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Hey there, dolls! So I've been pretty much...

Hey there, dolls! So I've been pretty much stalking this website for the past half a year and doing research on all types of doctors. I've been pretty obsessed with looking through reviews and wish pics and after pics and all of that! After doing all of that, I came across a Blinski review. I don't quite recall whose it was. But it pretty much sold me on him. And when I went to check out his Instagram page, it was clear as day that I wanted him to do my BBL!

I'm 24, never had kids and don't plan to, and never had a boyfriend (not for lack of suitors, just personal choice and pickiness). I'm not in this for the attention from men (or women lol), I'm in it because I want to live in a body with a banging shape to it. I just want to look amazing in jeans and yoga pants and start wearing nice tight dresses.

I'm very "top heavy" -- thin legs, square backside, but with slight projection (not much though), fat arms and chest. My torso is kinda rectangular, or at least compared to all the pretty pictures I see on here.

My current weight is somewhere between 170 and 180, most likely hovering around 175-178lbs.
I'm 5'7.5" so I don't look too heavy, but I'm definitely overweight.

I didn't want or plan to gain weight for this procedure, especially since most of my gained weight starts out in my face/neck, which I feel is fat enough lol. But what prompted me to finally start a review was me finally emailing some before pictures to Dr. Blinski to find out if I'm a good candidate for the procedure.

Well, he said I should gain 5lbs and then I'd be good to go for achieving the look I want, which I'll attach to my review. I made a whole collage, haha. The deposit is $900, which I currently can't put down or I'd have like a negative bank account. I have a steady job but my bills are insane and I don't want to go into debt... At first I wasn't going to consider surgery financing but I'm not seeing a way around it anymore, especially since Blinski's hiking his prices every few months now, by like over $1k. The man is talented and passionate so I can't blame him; his lipo and sculpting skills are everything to be desired.

I have never been to Miami before; I don't travel much. I'll probably stay at a recovery house with either my mom or my older sister. Except for the fact that I haven't told anyone except my very best friend that I want to get this BBL done. I'm scared they're going to think I'm insane, especially my Mom. She hates big butts; she always comments on it in a negative way if she sees someone with a big butt on TV. Like, Mom... I love you but butts are literally everything??? Thanks for passing down your square flat ass to me tho. (She's actually a goddess and I have no right to bash her for her opinion, I'm just saying, I don't know how she'd feel about her daughter getting this kind of surgery, or any plastic/cosmetic surgery.) I live with her; my sister, mom, and I all pay equal parts rent because none of us can afford to live on our own.

Therefore, I don't plan to book a surgery date anytime soon because I am a straight up ball of anxiety and also a perfectionist, so if I don't have all the details squared away before I do anything, all the finances aligned properly, I can't do it. But I'm definitely having it done, by Dr. Blinski, in the future. Whether it's a year from now, or two, or three, it's gonna happen. I want this. I need this.

I'm starting my review early so I have a place to talk about this with people who have been through it or are also researching it. I know I've chosen the right doctor for me; sure, maybe Vanity is much cheaper, but Blinski gives out his personal cell phone number, a BBL daily limit (3 per day, I think) so he's not rushing and making mistakes, a weight limit (200lbs) so you don't risk your health, a friendly staff, and I trust him to do his best work.

Feel free to follow my review for updates and wish pictures and before/afters (eventually). Best wishes, dolls.

Care Credit?

Hey dolls. Just wondering if anyone had any experience using Care Credit to finance their surgery or if most of you paid your doctors slowly before surgery? Which would you all recommend for someone on a tight budget? I have really decent credit history so I feel like I could maybe spring for Care Credit... I just don't wanna end up in debt over an ass lol... Please let me know!!! xo

Before Pics

I'm really hesitant to post these but everyone on here is so nice and supportive so I know I can trust you girls. Note I do have a lot of acne scarring so please don't pay any mind.

Like I said up above, Blinksi wants me to gain 5 pounds before he operates some day. I think even without gaining weight I could have nice results. My goal after the surgery is to eat healthy and even get abs lol but that's just me dreaming.

I carry a lot of my weight in my top half and am slightly worried that I'll end up with big arms and whatnot but I can always diet. I've always been a lil chunky all my life. No matter what I eat or how I exercise. But I think right now this is the biggest I've been by like 5-10 pounds.

Making the Check List!

Hey ladies!

So as I mentioned before, I'm somewhat of a perfectionist. I like to have all my ducks in a row before jumping into commitment, mostly financially, especially a big surgery like this. I am totally against debt and don't even have a credit card (only my bank/debit card) because I'm so afraid of debt. But I consider Care Credit to be more like a loan, so it doesn't bother me as much.

ANYWAYS that's not the point of this post. The point is: I'm making a check list of all the things I'll be needing for my surgery, from lipo boards and compression garments to booty buddies to vitamins and supplements. I'm writing it all down in a binder bc I'm generally a fan of making lists. My plan, once the list is finished, is to Google the prices and configure a general over-all cost and find the cheapest deals bc you guys I'm actually thinking of getting a second job at this point lol. So anywhere I can save would be nice.

My question for you dolls is: For someone on a pretty vitamin-lacking diet such as myself... what all should I take and when do I start taking it? I've heard that Vitamedica is usually okay to take. I don't want to fail my blood test, so should I take iron too?

Btw, technically I could add more nutrients to my diet but I fear I might lose weight and I need to gain 5lbs before surgery for my desired results... I don't wanna have to scramble and drink Ensures a month before surgery lol.

Also, has anyone ever had surgery with Blinksi? Does he provide a list of Must-Haves after putting in a deposit? Does he provide stuff like compression socks and garments or do we need to buy those before surgery?

Thanks in advance. :) I'll provide some more wish pics for you dolls to look at too. (I personally love seeing wish pics on reviews lol.) xo

Blinski's Instagram???

Hey dolls! So I regularly check on Doctor Blinski's Instagram page to see his new before/afters and to keep an eye out for price changes and the like. But yesterday when I checked, it said his page was unavailable?? And today it says that, too! Does anyone know what happened or why it's unavailable? D: I hope it's nothing serious...

In other news, I briefly mentioned to my Mom that I wanted to get this surgery. I was really tip-toeing though. I did not let on how bad I wanted it, I was playin' nonchalant and shit. I was like, "Yeah, so there's this surgery where they take the fat from your sides, back, and stomach and put it into your butt; it's called a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery... and I want it!" pretty much in those exact words. And she was like, "...hah... um, no. You don't need anything like that. Your shape is fine."

And then I changed the subject but damn. It was slightly awkward. My shape is not "fine" in my eyes. She thinks just because I'm not as overweight as my sisters that I'm slim and have like some perfect body but she hasn't seen it naked lmao. I don't like my shape; it's not the worst but I know it can be better. And nobody "needs" a surgery like the BBL, they WANT it. Like I told her. Eventually I'm going to have to tell her it's a thing that's happening whether she supports it or not and that conversation will definitely be scary, but... unfortunately I won't have to tell her that for a few years until I have some savings...

I researched recovery house prices and plane ticket prices and some prices on basic pre/post surgery essentials and jeez I might as well save double the amount I need for surgery. lol. This stuff really isn't cheap. It's got me thinking if I'm doing this then I should go to someone within driving distance. I live in New York so going to Miami for a surgery for a week isn't ideal. I've seen decent results from Toronto doctors; I'd only have to drive for like 2 hours to get there. Cheaper than a plane ride. But I know those doctors won't give me results like Blinski would. They wouldn't snatch the waist and get the roundness I'm looking for. And they also charge more than Blinski does. So I'm really balancing the pros and cons in my head right now. I don't want to change surgeons and have to go in for a round two.

*adding another wish pic :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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