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Omg I just put down my deposit for Dr.hasan I am...

Omg I just put down my deposit for Dr.hasan I am overly excited. Hopefully I can have a date in March. His Cordinator Jessica is the best. She makes you feel so comfortable and she's willing to work with you.I like that she's not trying to rush you off of the phone and is always willing to help you. I love that she asked for my pictures right away and also my wish picture. I am from Chicago and I'm flying to Miami hopefully I'll have all the money by March. I like how Dr. Hasan told me not to lose any weight. He told me to maintain my weight and don't lose any. I guess I can throw away all of my diets for the new year. at first I was going to go with Dr. Duran but I didn't feel comfortable going out of the country. I don't not know Spanish and I feel like I might've would've been gypped. It will be easier if I know Spanish because then I will be able to feel comfortable but I don't. I wish the best for all of you ladies who are going to the Dominican republic.but I'm going to Miami and I'm so excited because it's freezing in Chicago.

Me and my wish pictures

Lets try this again

Bbl is in 5 weeks

I'm super excited about my surgery In five weeks. I still owe $1500 but I'll have that paid off on Wednesday. I'm coming from Chicago to Miami on the ninth. I'm so ready to get this over into start my life with the new booty. Lol I have curves already just missing the butt. So hopefully Dr. Hasan won't make it huge. I don't wanted so noticeable that people ask me about it. If they do ask me about it I'm just going to say I worked out for it.or if it's just someone Hating I might have to get a little rude. There's so many women that will hate on a woman instead of giving them credit . I tell the girls on this website all the time that they look wonderfulbecause they really do look nice. No one ever knows how you feel inside or what you would like to change about yourself. And to have an opportunity to increase self-esteem and confidence I think is a wonderful thing to do if it makes you happy. But back to my surgery I still have to get all of the stuff that's on my list and I will be staying with moni . Which I think if anyone is actually looking for recovery home they should call her or at least go on her website and look up newbodyrecovery .

I need to lose ten pounds

So today I started my ten-day green and Cleanse. I have to lose 10 pounds before my surgery. I have five weeks to go and I started my cleanse today. The book says I can lose 10 to 15 pounds in 10 days without working out. But I will be going to the gym at least three times a week. I have a one-year-old daughter so it's hard for me to go more than three times a week. I'm going to try to lose more than 10 pounds because I know the night before is your last time eating for a long time. So I want to at least get down 15 pounds so I have 5 miles to play with. Has any of my RS family lost a lot of weight in a short period of time?

30 days left

Omg I have 30 days left and I still have ten pounds to lose . I have to lose the ten pounds so that dr hasan will do my bbl. the ten pounds will put me at 30bmi at this point . This is the only thing that I'm worried about . My surgery is paid for thank god . So now it's crunch time . Pray for me . This week I'm going to hit the gym at least three times this coming up week. I'm getting excited . My feelings are going up and down about the surgery is this normal ?

5 pounds and 12 days

Wheeeewww lord be with me. Hopefully I can get this weight off in time. I'm going to go buy the two diet . I'm really nervous about that . But I am really excited about the whole thing .i just know doctor Hasan don't play about weight and bmi . Ugh I'm nervous

6 more days before hasan goes to work

I can't wait to be in Miami on Monday . I'm ready to get this behind me . I'm ready for the new chapter in my life . I finally told my boyfriend I was getting it done his reaction was " man now your going to leave me for a rapper " lol which I found was cute and funny . Those woman does have nice curves. So I took it as he was excited to be with me . Lol but I have 2 pounds to lose. They will be gone by then

Surgery is tomorrow

It's going down tomorrow . I'm so excited everything went smoothly with vanity . No complaints and I was ready for them
. But the lady's were nice and moved me fast. Dr .hasan was so funny but very straight forward . I will post before and after pictures.

Sorry for the wait..

I had my surgery done on March 10 with dr.hasan . I arrived at the airport with my cousin on March 9. Plus picked up my moni and taken to vanity for my consultation. Walking in with moni maybe vanity is smooth sailing. She checked me and she tell me where to go. She told me all the stuff that was going to happen that day. They took my pictures and my weight and then I met with the doctor. The doctor was so cool and had tons of jokes. Very down to earth and had me laughing. He is very straightforward it will tell you like it is. He's very strict on weight and he told me that I just made it. I had only pay for 10 holes he suggested that I got 12 to 14. But I wasn't paying for anything else. His assistant Kayla let me know that my surgery was tomorrow at 5:30. I left there and went to Newbody recovery home. Which was beautiful and moni and Alicia is great . I love them both , they make u feel like apart of the family . The food though ....is so good . They made sure I had my last meal and cracked jokes that I will be eating soup the next day . The next day we was there bright and early . Moni said I'll see u later and all I could was think like THIS IS REAL.. His assistant made me pee first and take everything off . I've been met with the anesthesiologist and he made me feel so comfortable. I then met with the doctor Who took more pictures and went over everything that he was going to do during surgery. He also had a little bit more jokes about the look that I was going for. I just told him I wanted a small waist and a full butt . He left and cracked the joke. Next thing I knew I was getting painted down and went to sleep . I woke up in a recovery area where I felt like superwoman.lol I felt like I could get up so I Sort of lift it myself up. The ladies in the room ran over to me and said no you just had surgery. The lady said you have to wait till Moni come get you.I was trying to get up to see the butt but I wasn't able to see it. I was very stiff and sore but it was tolerable. I have to get up and walk to the wheelchair and they rolled me to the car. Which Alicia was there to come get me. I lay down on the air mattress and Moni van .

.... Continue

Once I made it to the recovery home I had to go up the stairs to my room . I was so happy to see that my bed was made and was ready for me to lay down on it with Chux pads on it . I dived into the bed and went to sleep . I woke up to soup and crackers . It was so hard to lift yourself up to be for long periods of time. But I know I had to eat so I made it work. I have my cousin their the first day with me which was good . I must've still been high because I got up and was walking in singing. I just knew I was going to not be sore the next day . The last time I had went the bathroom was that morning at vanity . I didn't go again until 3 in the morning. I was so excited that I went to the bathroom that I had to run downstairs and tell Moni lol .. It was the longest pee of my life . Lol there was also other woman their who had surgery the same day as mines . We turned into a family and I was the baby lol and I acted like it . Lol but everyone curves was on point . One lady went to fisher and her curves a true hour glass . I was very swollen but she kept saying " baby girl baby girl your curves are amazing . You have a true hour glass figure and that Hasan snatched me " but man I was so stiff that I couldn't even enjoy my curves. But I could see them through my sundress . Next day was massage day OMG CAN WE SAY HELL!! I was so swollen and pain in my stomach that I couldn't take . I also had a check up with Hasan. Taking off the garment for the first time is world war three. He walked in and said " DAMN LOOK AT THAT ASS " I couldn't even laugh else my stomach would hurt . He said I look amazing and all I have to do is leak the fluid out . After I went back to sleep and laid down . The next day was massage day which was painful . To the point that I cried when she did my stomach . It takes a lot for me to cry but man I woul wish that on my worse enemy. I even had Moni feeling bad . I kept apologizing but she told me stop and that I needed to go get drained before I got on the plane. I felt so bad I went to my room and went to sleep . Those nights were terrible I kept waking up. On my way to the airport Moni took me to vanity to get drained . They wouldn't tell me how they was going to drain me . Kayla came in with a big syringe I had a needle on the end of it . I'm like ...what u about to do with that lol she stuck it on one side . No fluid. She stuck it on the other side omg it hurt but that syringe filled up with fluid. It was amazing but didn't feel that nice. I was instantly able to stand up straight and felt better . I laid on my stomach to go to the airport I got out a little more easier .

ok everyone i havent been on here in forever but i guess its time to show u the results

ok soooo its been 5 months. my results are nice but they can be better. I love my curves , my butt is huge .lol its very soft and my waist is sooo small. One thing I failed to realize is that I had a baby . I most likely needed a tummy tuck because the bottom of my stomach did not go flat. my skin sort of slags and I have a lump on my stomach. which I am not to happy about. ill show pictures from the beginning to the end.my back still itches pretty bad. any questions let me know
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