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So I've been lurking RS since the middle if last...

So I've been lurking RS since the middle if last year. I turn 26 next month and I've made up my mind to get a bbl once I complete cosmetology school. I've seen more than amazing pics and read a lot of inspiring, scary, and promising experiences. I am confident without a doubt but that doesn't change the fact my body is not where I want it to be so Dr Fisher is my go to man. I would definitely appreciate any additional advice from you lovely ladies who are currently on or have already taken this journey.

Thanks Ladies

Thank you for the support. I guess this is the part where I show where I'm starting... from the bottom with no bottom unfortunately lol. This is me getting ready for gym. I decided to show my face simply because I'm grown and if any of my friends are on here then it just proves even more that we think alike l and want to look better. I can understand all the cons of not being confidential but hey I can't let anyone scare me from living. I'm excited for this new journey and I will not be deterred.... well I'm trying to attach pics but it's not allowing me to find anything that wasn't downloaded on here smh. Anyone know what I can do?


So the only way I can upload pics is if I take them real time since I do everything on my phone. So when I get a chance I'm going to the staff bathroom for a photo session lol. I've seen a fee comments on other journeys where some members mentioned that Vanity spiked their priced due to income tax season smh. Not trying to be cheap but all the extra money for the trip, RH, Rx, and supplies are not cheap so they need to get their life together ????????????... now that I'm done venting lol. I'm still torn between docs. I need some advice. I want projection with a nice lil waistline to match. I'm trying to go to back home like "bitch the south does a body good."

Pics Pics Pics

So this is my current state but ready for a transformation so that these people can get the confirmation that I'm a force to be reckoned with.

Vanity called lil ol me ????????

Got a call from vanity today while I was at school. Forgot who it was cause my simple ass was so geeked smh anywho the woman quoted me $4500 for 10 areas and $4900 for 12 areas (which is what I want). I asked her what was included with the 12 areas and she said full back, full abdomen, flanks and something else. So I asked her to email the info discussed to me and she said ok and proceeded to say that to lock the the price I have to pay $500 and that I should do it quickly since prices are going up due to income tax season (shady af cause they trynna get over) so she can send the pay pal info as well. I told her to email everything discussed including pay pal info. She acted like she was sending the info however she didn't even confirm my email with me nor did I receive anything. So I guess I'll be calling them. Good news was that I could go as early as April if I like but with school I'm so torn. I could go for a week and miss 2 days of school if I go around the weekend however I do know how my body will feel within a week of surgery so idk plus I still don't even know if 100% want to go to Fisher since Duran has some pretty great results plus I know there is no limit to the amount of fat removed. Only thing about Duran is I read a review where Comments were saying Duran was burning females due to aggressive lipo. I want the aggressive without the burns. I need see some of fisher's work. Help me out please!!! I just want some ass with a small waist, no back fat, and no man arms is that asking for too much?

Just bought a scale

Soooo I just bought a scale and I weigh 186lbs smh everyone says the weight looks good on me but I'm not liking the rolls and shit. I dress conservative and wear clothes that are tasteful to cover the things I don't like but I want to feel comfortable enough to wear a half shirt and I plan in pledging a sorority so I definitely want to be on video vixen/thick stripper status when that time comes ???????????????? should I stay this size or lose a few lbs? My BMI is where it needs to be now though. Advice please!!

Quote from Duran vs. Vanity

So I got a call back from vanity again but they quoted me $6000 for 12 areas w/ bbl. Then had the nerve to ask if I decided on the day smh. I told her I didn't pick a day because I was never sent the email that showed the quote I was provided. So she said she'd send it to me and that it's $6000. I told her that's not what I was quoted but go ahead and send it. Then I got my quote from Duran today which was quick since it only took a day. I've heard if you're too overweight she won't send a quote and I must admit I was nervous that would be the case.

Hello Raenisha

You need to be healthy and have hemoglobin around 13.

My price for you us3,900 liposculpture (back, sides, underarms, abdomen) and tt bbl.

You can call the office during working hours and ask your appointment.


This is general information:

Doctor's Name: Agustina Hilario Durán

Address: Street corner Mella cotui Duarte province Sánchez Ramírez, Dominican Republic

When I call I'm going to see how much it will be with lipo to the arms instead of tt. I think I will be going with Duran. Not only because the price but because I don't see cases of volume loss or results that are just not liked. There is one thing that does disturb me which is that a lot of older reviews don't show the end results. Like the reviews were either not completed or deleted. I would rather think they were just unfinished. Please anyone that has went to Duran can you please let me know how that went or hmu so I can check out your results

Maybe it's just me...

I hate when I see a review where people praise a Dr but there's no info in the review to support the praise. There'll be like nice pics but no before pic no info regarding the procedure or anything else. I need DETAILS . I'm trying to know what's up lol

soo excited

So I just got my tax money and my school money and they both came up to more than I expected so now if I wanted to I could take up to 2 months off work plus pay for my sx, supplies, and Dr visits prior to sx with no problem while having all my bills covered I'm too happy I can't stop smiling. My nigga has been actin up and I ain't even mad... shit when this ass cone back home with me I'm gon be actin brand new and he gon wonder why I've been ignoring his ass... can't get right so you for damn sure gettin left


Trying to figure out how to send my payment to Duran. She provided the bank info but what do I do? Do i just give the info to my bank?

Supply Shopping

So I've ordered 1 medium and 1 large faja, and 1 medium and 1 large waist cincher, and also some weave lol hey if that ain't on your list idk what your issue is smh need something low maintenance my next goal are vitamins and rx

what I have so far

I went on aliexpress so I'll let you know how the quality is once it arrives. Everything was pretty cheap though. About to search for a boppy.

ASS TATT?!?!?!?!

Thinking about getting an ass tatt before I go to DR for my surgery. So debating if I should do it before or after the sx but leaning towards before

finally got my fajas and waist trainers

I went through hell and high water to put this XL faja on smh... I'm not even going to try the medium. I received my waist trainers too but they're entirely too small right now... so to fit in those post op will definitely be great.

I'm Baaaccckkk!!!

So it's been a while... I had some things come up but I'm finally back on track. Got my date for my sx whixh will be 9/28/16. I was trying to do it about a week earlier but everything for the rest of the year I booked... so they say. Besides not getting the date I wanted I'm excited. It's grind time for me. I definitely need to drop some lbs but I'm sure I can pull it off. I need to get my Rx together and get my hemo levels checked out. The hard part is going to be finding a nurse to come to my hotel. If anyone has any suggestions please drop some pearls of knowledge.

I'm feeling the heat

Does anyone know a good on call nurse that I can call when I get to the DR?


This stupid thing lets me update everything but mu Dr. I switched doctors because Dr Fisher's prices were not set, when I called they said one thing but sent an email with a whole other price and I'm not for stuff like that...

2 Weeks!!

2 weeks until my Sx and I'm losing my mind. Feels like time is just disappearing. I'm excited and nervous. I'll be in the DR for 2 weeks with my aunt who volunteered to come and make sure I'm ok. I still haven't picked up my Rx or had my blood tests done so I'm stressed.
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