24 Years Old, a Mom of One - Miami, FL

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Spoke with Sheila who spoke with Dr. Hasan

Spoke with Sheila who spoke with Dr. Hasan she said Dr Hasan could get me the shape of the girl with the black shirt and black long knee skirt. I'm super excited!!! Can't wait!!!


So im looking for RH partner at vanity in miami anybody intrested in coming the stay would be cheaper????? Please let me know bcause i dont want to pay $2000 for the room we would pay $1300 if we stayed togather in the RH. I dont bite lol.my date is scheduled for May 12th let me know??????

RH partner

Still looking for a Vanity recovery home partner!!!!! :(

Counting Down

Still waiting.... im sooooo stoked!!!


My date is now March 14th for surgery, and labs are the 13th.... still counting down!!!!!


Wondering what i need to go buy and pack????? #Help!!!!! I will be staying at the recovery house need to know the things i need to purchase for my stay

the countdown

I did find a RH partner!!! I am scheduled to get labs the 13th and my surgery is on the 14th but just to be sure my labs go as planned the 13th i did have labs done today 5/2 waiting for the results *cross my fingers that everything is fine!!!! Ive purchased my bobby pillow and a couple of other things...... just waiting n0w....

surgery in 2 more days!!!!!

I am nervous but most definitely excited!!!!!!!


Today is lab day 4 me im kind of nervous, and i have butterflies!!!!! Its starting to get really REAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please pray for me :)
Miami Physician

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