24 Years Old in Need of a Big Nice Booty - Miami, FL

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Hey yall im new on here and ive been actually...

hey yall im new on here and ive been actually stalking all these women pages for about three weeks lol.Im 24 years old,no kids and in need of a new body.Im an athelete so i have been in a shape until recently.I have a boyfriends so i guess i let my self go (feelin a little too comfortable..lol)but even before i was in shape i never had that booty i always desired.and ive been wanting to do something about it since i was 17 but never did i want booty injections because it doesnt look natural to me till i came across bbl's lol..i was amazed at the results and how natural they look.i live in miami so i have to deal with seeing all these perfect bodies now realizing majority of them wasnt born with it lol...so i really want to do this.
the pnly issue i have is my boyfriend...he isnt a issue at all..he's wonderful...he's a gym ratand he feels i can get the results naturally which i feel i can but as far as the ass goes he's trippin lol...he thinks alot of the girls he see in the gym videos on youtube has these great bubble butts from wrkin out and i swear he cant tell who did or didnt...he thinks im good the way i am but i want to do this and i dont want to regret not doing it...i will def work out but i think i will feel much more sexier for myself and him lowkey.what yall think??????????

Dr.salhaezer and dr.Ghurani update

hey beautifuls...
so i contacted dr.saluzer via email yesterday and they gave me a call right away and i have an appointment to see him on monday for a free consultation so we will see how that goes...as far as ghurani..i also contacted him yesterday and i recieved an email today saying:

Good morning. I hope this email finds you well and thank you for inquiring about the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. As you are well aware, Dr. Ghurani is highly sought out for this procedure. Below you will find all the information regarding the package and procedure.

In regards to your inquiry the pricing of the surgery is $7,799. That price is all-inclusive for the surgery. Payment for the surgery does not need to be paid in full upfront, rather a 10% deposit to hold your surgery slot. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. You can schedule up to one year from now for your surgery. Just please let me know dates when possible.

The liposuction areas that are included in the Brazilian Butt Lift are: abdomen, flanks and upper & lower back. That is to say the following is included in the surgery package:

· Surgical fee
· Anesthesia Fee
· Facility Fee
· 2 Custom Compression garment
· 2 Post-operative massages

If you would like to add additional areas of liposuction, we can certainly discuss that once Dr. Ghurani has reviewed your pictures and made an assessment. Each additional area of liposuction will be $500, as that is the discounted rate. The additional areas that can be added depending on available fat are: inner & outer thighs, arms, and submental.

Please make sure when preparing for your travel arrangements to bring with you a family member for post operative care at your hotel. If no one is available to travel with you, we have caretaker service that can stay with you around the clock. We require that you have a caretaker for a minimum of 72 hours after surgery to monitor and make sure you are recovering well.

I would say that typically patients stay about 10-12 days post-operatively so the doctor can monitor your recovery and make sure you are well enough to travel back home. Please make sure this time is available.

We do have a process for out of town patients to do their consultations.

We ask that you send to the following secure email address: contact@epsmiami.com three pictures (front, side, and rear – please make sure underwear is a bit lower than usual so that the doctor can see how your stomach sits). Make sure to write Attention Nancy in subject box to insure that I receive them.

Once we have received and the doctor has reviewed them, we will relay to you his thoughts and answer any questions you may have, and set up a procedure protocol. If you agree with that procedure, we will need a deposit to book the surgery.

After that, we will work with you on scheduling your surgery date, and make sure you get cleared for surgery prior to arriving.
Please let me know if you have any questions that I may not have answered.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you,

Nancy Duque
Patient Coordinator

So..that doesnt sound too bad but i do want to lipo my chin and inject some fat into my hips to have a real curvy figure...any suggestions???love yall.
P.s.im here for anyone if they wanna talk about their visions,hopes and dreams of their wants of a bbl lol

DR.FISHER or DR.Saulhazer

Wassup beautifuls?
well...for about a little less than a week ive been debating on what doctor i would like to go to.
I like Dr.Saulhazer because his credentials are amazing,very professional..him and his staff seem very genuine and loving...they really want the best for u...
on the other hand i like Dr.Fisher because for one...he does really great bbl's as far as projection and fullness...and hips..another thing that i really like is he is charging 3,500 to 5,000..which is just as good as going to the DR because im not trying to leave the states.
Problem is...Vanity is so UNORGANIZED.
Dont get me wrong...u probably got two people out the whole staff that does their job correctly but SHYT i highly doubt you will run into them...
that is what is throwing me off but other than that fisher is that dude lol...so idk i need help.
my boyfriend and i had a talk about this (you know how i had to talk game...i told him all the girls he thought had natural butts like video vixens etc had bbls and he was like wtf???) lol anyway he said he loves me for me but i do whatever the fuck i wanna do and if it makes me happy it makes me happy and he still doesnt like it but he supports it...and he said he is gonna look more into it and that he is just more concernn about my health...so atleast i got a green light...i still was gonna do it anyway with or without the a-ok...its just more stress free for me now...

Can somebody tell me about financing?aka loans,carecredit etc....

im trying to go to vanity but i do not have the bread to just drop 4 g's on em...i aint a boss like that lol...so im trying to see about financing or payment plans.
Does anybody know how it works?going thru it?and how much they pay or paid a month?

Some more pre op pics and some wish pics...

here are some more pre op pics and some wish pics loves...

i cant get my mind off this...i really want this like now.

i cant get my mind off this...i really want this like now.
i just dream of how i would look...i will feel more confident in my self,look better in clothes...be more aggressive in bed with my man and etc...i just need this now.


i think i can get my dad to help me pay for it...wish me luck guys...

well guys...i changed my decision and finally have a doctor forreal...forreal...lol..

i wanted to go to johnathon fisher due to him doing aggressive lipo and great bbl's for a very good price...but lately i have seen he has been only taking out the amount of lipo u wanna put in ya butt and not the full 4000 cc's...and that is a no no...thats some lazy shyt.....and what really changed my mind was just vanity in itself...they are too unorganized...wish washy...unstable...full of drama and then some...they losing customers unless ur deserate just to get the bbl for the price but if i were u...if u got the money go somewhere else where they know what they doing and being real about theirs cuz vanity is full of shyt....
I decided to go with Dr.Saulhezar because he's professional friendly and hist staff is warm and seem like they care...not trying to hustle u or anything...so i got a consultation on the 3rd of march due to wrk schedule and i let yall know what goes on from there...(he's a little more expensive but no way near salama's range asnd gives great results from what im seeing)

wish pics

wish pics

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