25, Ready for Some Major Changes!

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Hello Everyone, First, I have been stalking real...

Hello Everyone,

First, I have been stalking real self for sometime! This community is phenomenal with how vulnerable and honest a lot of you are on here! I've read a lot of your stories. It is pushing me to tell mine. I started sometime in 2015 just researching real self abou lipo and bbl's reviews. In the beginning of 2016, I joined!

I'm here on RS for the support of making a significant change to my body with the bbl procedure(only my mom knows).

A little about me:
I'm 25, single, and no kids. I've been wanting a bbl for 2 years but, this is my first year really doing my due dilligence. I am currently 5'5 at 180(the heaviest I've ever been). I usually weigh between 145-160. I can be really healthy and I tend to go on these workout/health kicks that last 2-4 month and then I fall off. This last 20lbs came at a pretty happy time in my life. I met someone who I really cared about which is no longer the case! I figure it's time to really focus on me and my goals!

Im in between doctors in Miami, Florida and the Dominican Republic. I've narrowed my research down to Dr. Hassan, Ortega, Ghurani, Duran, and Almonte. Ive seen a great number of reviews on all of them. I haven't reached out yet because I want to be certain. I plan on getting the ball rolling quickly once my mind is made up! Any suggestions on finalizing your decision on your doctor?

My biggest set back is im on the process of a major move to CHINA to teach abroad. I was originally looking at leaving in February 2017 but, it may be more feasible to leave the last week in August 2017. My biggest reservation right now is if I leave for China in September will I be healed enough to go. Is 6 weeks enough time for a lesser risk of any complications that would arise? I'm ready to make this move and I'm ready for this investment in my body! I know the medicine practices are different and going to a foreign place, I need to be as healthy as possible.

However, I'm ready for a change!
So GOALS FOR 2017:
1. Graduate with my bachelors, FINALLY
2. BBL
3. Move to China to teach English abroad!
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