MY BBL JOURNEY with Dr Miami

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Hello rs sisters!!! I'm getting a bbl from dr salz...

Hello rs sisters!!! I'm getting a bbl from dr salz and I'm extremely excited!!! I will start posting pictures and reviews as much as possible bc so far this website has been extremely helpful.. So I'll tell you more about myself
I'm 25
138pounds so I have to try and gain 10pounds within 2weeks
I have a normal built body but I would like some more hips and my butt needs to be lifted and higher and that is why I decided to go with a bbl and I also would like my tummy to have some definition and I hope it does not come out with any ripples or too flat which looks noticeable to me.. I've done months of research and I've had a couple friends that had the procedure but they went to different doctors although I'm going to dr salz I would of considered dr j from atl but I didn't want to lose my deposit and I didn't find dr j soon enough and I honestly really liked everything dr salz and his team have showed me so far so if I ever have to go for round two, if I'm not happy with my results I have another dr I recommend and I recommend you ladies too... So ladies I will be posting photos soon hang tight

11 more days!

I didn't receive my blood work yet and I was suppose to get the results yesterday so I have to give them a call on Monday so I hope my clearance goes well!! I will update you guys on Monday!!!! Ps I'm trying to eat everything in sight and I will have my boyfriend take me to get ensure to start drinking yay

Here are my before photos!!! I need 5lbs within 6 days omg

I'll show you guys a picture but I'm really in need of gaining more weight but it seems like the more I wanna gain the less I wanna eat and besides that I'm a super clean eater


So I landed in Miami around 11pm tonight and the amazing taylor picked me up and took me to my hotel, I love her! We'll now it's about 6am and I still have not slept! Ahhhh and I'm going in at 10am because I wanted a consultation and not one right before my surgery that's at 3:30 so taylor called Rosie for me at midnight and she's making that happen but when I called earlier today my coordinator wasn't so helpful and cut me of so much and I felt unhappy about that but there are others that made up for and we'll I will keep you guys updated evey step of the way! Ima try and rest now!!! Ig btw I'm staying at the best western for about 100 a night and it's super nice

Just met the doc

I had a quick consult and it went we'll!! He said I have enough fat and I'm so glad!!!!! 5 more hours yay

Surgery is finally done I'm 9 hours post

I will be writing a full update when I get rest tomorrow but I have a question for you ladies.... DID U GUYS BLEED ALOT? I'm bleeding thru my third pad bedding and it's a little scary

Recap from day of surgery

I got to my appointment at 3:30 and a few girls came in to hang and talk to me while I waited and my bf sat on the couch listening to our girlie convo lol then my anesthesiologist came to ask questions and then took me into the surgery room but he wasn't Barry which most you guys see on snap chat and within seconds I was out KO lol woke up and I was freezing and the nurse called my bf in to sit with me then I cried out that my booty hurt so she gave me morphine in my iv and I started getting nasueous and once I felt not as naseated we left around 9:30... I didn't get to see the doc but that's fine I will see him on my follow up I hope

First night

My first night wasn't so bad besides bleeding/draining so much and I called the hotline and they said it was normal.. The usual things like my vagina was swollen no pain just huge and I was only naseous when I would get up so laying down was ok... I ate and took my meds and pretty much slept and woke up every two hours but wasn't so bad


I'll be showering soon and changing my garment and I'll post photos... Nurse said I can wash my garment and rewear it so that's good!

Another day of recovery, and sure thoughts for second surgery

I wake up pretty sore every day but today I actually threw up after taking all my meds and that was not pleasant although I haven't thrown up at all during my recovery so idk what was up with that and I am finally done bleeding/draining thank gosh bc it was getting annoying! I pretty much do everything on my own, get up and out of bed, warm my plate, take my meds and walk around the room once a while... I'm just soar and tired of laying on my tummy but it's bearable... I also want to hurry and see the doc because I want a revision done!!!!! Yes I said it!!!! I want more top shelf fullness and my hips higher and that's pretty much all I asked for but it's not looking that way assuming I'm swollen and everything will drop as we'll over time soooooo I will talk to the doc at my follow up in a few days

Pics garment on and foam inside

Sorry but it's something for now... My body looks amazing when I take it off so it looks nothing like this... Just wanted to give you guys a idea of the garment and recovery look lol btw there is a thick foam in the back and front of my mid section and it's super thick

Hard time sleeping

So I've been waking up so soar sleeping on my tummy, arms hurt a lot and back also I'm down to a few more Vicodin and idk how I will manage without any so I will see if doc prescribes me another refill even tho that was me second... It's been frustrating and annoying but the pain isn't so bad unless I'm trying to sleep and I still haven't pooped lol so I'm waiting on that.. I've been able to eat whatever I want and still do everything on my own even tho my bf is here and oh I'm out of Xanax too so sleeping was a challenge and will be... Like every other bbl warrior on here says I CANT WAIT TO FEEL NORMAL AGAIN!!! I know I'm all over the place with my updates but I've never done anything like this online so I hope I'm helpful

I finally went number 2

That was pretty interesting and tiring and I'm feeling pretty soar still so I'm just waiting and waiting for the days to be over I will post a photo soon

Found a way to lay

I've been staying at the best western that Taylor recommended to me and there's a chair and a leg rest... I lay on it and space out where my butt is and it feels way better now after all this frustration


I still feel just as soar and my bf is so freakin bored and he won't go anywhere by himself

Last follow up

Hello everyone it's my last day in Miami and I'm at the docs office now to make sure everything is good to go home tomorrow.. As u guys know I'm on the thinner side so doc said I have 700cc on each side I wish I had a lot more so I guess I will wait till I'm healed and think about round 2.. I'm feeling fine besides sleeping is hard and I'm soar when I'm waking up but I'm getting a little bit of fluid drained and I'm good!


When can you start laying on your back ladies???????

He's amazing

Hello ladies I definitely need to update you guys but I'm trying to get rest I will touch base tomorrow

Mr miami

Best doctor ever!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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