24 Yr Old Bbl Procedure Dr. Mel Ortega - Miami, FL

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Hello everyone.. I have been a member for a little...

Hello everyone.. I have been a member for a little while now but have yet to post anything.. So here it goes.. I am 24 years old and a mother of two. My decision to get my bbl done is mine alone. I have been uncomfortable with my butt ever since I can remember. I have broad shoulders (runs in my family).. and when I gain weight I pack the weight in my midsection and upper body. Also, when I lose weight I lose the weight in my lower body. It seems like I can't ever get a balance between the two.. After giving birth to my second child I have tried losing weight by doing cardio and weight training to build mass on my lower body but its still not the results I want.
Anyways.. I have been researching the bbl for quite some time and have stumbled upon a few doctors.. However, the doctor I chose was Dr. Mel Ortega. I have done research through real self and the internet and found good reviews.. not only the good reviews but the pricing was around my price range. A lot of people say what you pay for is what you get however, the quality of Dr. Mel Ortega's work to me is great and exceeds my expectations especially matched up with his prices. Not only is his work or prices up to standard but his staff is very nice and friendly. I have not met any in person but speaking with everyone on the phone you can tell they are professional and well rounded individuals.. I hope it is the same when I meet everyone in the office but from other reviews I am sure everything will be fine.
So..I have scheduled my bbl with Spectrum Aesthetics (Dr. Mel Ortega) for the 29th of May.. I have paid half and will pay the other half when I get down to Miami.. I am very excited and nervous as I am sure all of you must have felt..
I am trying to think only positive thoughts and not focus too much on the pain or recovery time.. Although I know I need to prepare myself..

Well that is all I have to write for now..

Before pictures

Hello ladies, I decided to post some pictures of myself as of right now. I am 5'4 and 160lbs. I have read a lot of reviews and seen a lot of women's pictures. I know sometimes it seems as if we can never be satisfied with ourselves. I am hoping my before and after pictures will show a big difference and that I am not too judgmental of myself. I noticed several women's reviews and post about how they are not satisfied with their results although there is a significant change in their pictures. I just hope I am not going to be one of those women. I know it might not be no Nicki minaj type booty but at least there is going to be more booty then what it is now.

Surgery day is almost here!!

I am getting more and more nervous..excited but nervous.. We will be leaving the day after tomorrow..(Wednesday).. want to get there a couple days before to get adjusted and make sure everything is taken care of.. Does anyone have any advice to give especially to help prepare me before this big surgery? Everyone's experiences are different but similar in some ways.. I just want to make sure I am prepared.. I know I won't know how it feels until I am experiencing it for myself..just like what everyone told me about giving birth..so I will pray and have faith God gives me the strength I need to overcome my fears..
Does anyone have any suggestions on what I will really need and use during my post op recovery process? Don't want to get a whole bunch of stuff that I will not put to use.. Also, has any had their menstrual cycle during and after surgery? Any complications?

Finally made it to Miami!!

Sooo.. we finally made it.. We made it to the hotel around 7 p.m. today.. Man was that a ride.. I had the hugest headache and was feeling nauseous about more than half of the time.. I was hoping I didn't actually throw up.. I didn't though..Thank God! I hope it was just car motion sickness and not getting enough sleep..
Anyways the hotel we got is about 30 min. away from Spectrum.. I am hoping the ride isn't too bad on the way back to the hotel after the surgery.. oh boy am I looking forward to that...Probably should of got something a little closer.. but we already booked in and already here..no sense in complaining now.. So I tried to contact the office to get some of my questions answered but was not able to get through.. decided to go online to chat and someone responded that I will be getting an email or that my coordinator will get a hold of me the next day.. nothing yet.. but its okay because this is the reason I am going up there tomorrow..the day before surgery to get everything situated..hopefully everything goes well..
Well thought I'd share a little.. Goodnight..

Update! 3 days post op

Hello everyone..just want to update on how everything went up until now. So the day before surgery I went to pay some of my balance due.. they payed remaining balance the next day (surgery day). I know I hear a lot of negative feedback about the staff but the ladies in the front desk were nice and professional. They gave me my prescription and said they'd call later to tell me what time to come in for my appointment the next day. Later that evening I get a call of instructions not to eat anything past 11 p.m. and to come in for my surgery at 1 p.m the next day. The next day I come in the office to pay the rest of my balance to Chris and his wife who were also very nice and professional individuals. Wonderful couple. Payed my remaining balance and said they'd call me back in a little. I went to the bathroom to give my urine sample..dropped it in the front desk and then sat down and waited with my family. There were two other patients who were waiting to be seen. We sat there for about 5 minutes they called one of the ladies back. The other lady was there since 8 in the morning.. her doctor was Dr. Omulepu. It was about 20 later then I was called back.. which didn't seem that long.. I went to the back with nurse Christine she was pretty cool and outgoing which made me feel comfortable. She asked me a whole bunch of questions and then took my pictures. The camera was given her a hard time so we had to do my shots over two more times.. which passed time.. by the time we were done about 20 more minutes later here comes Dr. Ortega! He is a really cool doctor and down to earth. He makes you feel real comfortable. I don't know about everyone else's experience with him but my experience was great. He took his time to talk to me and let me answer my questions. After he marked me up and then

Update continued..

So after we talked and Dr. Ortega marked me up Nurse Christine said the Anesthesiologist would come in and talk with me..so maybe about 30 min. later comes in the anesthesiologist shes a tall slim sweet lady she told me what was going to happen asked me a few questions and then said she'll be back to get me. She also put an IV on me as we were talking. Then I waited for another surgery to be done and for them to prep the Operating Room..so about 30 more min. then the anesthesiologist came in brought me back to the Operating Room sent me to use the bathroom. After we went into the OR told me not to touch anything and to lay on the bed. I got on the bed there was one male nurse in there..then another man came in dressed in a white scrub..don't know who he was..but anesthesiologist took me off guard she put the anesthesia in me which burned I said ouch what is that..then thats all I remember. Woke up shaking cold asking if its normal..I mean I was cold bed shaking and all.. there was a nurse Merci? Well she was putting my garment on and another lady next to me. She gave me some pain meds and dressed me up then I was wheeled off to the car.. They said my follow up was the next day @ 10 a.m.
left the office around 6-7 p.m got to the hotel drank water ate soup and went to sleep. Hardest part trying to sleep and not being able to sit.. Get headaches because my neck and my arms are stiff because the garment..you have to sleep with your arms at ur sides.. The first night was okay for me I was able to get up go to the bathroom..just had to build enough strength in my upper body to push myself up...
Next day got up to go to my appointment my appetite was fine didn't feel nausea drank a lot of water.. got to the office about 45 min. late.. Dr. Ortega came out to the front just came out of surgery..I asked if he can still see me and he says yes..and let me use the bathroom. Thank God he is so nice other doctor or receptionist might have rescheduled. So did my follow up got to see myself with out the garment was happy but didn't want to judge just yet...
Scheduled my massage for Monday before we head out. Would like to get all three but have to leave early.. I know the massage is gOing to hurt but feel good hopefully.. I will take pictures this evening for you all..

Post op day 4

Hey everyone.. I know I said I would post pictures yesterday..but I will today.. I will have my husband take some for me.. I know we all look forward to everyone's pictures but we can't compare to our own bodies..we all have different body types..and will all have different results..don't judge to hard in your results the first couple days after surgery..we get excited because we see its big but some of it is swelling..then when some of it goes down we are disappointed.. so don't judge too hard..So we are on our way back home.. Had my massage today before we left @ noon.. got to the office @ noon the massage therapist was in the front with the receptionists looking over her schedule.. she said my name and I said that's me.. she said oh good :) had to use the bathroom.. used the bathroom then took the elevator to 2 floor... Massage therapist name is Yezna? She's a nice very friendly Venezuelan woman. She started massaging my stomach and telling me about the Arnica gel and tablets and talking about other stuff..started feeling light headed so she got me some water and offered me the rest of her protein snack.. was good..hehe..started feeling better laid on my stomach..she massaged my back and then I stood up so she could massage my tummy again.. It was sore..and a little pain..but feeling a whole lot better afterwards..she used arnica gel as she massaged me so I'm sure that helped a whole lot.. then I was done.. said my goodbyes..went to the first floor nurse Christine was in the front..asked her for some extra compression socks and said my goodbyes.. she's a doll!
Laying down in the car heading back home now..Thank God everything went well during my surgery.. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!" So happy with my experience @ n with staff members! Will post pictures in a little.. :)


Hello everyone.. thought I'd finally share some pictures I have taken.. I haven't had much time to edit and upload..have a family to take care of..plus trying to recover..

More pictures

I thought I uploaded all the pictures before I hit save..oops..

Pictures.. Post Op 5 days

Ughh I hit save.. instead of upload..last time I post for tonight..
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