted to go plus my now boyfriend encouraged it as well. My friend and I are embarking on this journey together. We are staying at Miami Escape and our procedures are within a day a part. I am so excited but yet nervous at the same time, but I need to do this for me!
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