24 Yrs Young, 1 Kid and Starting my Journey to Get a BBL - Miami, FL

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Been wanting this for a while. I'm pretty excited....

Been wanting this for a while.
I'm pretty excited. I set up a date for Dr. Hasan 07/26/16.
I'm hoping everything goes well.
I was really petite before I had my son and I'm determined to get my shape back and a little extra.
Can anyone recommend me a RH or hotel?
And a list of supplies I may need?..

So I decided to upload some before pictures of myself.

I'm scared that I'm not going to have enough fat to do this procedure or get the booty or shape I want.

Arg! Why are you doing this Dr. Hasan?

So, I found out Dr. Hasan had rescheduled my appointment for the 28th. They said he isn't going to be in the 26th. You would think that with all this time passing, he would've of known earlier if he couldn't be there the 26th. I'm hoping it's an emergency or a family thing. I'd be so pissed knowing I was rescheduled for no reason. Don't do me like this vanity! I paid full cash and giving your recovery house money. I and everyone else who invest in your company should be treated like royalty. Money don't come easy yknow?!!!

More ideas.

I'm at Vanity!

The flight was 2 hrs and 27 minutes. Felt like forever. I'm here now at vanity. I got paper work instructions and now waiting for something else. Idk what. Lol they have such strong Spanish accents here. Everyone seems Hispanic. Anyways, I'm going to be his first patient tomorrow. Idk how to feel about that. I'd rather be his second or third. Lol can you imagine a doctor tugging at your body at 6am?!!! I would think he would be still tired from the previous day. Oh well I have faith in him!


Fasting for 8 he's?!

OKAY, SO I pick the recovery house that vanity suggested for me or the recovery house that's affiliated with them I suppose. Its beautiful. Well to me. Its a small house with just your basic needs. Kitchen, eating table, bedroom, bathroom. I took some pictures. I have the recovery house to myself for the next 5or 6 days then I get a roommate. The best thing about this recovery house is that my meals are included! Lol I had Rey (the driver) take me to McDonald's. Listen, I'm just a Brooklynite... Idk about extravagant restaurants... We eat pasta, pizza and chicken. Anyways, lol Rey asked me "you're really not going to eat this after the surgery are you?" Lol. I found it so cute he was concerned. So basically he told me to make a list of everything I need him to pick up and he'll get it for me. He's super cute too. Lml besides that point...I'm stuffing my face with McDonalds since I can't eat 8 he's before surgery. I better set my alarm for 4am because Rey is getting me around 5 am. Scared but ready. Pray for me! I hope I make it out okay so I can show you ladies the results.

Pictures of recovery house.

Pain pain go away... Never come back another day!

SO MUCH PAIN. I think doctor had an did a wonderful job. I can see the results swollen and all and in the garment. He is the booty king. I'm in so much pain though. And because he doesn't drain, blood is just everywhere! Please ladies... Before your surgery let it be known that you don't want Tylenol #3 and that you want percocet. That Tylenol doesn't do shit... I'm sorry. I'm 5'0. So, this is how my butt looks on me.

Braces problems.

A booty job doesn't keep me away from proper hygiene. Braces routine. Arg! In pain and all, I must keep up my dental hygiene. Oh, speaking of... You might want to pack feminine wipes since you can't shower. I smell like a trash can. A shower is much appreciated right now!

More pictures for you ladies.

I'm feeling a little better. I have my first massage today. It is for 2 hrs. Rey told me to take my pain killer before the massage session. Not looking forward to this...

Massage with Maria. And more pictures without garment.

The massages are a bit painful but they're good for you. I got a lady named Maria. She is very pretty and nice. She was very attentive and caring to my needs. I got the okay from her to take a shower. So today will be my first shower. Thank god.

My frame

I like how my frame is turning out. But this surgery is big pain in the ass... Literally. So much pain waking up everyday. Not to mention... I still haven't passed a bowel and I'm scared af. When I call vanity, all they could tell me that its natural and that its part of the anesthesia... My aunt who is a RN that works in a hospital here in Florida says that the effects shouldn't last this long. She gave me her remedy of prune juice, orange juice and butter. Told me to warm it up, mix it and drink it. Anything at this point to get things going...

Don't forget your triangle?

APPARENTLY, I was supposed to be given a triangle to put on my lower back. For a whole 6 days after surgery, I just received one. Please push to get everything you're supposed to. Sometimes vanity can be unorganized. Maybe the ladies are overworked and forgetful, maybe some just don't care but... Please remind them of everything you should be getting! Wish I had this stupid triangle from day one. My lower back feels so much better with it.

Daily routine


If my booty stays this perky, I'll be a happy camper.

Hasan said I might need a tummy tuck before the surgery. But it doesn't look that way. When doctors say MIGHT, don't panic. It i

A very flat stomach I have... With the exception of my Cesarean scar. <3 with time, things are looking really good! I can now live stress free knowing I can go through my breast lift without getting a tummy tuck.

Me in underwear.

Posting pictures in my underwear. You can see the curves better.


So since some people have been asking for an updated picture. Here it is! I'm also getting another surgery performed next week. This time I'm staying home so I got a NYC surgeon. I'm getting breast aug and tummy tuck. I'm hoping after these surgeries I will be done with my body.

Seroma pocket from Dr Hasan Surgery!!!!

So I am recovering from my tummy
Tuck and breast augmentation I had yesterday with Dr. Taranow. He told me I had a huge seroma pocket in my
Upper left side of my stomach.
He removed it. That's what happens when you have a doctor who does not drain. Smh tsk tsk.!
Miami Physician

I felt Dr. Hasan could of followed up with me after the surgery and he didn't. I'm disappointed because it just seems he cares about the money and not his patients. A nurse from his team dropped me on my side after my surgery. As a result I got a dent on the side of my booty cheek. I'm displeased with the outcome but that's not his fault. It's the negligence of the nurse/assistant. She should lose her job for that.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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