almost 4 months post op! blinski doll!

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I've looking into the TT,BL, and BBL for years!!!...

I've looking into the TT,BL, and BBL for years!!! I think its time.. I was looking into doing the bbl and tt together but in order to get the best results and have an easy recovery I've decided to have the bbl first and mommy makeover or tt and bl later on because i only plan on taking off work 2 weeks for the bbl and ive seem reviews of girls who had a bbl and tt together and the revovery is so much longer!! Anyways, eve though ive been reading reviews and looking on realself for years i still havent found the right surgeon with the right price.. My #1 option right now is Dr. Fisher at Vanity..ive heard so many good things of Dr Fisher but so many BAD things of Vanity... Im a little doubtfull.. Any advise ladies? Those of you who already had surgery with Dr Fisher or is planning has Vanity been?

Thinking of going with Dr Blinski in Miami instead of Fisher

The reviews of Vanity are just so bad im starting to doubt if i want to deal with all of that Dr fisher sounds great but doing up to 8 surgeries a day is kind of scary..I hadn't heard of Dr Blinski until today after reading one girls's experience i research him and ive found nothing but good reviews about him and his staff! Also his bbls look great! You cant see many here but if you go to his ig acct he has alot of before and afters also his price is not exagerated and he only does 2 bbl per day! I will be calling him Monday to get a quote and I'll update here ????

Got a quote from Dr Blinski!!

So i called Blinski Plastic Surgery today to get a quote. They asked me to email pictures to one of their patient coordinators or the doctor himself, so i did both. I literally got a response from Dr. Blinski himself within minutes. He answered my questions and gave me a quote of $5,500 for a BBL including lipo....i replied back with a few other questions and it was after his office had closed and he still replied within minutes! I loved the fact that even now that i was just inquiring about the procedure he was quick to respond and i could contact the doctor himself...i think i have chosen my doctor! Oh, and the deposit is only $500 to hold your date! His reviews and befores and afters are great btw!

Paid my deposit and locked my date!!!

So far Dr. Blinski's office has been the best! Their staff is so quick to reply! I paid my $500 deposit today and locked in my date for July 8, 2016 waiting on my invoice now. The coordinator recommended i stay there for at least 7 days and told me that a garment and one massage is included in the price. Dr. Blinski recommended Miami escape recovery house which is a new recovery house opening this month. I'll look into it but if anybody knows of other cheap options let me know!

Changed my date!!!!!

so after much thinking i decided to change my diet from July 8th to April 20th! I have a little over a month before my surgery! I am beyond excited! I must say i am so glad i chose Dr.Blinski office they are awesome and so quick to respond! Anyhow, my coordinator Jackie sent me my labs today but i dont have a pcp so i don't know where to go and how much should i expect to pay..i dont have insurance either...any advise?

Got my labs done!!!!

So i went to get my labs done today and am so nervious for the results because i was a little anemic after i had my baby on New Year.. I hope everything goes well and my blood count is back to normal because i have my flight tickets ready! I am having a hard time trying to decide between a hotel or a rh ...

Wish pic and doctor blinskis work!

Before pic!

Starting to worry

Im starting to worry that I don't have enough fat for the butt I want???? it seems like i have more skin than fat.. Im currently weight between 157-160 and im 5'4 and it might seem like I should have enough but i dont know where its at deff not in my thighs (as i have skinny legs) and deff not in my ass.. Maybe it's all in my boobs and hips.. I will try to gain 10-15lbs before surgery..i have a month left!!!! I still cant believe it!

Labs are back!!

Omg this is getting so real! It still hasn't hit me the fact that i will be getting a BBL done in 4 weeks!! I have been looking into it for 3+ years! Literally looking and reading every girl's journey on Realself. I am so excited!! Labs are all good! I have the money in full to pay for my SX, labs done, room booked (at a really good price on airbnb), flights booked, need the car rental and my supplies :)

The time is getting nearer and nearer!!

I am so excited! I have a little over 2 weeks left and I still have no supplies! I also still need to get my rental car and I will be all set! I still need to get more wish pics and don't pics lol!

Almost got everything ready!!

Car rental is done!! Yay! Rented a car for the 7 days ill be in Miami..ordered my booty buddy pillow yesterday and it already shipped! Just got an email confirmation.. Now i need my supplies! I think am debating between getting a box from chiseledlux or myrecoverybox or buying all the supplies myself individually.. Any advice! On another note, i think i will start packing my suitcase as im getting supplies so i wont forget. Only 2 weeks left!!! Yayyyy! Still trying to gain weight btw...

Help needed!

So i finally got my supplies ordered but i am missing the ab i need the ab board, back board, and lipofoam? if so what is the best place to buy them from? also should i buy my second garment now or wait until after sugery?


It has been such a hassle getting ready for the big day! So many things involved! Anyhow, I finally finished getting most of my supplies at least all the important ones.... got my ab board, back board, stage 2 garment, extra compression garment for after surgery (Dr. Blinski will provide one), compression socks, large panties, arnica gel, tables, and tea, alcohol pads, chuxs, bbl pillow, tank tops, female urinal, travel kit, etc etc...such a long list...Also, have the room booked at airbnb, the car is rented, flight tickets all set...just waiting on the big day!! Once I arrive in Miami I plan on going grocery shopping and getting my meds that day so I don't have to worry about it the next excited but I'm also afraid..i hear so many painful reviews..i just had a baby 4 months ago I don't think I am ready for pain again lol


So jackie my patient coordinator told me to get the 2nd stage garment from Nordstrom and sent me the pic below ive received already in afraid i got it too big i ordered a medium and am wondering if i really needed a small.. Good thing is i can probably exchange it if i try it on and it doesnt fit.. I also got an extra compression garment from Amazon because i know the one dr blinski will get me is going to get dirty ect ect i hope it fits they run small so I ordered a large because it has 3 sets of hooks so i can adjust the waist and my soon to be big booty will have enough space lol

Need a nurse!

Ok girls any of you all know of a good nurse who can provide transportation and care for a couple of days in Miami??? My bbl is literally 6 days away i need someone ASAP!

Garment and boards

Ok so here is the new extra garment i ordered.. Amazon or the seller actually sent me the wrong compression garment the first time so i returned and didnt want to risk ordering it again and getting the same wrong garment because i wouldnt have time to change it so instead i ordered this new one.. Also im actually kind of glad they send me the wrong one as i realized the large one was actually going to be too big so i ended up ordering this one in a medium and i already received the ab and back board.

Surgery in 1 day!!!!

Omggg.. I don't know what im feeling lol ... Mixed emotions .. Happy but sad i wont see my kids for 2 weeks! Still thinking about the pain! There are so many different reviews on the pain afterwards i mean some girls are ok others are like dying everybody is different so i wonder what i will feel like....

Scared i might miss my flight!


At the airport!! Yay!

Omg is getting so real!! About to board my flight! Miami awaits!!! I have a busy day once i land in Miami before my pre op at 2:30 today..

At Dr.Blinkis office!!

About to go in for my pre op! I am soo nervious! I am the first surgery of the day tomorrow morning!! After i leave here I willow get my meds and then grocery shopping and after that have some fun in Miami!

It's time!!! OMGGGG

OMW to doctor Blinki's office!! Surgery at 6....

Post op pics

Yes i feel like shit but i know you girls are dying to see so here you go!

More pre op and post op pics

Let me know what you think :)

lymphatic massages anyone?

Anyone know where i can find someone that will come to me to give me lymphatic massage and that is not super expensive

4 days post op

Still not feeling well at all i get very dizzy when i wake up in the mornings and am still super sored!!! I dont think i am ready to fly yet! I cant even walk still in alot of pain or soreness i must said... I dont want to get dizzy or nauseous at the plane....

Ok so here is my review - 4 days post op

Ok so i went in for Surgery at around 6:40 got to the clinic at 6am sharp though after the doctor drew all over my butt,back, and ab esther came in and went over the lines ... She was very nice and the anesthesiologist was also nice and straight forward there were two other girls in the OP room not sur who they were but i took everything off they covered me with a blanket and the anesthesiologist told me i would be sleep in a few mins which i thing you know i woke up shaking and was in and out for a couple of minutes i didnt see dr blinski or esther or anyone that had been there before i was put to sleep it was a new lady very nice who told me the surgery was great and i would be picked up in a minute.. I asked how long the surgery was and she expensive explained to me that surgery was over around 10:30am and it was 11:30am the way when i woke up i noticed i was laying on my back in a bbl chair i guess its what you called it she said i recovered quick...i felt hard as a rock and basically no pain just cold and really reallt sored! My sis came and picked me up she drove me back and i think i slept in and out that whole..that had to be the worst day! Day two i felt alot better but still very sore i think i first got a fever on day 2 and ive been getting fevers and hot flashes ever since ..the fevers have been as high as 102.4 and then they vary fr m 100 to 101 mainly .. Im suprised i didnt overdosed myself on med because i was takin too many pain meds and tyleno together.. I txted esther re the fever the first night and they seemed a little concern dr blinski just now called me to ask me about it also i do get very dizzy from time to time and the bottom sides of my butt are the sorest!! I think the first day my ass was RED and i did feel very nauseous everytime i had to get up! I don't remember how many times i ended up peeing in my garment even though i tried to use the female urinal .. I also fe dizzy and nauseous the second day but not as bad as the first day and as the days passed along i realized that all i needed to do was eat and drink fluids before i got up to avoid getting dizzy .. I dsi take a shower the second day of surgery...anywho i still cant walk normal i am very sore mainly just my butt like i said the sides of my butt are hard rock..and i am also kind of worried about the fever coming back ect.. I had my first preop the day after surgery but i don't remember much i just remember almost fainting so esther gave me some sugar candy i think and apple juice and i went back home quick ... My flight is in 2 days ans I don't know if i should stay here 2 days longer or not because i cant walk normal still.. I do want to get a massage before i leave ill be looking into that tomorrow .. Anyways i have another appt with dr blinski at 9:30am ill make sure am early and we'll see how that goes hopefully i have no more fevers and my ass softens a bit.. Praying everything is okay!

1 week post op

Still not feeling well at all ibcan barely walk normal my butt sides are soo hard and sore i had my first massage yesterday and i felt worse afterwards any suggestions on how i can heal faster? I fly home tomorrow thank God

Need to lose hips!!!

So today i am exactly 1wk and 1day post op and im still getting fevers every now and then.. Also my hips are humongous.. If they dont go down i will seriously look deformed.. My legs are too skinny for these hips... I told them i didnt want much hips but she swears they will go down and am just hoping and praying they do.. My recovery overall has been kind of hard..but i pray that the next couple of days go smooth and the pain on my butt sides starts to subside... Im finally home today well half way home .. I landed where my dad lives and from here i have to drive 6hrs to where i live but i dont plan on doing that until Sunday so hopefully these next couple of days will be much better i am glad im over the whole airplane mess it was such a hard trip the most uncomfortable of my life!! Anyhow, besides the fever which is kind of worrying me now i only have slight soreness mainly on one butt cheek the rest of my body is sore but that side is most..

Hips still too big!

So i dont know if im doing right or wrong but my hips are so huge and disproportionate to my body that ive started laying on my sides thinking that that way the fat on my hips will go down... Im starting to thinj in doing it wrong and i could actually harm the fat in my butt but im so desperate i mean my hips are too big and i know before i went into surgery i told her i didnt want big hips because i already had big hips .. Thats the one thing i was afraid of because my legs are skinny .. I mean dont get me wrong if i had nice thigs i wouldnt mind he gave me a pretty round shape but its just too wide for my body..


Hips too large!


Didnt let me upload last time..i am almost 2 weeks post op... I am still very sore but is tolerable.. Ive sat on my butt a couple of times and then the ride back home was 7 hrs long and even though i used the booty pillow the whole time it doesnt completely keep my butt off the seat it just takes some pressure off.. I hate how i feel when i wake up in the mornings.. That is the worst i feel the sorest! I like my butt so far it is hugeee to me no way people wont notice so far the only people that has seen me has been my family and they are already questioning my hips and ass.. Ive literally made every excuse in the world and i think it has work..but if these hips dont go down soon idk what else to make up.. I start working tomorrow and i have to buy loose clothes to hide my hips because ive worked there before and they will definitely notice my hips and ass besides like i said my hips look huge so it doesnt even look normal i need to hide them...

Pics with the faja on!

Weird fact....

So now that I think about it I realized something. During the years and years of research I did on here regarding the BBL I would always see girls with their girdles on after the procedure full of blood..for some strange reason that didn't happen to me. I didn't bleed afterwards. I bought this large pack of extra large chux pads to put in the bed so I wouldn't stain it at the airbnb where I was staying and I barely used the chux pads. I had bruising and swelling like everyone else but no bleeding. How cool! LOL

2 weeks 4 days post op!

Still sore though not as much! Still cant bend down or butt still hard on some spots and one of my sides is harder than the other also my back is kind of numb..still have bruises mainly on my butt only..i am wearing a faja they are like shorts and go all the way up to cover the belly .. Is kind of like the stage 2 garment i have a pic of here is not that one though but is kind of because that one is a medium one and still doesnt fit me so i had one almost the same that i have on in all the pics.

Pics! They take forever to upload! 2nd try!

More pics..

Sorry sorry for the messy room still trying to organize and the room is too small!

Vid my sis took today!

Still think my hips are too big for my legs !!

More pics!

I know you all want to see the update pics so here you go! I am doing my best to keep my review updated to help those girls out that are still on their bbl journey pre op bbl journey i must say lol .. I know when i kept looking at reviews before i did my bbl i wanted to see lots of post op pics and very detailed ask me anything you want..

Ok..more info i forgot to update re my recovery

So because I had a kind of hard recovery the first week and a half or so.... Anyhow let me start. So originally I planned on staying in Miami for one week landing on the 04/19 surgery on 4/20 and going back on 4/26 so I would be there for 6 days after surgery. However, things didn't go as planned. After surgery besides all the pain and soreness etc I started getting fevers which were sometimes high so I ended up having toget a dose of 3 different antibiotics through IV at Dr. Blinski's office I believe a day before I was schedule to come back so on the 25th. When I went back that afternoon to Dr. Blinski's office Esther told me she would feel a lot better if I could stay a couple more days to maybe get another dose of antibiotics through IV since they work faster that way than the pills. So I decided to stay for 2 more days and changed my flight for the 28th and also extended my airbnb for 2 more days. I thank GOD I got the insurance for the flight tickets I think I paid like $40 extra to get the insurance where I could change or cancel my tickets up to one hour before the scheduled flight. In the end I ended up staying in Miami for 10 days I believe and trust me you need those days..i was so ready to come home but then again I was dreading the flight back and just as I imagined the flight back was the most uncomfortable of my life! and I even paid extra to get more comfortable seats and it was still uncomfortable. I did request wheelchair assistance at the airport I was kind of embarrassed but hell I'm glad I did...I wasn't going to originally but Dr.Blinski told me to get wheelchair assistance so I did. I am almost 3 weeks post op and I am still sore and hard in some spots and numb in others lol but everyday the soreness goes away little by little....I am not going to lie when I was in Miami days after the surgery I felt so bad I started doubting my decision to getting the bbl done..seeing all the bruises and thinking of the fevers I kept getting and not being able to walk straight or sit down..but I am content now...I just had my little post op depression specially since I was running out of money in Miamia and I had been there for a week and I had not seen my kids that was the hardest part I missed them SO MUCH I felt like such a bad mother for leaving them to get the surgery done..i am still thinking of maybe getting a TT done sometime next year and I will DEFINITELY TAKE MY KIDS lol I just feel it would make everything better and if I go again I will make sure to plan to stay for at least 2 weeks...

Airbnb stay and other things.....

Ok so after being indecisive as to getting a RH, a hotel and a nurse, bringing someone and getting a airbnb for months I finally opted on going with my original plan of bringing my younger sister with me and I AM SO GLAD I did! At one point in time I tried cancelling her flight tickets and just going with the RH but I am actually glad the airline didn't let me cancel lol... I couldn't have done it without her and my airbnb host! So first off my sister... I can't even stress out how much she helped me and she is only 16! I am so glad I took her because I needed her help even when leaving and at the airport and during the flight if I would have gotten an RH or nurse they would have just dropped me off at the airport I am just happy I brought someone with me for my whole stay and the trip back home. Ok airbnb..this was my first time getting an airbnb and it was GREAT! After looking at different places I ended up going with the place closes to my doctor's office (Dr.Blinski) and I am SOOOOO glad I did airbnb was literally 2 mins distance from Dr.Blinski. I rented a room from a lady. Her house was so relaxing so clean I loved it! She literally had a tropical paradise in her backyard and a Jacuzzi..not to mention she was nurse with years and years and years of experience. She was super helpful and actually checked my temperature and my pressure and gave me tips she even spoke to Dr.Blinski on the phone one time I almost fainted (I ended up being dehydrated) I highly highly recommend staying with her if you are going to go with Dr. Blinski like I said she is literally 2 minutes away and she is a great host. I had the luck of her not working the whole time I was there so she was actually available the whole time..if you need more info on this airbnb inbox me..oh and btw if was the cheapest airbnb I could find also...she actually has 2 rooms to rent so If you are traveling with someone you can always rent out both rooms or if you are hiring a nurse same thing..i just rented one because it was just my sis and I and we fit perfectly in one room...also I did rent a car for the first 7 days in Miami and since I ended up extending my stay I had to return the rental car and use lyft for the rest of my trip worked nice lyft gave me a free $50 credit to use I guess for being a new customer I was hesitant of using either lyft or uber but I actually liked it..i only used lyft a couple of times (once to get back from the car rental place to the house and another time to get from the house to the fort Lauderdale airport at 4am!!) and both times it was nice the driver was there in literally 3 minutes or less you can see exactly where he is at on the app and do everything from there even tip the driver..i was also hesitant of using lyft or uber at 4am in the morning to the airport being that it was just my sis and I..but it was actually ok our driver was very nice it was a little more expensive but that is because it was so early in the morning and I needed to go all the way to the fort Lauderdale airport from Miami...

Booty going dowwwn!

Soo yess the swelling is going down and that includes the booty lol my hips are still a but too big the one thing i want to go down that doesn't :( but the booty is deff going down i still have a booty is just not as huge as before lol ill upload pics without garments and everything so y'all can see..i hope it doesnt go down anymore!! Im still a bit swollen in my back and abs and i am more sore there than in my butt.. I have lumps in my abs and sides that am hoping disaapear soon as to my butt there are still a few hard spots but its getting soft ... I think its "dropping" as some girls call it lol the bruising is almost gone still have a few bruises here and there and my lower back is still kind of numb.. I wear the garments all day and take them off at night but when i wake up i feel even more swollen so i think im going to start wearing them at night also as uncomfortable as that is...i have 3 more weeks before i can start sitting on my booty and not wearing this garments anymore and i can start exercising.. I cant wait for june 1 which is my 6 week mark.. I need to start exercising so i can shape my stomach i think ive gained some weight so my stomach is not as flat anymore lol anyhow i have started working and i have an office job so yes ive using the booty pillow to sit at my job and i just found a good trick so the waist trainer is not as uncomfortable since im sitting down almost all day and it keeps folding into my belly.. The ab board that i barely used after the sx it actually came in handy now i put it on under the waist trainer so it doesnt fold into my belly when i sit and it work!! Thank God! Because that waist trainer was getting so uncomfortable at work! By the way, i use the booty pillow literally everywhere i have to sit i use it in the car and at work and at home and if i go out .. I must say though i have kind of sat on my booty before .. That can actually be why my butt is going down too.. Oh well...

Another death at a so called "Clinica" link below!

Girls please be careful when choosing your doctor! I did my research for years on end and I was so close to giving my deposit at Vanity in Miami after one of the reps there kept calling, emailing, and texting me I kind of felt pressure ... but something told me every time I was about to pick up the phone and call to give my deposit to wait and I just kept looking for a different option and I don't even know how all of a sudden on the day I had finally decided to give my deposit to Vanity I read about Dr. Blinski on a girl's review here on Realself I immediately loved the fact that you could talk to the doctor himself before the procedure and things I read about the staff..i research him and all of the reviews I read were good but I didn't see many BBL post op pics here or on his website so I looked for his Instagram and I was sold after seeing his BBLs there and after contacting his office and getting a response from Dr. Blinski himself within minutes!! and after looking at his price which at the time he had a special for $5,500 I knew that was exactly what I was looking I needed a good doctor with good reputation with all the credentials that performed good BBLs at a good price and there you I had found him! I had considered all this other famous doctors before such as Jimerson, Dr. Miami and others but their prices were just so high I couldn't afford it...Needless to say I immediately switch to Dr. Blinski and paid my deposit and I am so glad I did!!! Please just do your research go to a private practice if possible specially if you are traveling to have your surgery done because once you return home if there are any complications you are basically on your own no surgeon wants to deal with another surgeons mistakes...luckily with Dr. Blinski I was told that If I needed another dose of antibiotics or had any complications they would refer me to one of Dr. Blinski's colleagues in whatever state I was in that was near me..i felt so much better after Esther told me that.... so please please do your research..i had luck of finding a great surgeon at a great price but remember sometimes cheap is not good... is the link to the news report regarding all this "clinicas" and their recent deaths... it also talks about all the doctors in the Clinicas or most of them... no Dr. Fisher is not in there.... He seems like a great doctor does awesome work I just wished he had his own practice instead of being affiliated with this clinicas.... Ok ok here is the link lol enough talking (typing) from me... Good luck future BBL dolls :)

More pics!

Ok so my booty is going down alot :( i think when i go to get my mommy makeover i might get a revision... Anyways i have plenty of time to think if i want one or not .. As soon as i can start exercising I'll see if maybe i can shape it more or something...

Here are the pics!

Sorry i forgot to attach them in the last update also one thing i forgot to mention as you can see in my belly i have lumps .. Im hoping they go down soon..

More pics ..

I am at 3wks 4 days post op today .. In this pics i only have a waist trainer on..

Almost 4 months!

So far so good! My butt and hips did go down alot! Just like esther said my hips went doen and my bumps disappeared. I still have one like bump on my left hip which was the one that gave me trouble since the beggining. My butt is okay i think i need a revision bbl bit everyone else thinks my butt is huge lol i do believe i need more projection.. I love my shape just needs a few tweaks here and there.. Definitely need a tt and breast lift now.. I still have a little bit of numbness in my back nothing major other than that i am very well :)

New pics and quick update!!! Almost 4 months!

Ok so i took these pictures recently. I have so much cellulite its crazy... My ass is like so jiggly lol and my hips are perfect with the exception of this one lump on one side that from the back makes me look deformed from the front you cant see it but if you touch my sides you can feel it.. I forgot to mention how itchy i was weeks after my bbl in my back mostly .. Also, it literally took about 5 or 6 weeks before i started noticing the swelling in my hips going down.. I did notice my butt started going down probably after week 4 and my belly swelling probably on week 3.. My first 4 weeks where the most uncomfortable ones i would say.. After week 4 i started feeling better i think the sorenes in the left cheek that kep giving me trouble didn't completely subside until probably week 5 or 6.. My butt still had some hard spots up until week 6 or 7 i believe.. Now its all soft and jiggles lol .. Anything else you want to know just ask!

1 Year review!!!!!

Hello surgery sisters!! I've been so MIA. For some reason, that tends to happen to all the girls once they have their surgery. So much to share. On April 20th was on my one year anniversary. I have gain weight since the surgery and have not worked out or watched my diet whatsoever. I used to have a big problem with love handles and now after the surgery i notice that even though i have gained alot of weight gain my love handles did not come back!!! Alot of my weight also went to my butt and hips..meaning that i gain weight and most goes to my butt and hips and yes obviously to my stomach but i still don't look fat!! yay! However, i always had an issue with my hips being a little too big for my figure..just when i started to think they were almost perfect, except for one lump i will talk about in a minute, i gained all this weight and now my hips are so huge again! i have skinny legs so obviously it doesnt look right...and on top of that after the surgery i had this like big lump on my left hip that never went away and with the weight gain it got bigger and it looks ugly... my hips do not look right whatsoever.i constantly have to wear like compression shorts and stuff to make my hips look a little smaller and hide that lump..i am looking into having hip lipo done and also my mommy makeover with dr.blinski however his prices have gone up alot since i went there and he gave me a quote of $3500 just for a little hip lipo to me is too much so i am going to try and talk to jackie or esther and see what we can do about that... hopefully we can come to an agreement if not i will have to look for anothe rdoctor for my mommy makeover and hip lipo..I have had alot of girls ask me about the airbnb i will talk about that in my other post..also girls if you have any questions ask them here under this post as the messaging system of realself is not to good ...i never get notifications on new messages and to respond is a hassle... i have so many messages and realself makes it so hard to respond so if you comment here i can see what questions are alike and do one response instead of responding to every message :) let me know if you want to see pictures and i'll upload some! as for my butt it is still big! full of cellulite and butt dimples lol but i guess ill just have to exercise for that! Oh also ive had questions about waist trainers..ok so first of all the only one i actually use was the one dr.blinski gave me which i stopped using a few weeks later because it became too big and my go to was the one from dillards ( i have a picture of that one) omg i cannot stressed how convenient that one was i still wear it now..i love love love it!! but that one is not too tight so you dont want to wear it right after surgery i would wear it like to go out ect so i wouldnt have to wear the other big one .. i would probably start wearing that one after 3 or 4 months my main waist trainer and i can swear by this waist trainer is a latex waist trainer i got before the surgery...after a couple of weeks i started wearing the latex waist trainer i literally became obsessed i would sleep with that thing on (i dont recommend it) but it does wonders!! The other one you see in my pics from amazon i barely wore it..not really liked it...any questions just put it in your comments!


Okay i have gotten so many request for information on the airbnb i stayed in so i don't know exactly how to explain to everyone so here are some pics of what it looks like when you search for it... i can't thank Chris enough for everything she did for me when i stayed in her place..she was a nurse and sincerely the best host.... i kept in contact afterwards with as well ...hope to see her next time i go..So she has i believe 3 rooms for rent in her house this is only of her rooms..i believe this is like her smallest room the other too are a couple of bucks more i think.. here are the pics.what i did was look at where dr.blinski's office was located in a google map and then went to airbnb and search places by looking at the map. I pinpointed his location and narrowed it down to the closes place which was hers :)

Great doctor very knowledgeable and experienced! His staff is nothing but awesome!! Esther is the best and Jackie also! I am glad I chose his private practice for my BBL! I felt 100 times better knowing I was putting my life in good hands and they took care of me until the end....I am just glad I went to him and not a clinica after all.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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