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I have being literally glued to this site since I...

I have being literally glued to this site since I discovered it and I must say I am overwhelmed and thankful for all the reviews and honest sharing of experiences from people who have had their work done.
So I have being following up stories and so far I have found three doctors whose reviews have caught my eyes.
1) dr Duran, she does amazing waists and BbL
2) dr Yily,
3) dr Fischer

I must say that the thing that attracts me to Yily and Duran is the quality of their work and the I have added Duran as friend on twitter still waiting for her to accept me since her twitter is locked.i have also sent and filled the consultation form on realself asking for a quote from Duran and it claims that u will get a response in 48hrs and it's now more than 72hrs. I have also sent Duran a message to her email with pics requesting for a quote but she still hasn't responded. Yea someone mentioned she doesn't respond to some pple if they are overweight but I am a healthy size 10 so I guess she Can't pull that one on me.anyways still waiting for a quote from her

I have also sent Yily a mail asking for quote but no response either
The only response I had was from Dr Fischers secretary who gave me a quote of 5500dolls for lipo to back, full abdomen,flanks,sides,armpit and fat grafting to hips and butt.
She said I can't have BA and BBL together and so I don't know if I can be able to go through 2rounds of surgery that's why I would prefer to have everything at once and heal at once.
So Duran and Yily need to come to my rescue because I want it done latest August or it's week of September

pre op pics.horrible

After trying to contact yily and Duran to get a quote,I still havent gotten anywhere with them.
I called the number advertised on her website and no luck as everything was in spanish and I hear zero Spanish.
I finally called yilys mobile and she picked and yes another spanish. Told her I need a quote and she said 4900 on the phone. I bet she doesn't even know whom she gave a quote to. I asked her to please check her email. And I hope she replies me because I cant wait to have normal boobs and my big ass donking.
Duran still hasnt replied me and I think its frustrating.
Good news is that Baez replied me almost immediately yesterday and asked me to send her pics and answer a few questions before she gives me a quote so hopefully that one pulls through.
Vanity has being following me up since I showed interest and with a quote of 5500 for just BBl I think I will have to let the Dominican ladies work their magic on me.
Also vanity said I cant have the two surgeries at once so thats still putting me off them.I must say I saw one Dr Hasan BBl and I was impressed.
Its so hard making up my mind on who I want as I really want it down next month.

finally got my quote from yily and Baez

So I was thrilled to get a quote from Baez and she quote me 4500 dolls for BA and BBL and attached a list of things I need to do prior to coming for surgery. I must stress that she is very courteous in her emails and very responsive.
I received a quote from yily for 5000dolls for BA and BBL. Her mail was very lengthy and I must say some of the extras that she said I could get done for a lot more was already added in Baez quote for a much lesser fee.
So I am waiting for Durans quote.For now I'm leaning more towards Baez and her price and what she can achieve for me.
Now I had to check immigration requirements and realized I can go visa free to DR and all I need is a tourist card which I can purchase at the airport for 10dolls for I'm sorted.
Big hurdle now is how I'm going to get off from work to get this procedure done. My work said I need to work for 6months before I can get any form of holiday.That doesn't sound right to me and I'm dying to get this sx done this month.
I'm torn between my work and getting my sx. I have already saved up for it and have my money to get it done.I really need advice.Do I risk my job and quit to go and get this done or wait till 6months.
I'm not getting alot of sleep because I have been trying to put on some weight to get enough fat for the BBl.

Paid my deposit

I have just made my 200 dolls deposit to Dr Baez and I am looking to do the surgery in August. I decided to go with Baez because she is prompt with her messages and also I got a good quote from her and most importantly I like her boob jobs.
I will now start booking my ticket and getting my supplies ready.

Surgery date booked

My surgery date has finally being scheduled for 16th September and Dr Baez is doing my BA and BBL. I ah booked my flight ticket with American airline.
I will start buying my supplies and start taking my vitamins in 2weeks time.
I must say Dr Baez has being very good in responding to my emails and I am happy to have chosen her.
I am doing BA with lift and BBl for 4350dolls. Dr Yily quote me 5000dolls but I am happy with my quote from Baez plus she has no bad records and is very knowledgeable.

Buddy wanted

Looking for a buddy.

day 6 post op

So I got bbl and liposuction from Baez. 1700cc on each butt check and she gave me hips too.

surgery was moved to thurs

Baez did an amazing job on me.She hooked me up.please people think about your health before u all go running to Duran.I stayed at armonia and its the best place to stay because they look after you so well. Most of the girls were all Duran and one of the girl got a blood transfusion after and her bbl wasn't all that compared to the amount she paid.
Baez is the best.U are not just a thing,she cares about you generally. I wanted to get BA and BBL but my iron was low and she advised me to do one surgery and do the later in 6months to avoid getting blood transfusion. She refunded me back my BA money.

Dr Australia Baez contact details

Ladies she does only 2 patients per day. She listens and even came to the recovery house to check up on me and 4 other girls on a Saturday.
One pf durans patient who got a Bbl and Ba and got blood transfusion was in the same room as me and yet Duran abandoned her and travelled for the weekend.Dr Baez after checking up on me,went to her and checked her and discovered she was having a fever and ordered the nurse in the recovery room to give her pain killers.
Her prices are affordable and she offers ist class treatment.Seeing is believing.

booty update

before and after pics

Recovery house review and nurse review coming soon.Lemme say I went back to work today and my ass is already turning heads.The transformation is phenomenal.


Please bear with me.I will reply emails and comments later today.But ist here is my update.


Review coming soon.but please if you're getting surgery,make sure to get ur iron as high as possible to avoid getting blood transfusion or better still having some surgeries cancelled

more pics


Dr Baez Review

So I was scheduled to have my surgery on the 16th so I missed my flight on the 15th and that meant I couldn't have the surgery the next day.
Baez asked me to request pick up from the airport 3days prior to surgery and I did,but she later said she couldn't send someone but will contact my recovery house armonia to send someone.
So when I missed my flight,I sent her an email explaining and I also sent the recovery house and baez emailed me back saying not to worry that surgery will be shifted to Wednesday and that I should relax and she will call recovery house to inform them.
She asked me for details of my next flight which I sent her. Next day,got on plane and arrived on time.walking out,I saw my name being held on the board by a guy and I knew he was the driver. Since I missed the flight,my luggage was already in Dr so I had to go to their office to pick it up.That took a good 2hrs and the guy was patient as we kept going back and forth.
Baez was calling the entire time as she wanted me to do my lab work before the lab closes by 7pm.
Bought a scoop of ice cream and 2 doughnut stuff cos I was hungry from the waiting and everything and that shit cost me 10dolls.So please never buy anything at the airport cos it's freaking expensive.
Got to Baez office and I was waiting at the reception as 2ladies were before me. One of the girls I already saw in my flight and we ended up being friends cos we stayed in the same recovery house and same room.So fast forward to my turn and there she was Baez with a lovely smile and hug.She greeted me calling me"my baby". She called my name and we went through everything.Her husband was dere to translate.I asked her all the questions and talked about the implants and size.The cardiologist was there and he examined me and realized I had a stuffy nose from cold and wasn't feeling great so he asked that my surgery be pushed to Thursday.Mind u my surgery was supposed to be on Tuesday.He gave me prescription for a nasal spray and Baez asked that I be taken down for my lab work.She said I can pay now if I wish or tomorrow when the labs are done.I decided to pay straight away as I didn't plan to carry such amount of money to my recovery house.The driver took me to the recovery house along with the girl I met previously.
So fast forward the next day.We came to drop the girl off as her surgery was that morning and to pick a girl who did surgery the previous day.So after Baez finished discharging the girl,she asked me to follow her to her office.She explained to me that my lab result came out and that my haemoglobin and iron was low so I can't have all surgeries as I will be dizzy afterwards and will require blood transfusion which she doesn't give.She said I have the choice of going to meet another doctor who is willing to give me blood transfusion but she will suggest I do it one at a time since I don't have enough blood.I chose the bbl and lipo and she took 2800dolls and refunded me back my balance.She said my surgery will be the next day and she asked me to eat well and rest.She gave me prescription for iron Iv to buy and the nurse in the recovery house will administer for me.She also called the recovery house and told them about my low iron and asked them to give me food that will boost it.

baez review 2

So day of surgery,she came marked me up,took pics and asked me to give her anything valuable in my handbag so she will keep for me as I was alone and so they won't steal them.So forward to after surgery,next morning she came pretty late by 12 to check me and discharge me considering she comes by 9am.I was already restless cos I wanted to go and the nurse with me too was ready to go. So she came and checked my body and started giving me Iv for Iron.I was hungry and just wanted to go to the recovery house and eat.So luckily my friend showed up and bought me food.She gave me antibiotics so I didn't have to buy.I bruised during the lipo only on my left waist cos she said I had sensitive skin and she performed aggressive lipo on me.She advised me to go for TT but I said no cos u have to wait 2yrs after it to give birth and since I'm not yet married,I said no.
She checked up on us on the Saturday and she was always on the phone asking about us.So day before I went,she removed my stitches and my drain couldn't come off cos I was still draining much.She gave me sick note and said to email her if anything.She had wanted me to stay abit longer but I was just ready to go home.
Overall she was good and professional and I will definitely be getting my BA and lift done by her.Her prices are watery and she is really sweet.


Recovery house review coming soon.but more pics so u can see my amazing transformation

before pic

For those Saying they needed a better pic of my it is.

Things you need

People have exhaustive list of things to bring but trust me u don't need all that.Even the other girls agreed same. This is really what you I know better.
Baby wipes
Arnica gel
Antibacterial hand gel
Antibacterial wipes
Antibacterial soap
Face towel
Flip flops
Wife beater
Loose gowns
Waist clincher
Garment no 2
Anti itch cream(I never used mine)
Silicone strip for those doing TT
Foil acid
Pain relieve tablets
Big pants

Tips on how to keep your booty big

First I forgot to add pads in the list of things to bring so update.

Well after surgery,most girls in the room with me were sitting on their ass but I knew I wanted a big booty and Baez specifically told me "no compression the butt" so I stayed away from sitting on my ass.I was always lying on my tummy in bed.During time to eat,the girls all go to sit in the dinning but I insist on eating alone in bed while lying on my tummy or I jst knee in bed and eat.It could be seen as u not wanting to interact and eat with everyone but I just didn't want to risk any loss on that ass.I carried on like this and only ate on the table with the other girls once.
I walked around when I had the energy considering I had little iron which meant I got easily tired.I also had a lil bruise on my left side from the aggressive lipo which meant I was in more pain than the rest of the girls.I didn't want to please anyone and displease myself.I flew all that distance for this and I wasn't ready to mess it up
So Tip one dont sit on your ass after surgery.Try as much to lie on your tummy.Take it like an open wound,u need to give it time to set.
The girls started to say they were loosing volume in their ass and how mine looked like nicky minaj.
Flight back home was the worse cos I sat for the whole day.I had my drain in and used wheelchair access all through which made my life so much easy.I took my last Heparin shot before flying to prevent clot but I was in so much pain all through my flight that the ass was the least of my worries.I put the bumpy pillow underneath my ass n pushed my ass back and pretty much was supporting my weight with my lap.Lets say I sat on my laps mostly.So I compressed my butt from that trip cos it was inevitable.
Back home,I pulled the drain out myself cos I was lying on the bed and my 3yr old was jumping beside me and stepped on the drain and it pulled halfway on my tummy.The pain is out of this world.I felt like dying.cos it was halfway in my tummy and painful,I had to drag it out.U need to imagine the pain I was in.I emailed baez and told her and she said I need to get massage and compression on the tummy to avoid fluid build up.
So I didn't bother buying that toilet seat thing as I consider it a waste of money.I just stand push my ass back and use the toilet.Even the funnel is a waste of money as your faja is open and all u need is open your legs and wee.
So since I got back,I haven't been seating on my ass.Lying in bed is tricky cos at times u find yourself trying to turn but I try to be cautious.If I'm at work,I don't sit.luckily my job I stand so its easy.during my break I just walk around and avoid sitting down.Sounds alot but I know what I had to sacrifice to get this done and the distance I had to travel to get it so I'm not taking it as a joke.
Please listen to your doctor and avoid sitting on your ass as much as you can.
You only need to do this if u want a ridiculous big ass but if u want average then sit on your ass.At home,in bed I bend my knees in bed if I need to have conversations.I haven't had sex too as I don't want anything compressing it.Im abit extreme and I intend to carry on like this till the end of this month to let the fat on my ass graft.
Notice after lipo,ur tummy is hard as rock and back stiff.So I use baby oil and massage my tummy while I'm standing in a circular motion.that has helped soften it and release it.So Baez purs drains inside which makes the fluid come out while duran doesn't put drain meaning the fluid is inside and I don't know how she intends for it to be drained.The massage lady had to use needles to suck out the drain from one of durans patient in the same room as me.
Hope this helps.Don't bother wasting your money buying things u don't need cos I had to go to the pharmacy to return half of the supplies I bought.

booty update

Recovery house review coming soon but I stayed in armonia.

4 months review

Sorry I haven't updated since but the first 4weeks are bad but it gets better and u start enjoying your new body.Some days I feel my ass is small and some days I feel its big.I still wear my cincher and corset but not always and I haven't done a single exercise at all. I eat just about anything but in moderation

secrets to keeping your butt

1) Swelling goes down after surgery and u end up loosing alot of the volume so Tip is get ur surgeon to inject as many ccs of fat as possible as u will loose most afterwards so save urself some extra butt from round 2 and possible regrets
2)After surgery pls try and eat so u dont loose fat from fasting but eat in moderation.
3) Wear your garment all the time especially the first 3 months and also your cincher
4)Try and avoid sitting for long periods with your butt or lying on your butt especially for the first 3 months.Hard but it helps
5)Try and avoid so u dont dissolve or break down the fat.The ass feels alot heavy and I avoid it

Recovery House Ammonia Advice

If you're going to be staying there note that anything that u buy from there is usually expensive as its only the staff members who go out get it and hence u can't compare prices so be sure to know that they will rip u off
Buy your waist cincher before coming as the one they will get for you will be expensive unless u dont mind spending the extra cash
The recovery house was good and they will sure look after u.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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