24 Yr Old , No Kids ,5'3 180lbs - Miami, FL

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I'm having this procedure done quite fast I...

I'm having this procedure done quite fast I believe. I had it scheduled for October but my date could possibly change and I didn't want that since I had to fly. I chose a guaranteed date which Is a couple days from now! I'm very nervous because is considered a major surgery to my body and I haven't really had that many reviews for the doctor I chose which is Mr Sergio Alvarez ,the reviews I did receive your really good reviews it's just that he didn't have many and that does concern me. other than that I'm excited for my new body. I am a moderately active person I am in the gym about 4 times a week and have always struggled with my weight I have are testosterone imbalance which causes me to keep on muscle mass, and when I don't work out it turns into fat. Ideally I am going to mr. Sergio Alvarez to suck out the only that so I may see the results I want from working out. Due to taking fat burners while working out I lost a lot of mass in the lower areas of my body mostly my butt. So I figured the Brazilian butt lift would be ideal for what I'm trying to achieve. But I'm so nervous lol. My coordinator ( Luz) has been the only person I've been speaking to, she has been kind, and attentive to any questions I have and always returns My phone calls whenever needed. I will be flying down a couple of days early to have a consultation since I am in Atlanta. I'll be sure to give a review on Mr Alvarez and the clinic he works at after I get there. Wish me luck.

I'm annoyed and overwhelmed

I can't seem to find an after care house on such short notice. I've been looking at everyone's reviews hoping to find what I need and no luck. I'm wish I could push my date Back but I cant! U ugh help would be greatly appreciated. .


Lol I got on the plane at 4 pm yesterday which was September 20 ,2015. I wasn't nervous until the plane's bumpy take off. I was so motion sick my mom had to put a cold towel on my kneck. Overall the ride was okay I'm not use to purchasing everything so flying on Frontier was a big change lol. From reclining seats to snacks, and carry on bags. Geesh! Once I arrived in Miami me and my mother were so lost . I'll never wear flip flops or sandals while traveling again. We decided to stay at the extended stay so my mom can take care of me because it's what she wanted being that she had training and all she's been doing this for 9 yrs. So it's a plus having her cooking, and support. By the way the extended stay on Doral isn't bad at all!

Day of blood work & paying the tolls!

When we first arrived it was pouring down so bad! It was scary driving in it because neither of us knew where we were goin lol. When your rent a car , pay the 35$ for the prepaid tolls! We didn't know there would be so many in Miami. There EVER WHERE , lol. This morning we missed breakfast so we're headed out sight seeing and to the local stores to buy my supplies. There's a lady who will be doing my lymphatic massages, her name is Esparanza. She's great she said she'd be happy to meet with us to show me exactly what I'll need. I'll be taking her up on that offer . Miami is sunny this morning but we did find out after landing , it will be raining all week. What a drag! Hot , thick, sticky weather yuck . I'm hoping it will stay sunny for majority of the day. My appointment Is at 1pm. I'll be headed to the doctors office for blood work.while I'm there I'll be sure to post a review on the building and pictures.

These folks

I've been here doing my blood work, my coordinator isn't here today but did she tell me that ?? Hell no. I get here and Gloria is here but they weren't ready on time. Every one is speaking Spanish it's crazy they don't know that it's RUDE. they called me back after being gone about 2 hrs saying I could have the consultation with the surgeon I already scheduled before I came that morning. I walked back in the door at 5 pm and it's now 6 and I still have not been seen. What's the point of calling me back if they wasn't ready beats the hell out of me. I also noticed they favor Spanish speaking women and in fact allowed a Spanish speaking woman to go ahead of me even though I was here first. ( sips tea) hmm

Dr. Sergio ALVEREZ

He's cute lol. Knowledgeable most definitely. I was realistic and assured me I'd be happy with my results. He told me what he could and couldn't do and I walked away okay with his decision. He also gave my mother a consultation after mines with no problem. I didn't like his assistant who was in the
room who moaned and made faces at my mom's botched surgery she was asking to have corrected. I didn't appreciate the unprofessional behavior. Other than her stupid ass it was okay. I should have got a picture of Dr. ALVEREZ TOO lol. By the way he scheduled my surgery late as hell it's at 7pm.

Today is the day!!

So I was scheduled for 5:30pm, then rescheduled that morning around 11:45 for 3 it's 4 now and I'm not ready to go. They are taking forever not to mention I paid a down payment of 300.00 $ last month to hold a date and messed around and paid 3500 yesterday without subtracting what I already paid. Who's job was this ?? Luz!! I haven't seen Luz since I've been in miami. I'm not pleased with that! I told the lady at the desk they pretty much owed me 300.00 now. They told me to head to surgery and they will pull my chart. My mom doubts I'll get my Money but we'll see honey. I'm pissed. And hungry! ! I'll post some before pics.

3 months post opp

Uugh it's been a roller coaster since I've had surgery. I like my results but wish my curves were more exaggerated and my healing had been slow. I've been doing lymphatic massages in atlanta with ms. Tina at the wellness sanctuary and it's been good with her . I'm not sure why I'm still swollen . May because I haven't been wearing my garments like that anymore since they're so big . I'm only wearing my foams and a waist cincher now. My belly is lumpy and still obviously has fluids in it so I'll have to be more consistent with my massages. I do feel better about myself. Just looking forward to the end result. I've been struggling with losing weight by the way. Since my back isn't completely flat I'm contemplating another round. ...

Update for those of you looking to go with alverez

I am finally seeing the results I wanted. Not all bodies heal the same , it took me forever to get rid of the swelling but it's getting there. My experience with the doctors office was horrible as you know but working with Sergio alverez I walked away satisfied. I look natural and no one can tell it's enhanced except ppl who knew me before lol.


A couple of photos for ppl who wanted to see my results

8 months post

MORE Pictures


Lymphatic massages in atlanta!

Ladies if your in atlanta and looking for someone to do lymphatic massages I found the perfect person. Her name is Ms. Annette , she was well informed and professional, she spoke with me the whole time which made me feel so comfortable. I got a package of lymphatic massages and can already see a big difference since the first appointment. She wrks from home in marrietta and uses this machine used in the doctors office to help melt and loosen left over lymphatic fluid. . Charges $55 a session!! With her massages and pro equipment u can't beat that! ! By the way drink alot of water at least 2.liters before and after because the draining puts stress on your liver using the machine and u can fill it within an hour if you're dehydrated . Ladies if you've had liposuction or bbl done this is the woman for you! 517-937-4395

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