25 Traveling for Lipo and BBL - Miami, FL

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I'll be traveling to Miami in a week for surgery...

I'll be traveling to Miami in a week for surgery with Dr. Mel Ortega I am so excited 25, no kids, and I've already lost 20 lbs so now I'm 208, 5'8! So I'm excited really excited! I've looked into recovery houses they are just extremely expensive so if u can recommend me to a nice place I'd love that :)

All clear for surgery

Yah I'm so excited to receive this message. I am all clear for surgery I will be leaving this Thursday heading to Miami. I'm hella excited and nervous too! I literally woke up at 4 am just looking at the ceiling wondering what I'm going to look like. lol but I'm really excited and eager to have this procedure I will be posting more photos especially before.. :)

Dr. Sergio Alvarez is my Dr!

I originally put Ortega as my surgeon only because I saw more from him as far as work but from day one I signed up with Alvarez and he will be my Dr. I'm excited and I'm happy with him I saw a picture with him and Lil Kim (my favorite) and I got hella excited lol I still can't sleep I wake up in the middle of night thinking. I also am going by myself and I do feel alone but I know I'll be okay. I just know once I wake up emotionally I'll need someone but I talked to God and he has moved so much out of my way to make this possible so I'm going to trust him. It's in our hardest moments where we will see what we are made of and I'm ready. This is the beginning of a beautiful transformation and I want to motivate anybody who want to change their live to start now. God Bless, Miami see you soon ????

Airport flow

I made it on time!!!!! Thank God now it's time to board this flight! Next up is Miami ??????????

Balance Paid

Time to get fine ????

Ms. New Booty

I'm still very swollen and the pain isn't a joke I survived lol! I'm 4 days post op and I just got my appetite back!!!! Dr. Alvarez is amazing and I'm thankful I chose him :) I've been walking outside and getting out the bed I don't like the stiff feeling! But I'm loving my results so far ????

Ms. New Booty

4 days Post Op.

Before & After

I bought this BCBG dress 2 years ago and I felt so uncomfortable I've never worn it.. well baby I'm about to be Lit ???? God so good :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

My friends only had Lipo done by him but I went with her and we talked he even answered my questions while tending to her. She looks amazing and I'm so motivated now more than ever to do this for myself.

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