finally fishered: ))) - Miami, FL

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I am 24 year old nurse that have breast but No...

I am 24 year old nurse that have breast but No ass:(( I am 5'8 and 160 lbs. I am more on the slender side. Never thought about a Bbl procedure until my sister got hers recently by Dr fisher. When i seen her results i was so amazed and jealous. And i told myself omg i have to have this done. Dr Fisher did a really good job. I went to vanity and scheduled my procedure to be done on June 30 and i cant wait :)) Met with dr fisher and he told me im the perfect canidate and to not lose any weight. will be posting before pics.

Patiently Waiting

Soo my two week request from my job was approved and I'm happy about that. I just hope 2 weeks is enough time, if not I will just have yo deal with it. I will be going to Marian For my 10 massages because for some reason vanity was charging me $$700 for 10 massages which is outrageous!! I did not realize until I looked at my invoice. And then when I ask The coordinator Sheila to remove it because I was going to someone else, she replied well we can charge you $550 since you really need to get massages at Vanity. I was like no. Marian only charges $300 and I heard she does a very good Job. The coordinators at vanity act as if they are working from commission. They are not consistent with their information and they are unorganized. I just think they need to hire bilingual people that know their job and considerate of people time and money. Other than that I just want my A** so I can move on with my life: )

Pre op pics 2 more weeks till my Sx with Fisher

These are some pre op pics. Im hoping Dr fisher can make me feel more confident about myself. Sx date: June 30

another pre op

Date Rescheduled due to low hgb: (

I did my labs a week before my sx date. I received a call while i was at work saying my hgb was 11.4 and he would like me to be at 12. I was so upset. So my sx was rescheduled to August because as you all know Dr fisher is not working in the month of July. He requested that i take iron pills 3x daily for 3 weeks. I Will be doing that as well as eating foods that contains iron. But im thinking about giving myself a b12 shot a week before labs lol.

More nervous about my lab test than the sx

I will be going to get my lab test done on the 13. Im so nervous. I hope they come back within rang because i really want this surgery. My date is scheduled august 21. If i have to reschedule i would be so devastated. I was trying to gain atleast 10 more lbs or even 5 but its so hard. I seriously cant wait until i have this sx and not have to deal with vanity coordinators.

This is not fair!!!

I had to reschedule my surgery date once again because my hemoglobin is still low. 11.5. But Dr fisher wasn't it at 12. I will not give up.I have been taking the iron pills. But I guess I will need to eat red meats liver and and iron foods. I don't really have time to cook so I was hoping the pills and the b12 shot will bring it up but unfortunately it did not work. But this time I will make time to cook the foods I need to eat because I really want this. I hope this will also help me gain weight. I weighed myself and I am 162. Not much progress but its a start. My goal weight is 170.

Sx in 2 days

Recieved a call from vanity. My surgery is at 6:30 pm on monday. I didnt expect to go so late but i guess its because i live in miami. Anyways yesterday i did not feel well at all. Im talking fever of 101.4 and my body was aching and sore throat. I had to leave work early. So i started freaking out because i thought i was getting the flu. But today i feel alot better. My only concern is trying ti grt better before monday.

finally fishered :))

I finally got my ass yayyyyyy. Will post pics later

A pic

Haven't had time to take pics but yeah....

6 weeks post op

174 pounds
5 81/2 height
36 30 44
I feel 75% better I hate the lipl areas. It's so sensitive to touch.
Fyi- if you are with dr fisher and you are on the thin side I wouldn't recommend paying for messages due to having the drain. Waste of money. You can massage your self look on you tube.

6 weeks post

Here is a pic of my stomach . I stop wearing the cg and foams on my second week (hate it) . I wear the cincher probably 8 hours out of the day. Hate that too though. At the moment my waist is a 30 I'm trying to get to at least a 27. The black spots are my ugly scars :(

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