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I took advantage of the promotion spectrum had...

I took advantage of the promotion spectrum had going on..Made my deposit of $300 which books my surgeon and pricing for up to 12 months....I haven't picked a date yet....just waiting for the right time to take off from work....my main focus is to turn this winter gutt into a summer butt :-) I've been stalking this site for a year now and I'm comfortable with the decision I'm making...

Pre Op

Just want to get rid of this mid section

Wish Pic

Wish Pic

Recovery Houses

My coordinator at spectrum referred me to Karlas Recovery House....Anyone been there or scheduled to go there? Looking for advice....does anyone recommend some where else or a different route...I've seen people just get a hotel and just hire a nurse....I'm not trying to low ball my recovery but at the same time I'm not trying to spend more money than I have too...HELPPP!!!

So Llorente is no longer at spectrum :-(

Contacted spectrum today and Llorente is no longer with the practice...it's a bitter sweet feeling...I'm thinking about going with Mel Ortega now....

Had to cross out my real name lol

It's Official Miami here I come

My flight is booked for August 31st and my surgery is September 1st with Sergio Alvarez at Spectrum....I'm so excited y'all.....

Alvarez Vets and Upcoming dolls

I'm looking for more reviews on Alvarez...if all of his dolls can check in please that would be everything...any comments or advice is welcomed also....

Wish pic

Wish Pic

Love her shape


I'm so ready to hop on the plane and get my surgery done like tomorrow lol September seems so far awayyyyyy.....

48 daysssss

Getting closer....My family is so involved now...I feel the support...loving what I've seen so far on Instagram...Alvarez really servin booty :-) I'm just ready to get it over with....

It's Gettin REAL

It's been a minute....just giving y'all a quick update....16 more days before my big booty birthday :-) I am sooooo excited... Miami here I come....I will be staying at Miami Escape Recovery House....so far the everything has great.... looking forward to my stay...I've interacted with a couple dolls who have stayed there and got great reviews...the house is nice and the staff seem very dedicated soooo I will keep y'all posted on that....Follow my Instagram @Alvarezdoll I use that more than this....Sx pages preferred

Alvarez Doll

It's been a minute

I've been neglecting this page for my Sx page on Instagram....quick update....I'm 21 days post op love my results....this recovery has its good and bad days....my main struggle is sleeping at night and keeping my garmet on at all times...I can say it gets very tempting you just want to be free lol but swell hell is real so it ain't even worth it....starting to waist train and I feel very compressed with it on....to be honest my butt has gone down a lot....but it's still plump to me...not too outrageous it's just right....can't drive long distance (40 minutes) I tried and my foot fell asleep and I had to pull over....if any dolls or vets have any informative advice please share

Quick Update

One month and 9 days post op

Alvarez Doll

Pre Op

No matter how much I may say i want a bigger butt or I should've got more hips etc....I'm just crazy lol Alvarez really did an amazing job..... I look wayyyy better than before

Changed My doctor to Sergio Alvarez

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