Dr.BlinskiDollMiami 24, 128lbs Wanting that big/natural Butt With a small Waist!!

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I been on this site about three years now doing...

I been on this site about three years now doing research for a bbl. I decided to go to vanity with Dr. Hansan or Dr. Fisher for my bbl. I realllllly want some ass and a small waist. I am very small in person but i have been gaining weight so i hope i would get the results i want. I have a little something back there but not enough at all. I want to be able to dress up and wear anything. Some clothes i wear i have no ass in lol i hate that:( I want to be a bad byotch and feel comfortable with my body.

Finally went to vanity in Hialeah for a consultation.

So I went to vanity and spoke with karina how ever you spell her name and she looked at my stomach and told me I will be a perfect for a bbl. I wanted to go with dr. Hassan but she said he will be back in April too long for me. Dr. fisher and Hansen will cost $4,800 and dr. Osakatukei omulep charge $400 and dr. Arnaldo charge $3500. I checked out dr.osakatukei work he's actually good. Now I'm deciding to go with dr fisher or dr. Osakatukei. She told me dr. Osakatukei is awesome and will give me the results I want.


Excuse me for any typos I am in the car. Dr.O charge $4000. I don't know why I met with Karina the coordinator and no doctor...

My bad it was not Hialeah it was the Miami area on 8st


Tuesday consultation

Got a call from vanity meeting with dr. Fisher and dr. O for a consultation Tuesday I will keep you guys updated


Hey, I finally went to Vanity located in Hialeah and had the consultation with Dr. Osak. He told me that I will be perfect for a bbl. It would cost me $4000. They are getting booked fast due to income tax season so I will be paying next week to schedule my surgery date and have it done the end of March.

Wish pics

Omg im really about to schedule my surgery date!!

I am so excited and aftaid as the same time like an i really about to finally get the bbl after all these years of looking on this site and dreaming of me looking all fine!!! Im thinking of scheduling my self the end of March once I confirm it with my boss because I need at least two weeks off

Finally Paid For My Bbl

Finally paid for my bbl with dr. Osak. I am so excited and a little scared at the same time but finally after years of looking on this site. I believe dr o would do a great job.

Before pictures

On the second photo it looks like I have booty. I know i have a little something but it does not look like this in person at all lol

Before pictures

Dr Osak

hey do any one know what's going on with dr Osak I planned on getting a bb done with him on April now im having second thoughts

Dr. Hansan

Hey do any one know what happen to dr hansan when I call they say he will be back april but with vanity sometimes it's more to the story lol ????

Need a doctor no more then $4500 $5000 the max

I was scheduled for surgery with dr Osak for april took my two weeks off for recovery but now I found many bad things about his license being suspended on Bbl and lipo. Dr fisher is booked until May and dr hansan doesn't come back until May I believe this is so frustrating I don't know What to do I really want this done but do not want to go to any one. Coordinator told me about dr valls and dr macadoo not so into they bbls. This sucks ugh

Dr. Osak wow!!!

Dr. Salas Dr. Valls

have any one heard of or seen there work on bbls ??

I came to a conclusion I will do this surgery some other time

The doctors i want are booked dr fisher dr hansan until May and I took off april from work can't change it and dr o license is suspended. Ugh Sooo frustrating :(

Dr. Blinski It is

Hi, Girls. After all this b.s with vanity I looked up dr blinski and did some research and decided to go to him for my bbl he is awesome and his work is amazing you guys should give him a call and check out his Instagram. I would never call vanity again and risk my life they hire any one soon they will shut down just watch. I sent him pictures and will have a consultation with him Tuesday.

Its almost time!!!! Yay!

Do any one know of a recovery home i can go to that's located in Miami or Broward for 2 days? Where can I find a bbl pillow that's not too expensive? And where can I go for my massages and get a great deal

Where can u get a bbl pillow that's not so expensive lol

bbl pillow

How do you change your doctor name on here



Yay my labs are cleared. I am so excited 2 weeks left until my surgery date!! Cant believe im finally getting this done!

Dr. Blinski

One more week until surgery!!!! Yay!

I am sooooo excited hahaha

Tomorrow is the day!!

I am so excited and a little scared can't believe it's time and im finally doing this. The girls always text me make me feel so comfortable and safe.

Hey Girls im home now and in soo much pain !!

So I went in to surgery at 6 am. I was so scared and nervous seeing all the needles and stuff Lol. Every thing happen so quick next thing you know I was knocked out lol Esther was sooo nice she made me feel so comfortable it's like I was with my sister. When I got there dr blinski and Esther Walked with me from the parking lot. He put 1400 cc in each butt. Im not too big but he manly took fat from my stomach. I was so scared because I felt like it would not be enough fat to get the results but it worked out fine. Dr blinski did his thing lol. My stomach is killing me omg the pain and the top of my butt is killing me my butt hurt more than anything. The pain Meds kind of help the stomach a very little but not for this ass lol im telling u it this hurt so much but worth it my waist looks Sooo good. Right now im laying on my stomach which is very hard I want to turn so bad lol

Ass Ass Ass lol

Im so happy!!

Im sooooooo swollen right now my ass feels like rocks and my stomach can't even feel it lol words can't explain lol. Once all this swollen stuff go down my waist is going to be much smaller and ass bigger and fluffy can't wait the girls at the office is in love with my body lol.

Dr Blinski and Ester

Dr. Blinski and is staff is amazing they are soo nice and really care about their patients. They call and text me every day to make sure im ok and heeling properly. With dr blinski it's like u don't have to talk much he knows what will look great on you and what you need he is the man lol. Ester is like a sister she text me every day and respond to all my masasges. I truly recommend dr blinski ans his staff

Before and after

i had a little butt before that before pic makes it look much smaller lol


Hey, do any one knows where I can get the masasges that's not too expensive? I'm getting one free one with dr blinski. How many do you guys recommend getting after bbl ?

Im sooo Fine

So today is the first day i stepped out just to the store because im still in pain and can't sit. I took the girdle off and put on a sundress boy I looked so good and felt so good. I love my body already. But sometimes I ask my friends do my butt look big it looks small to me and everyone go girl your ass is huge shut the hell up lol. I asked that many times the first day of surgery now that I'm kind of ok im like im silly for asking that this butt is perfect



the pictures I just posted is 5 weeks post op

Before and after

Hey Yall!

It's been about a month for me. Everything looks good just my stomach and back is very swollen and hurts like hell especially at night I need more pain meds. I lost a little weight because I don't eat as much but everything is perfect

Just found out vanity has another death !!!

Do any one knows what's going on I heard a 29 year old female died today that went to vanity. It's really sad and my sister is scheduled with them. Do any one know what happen and what dr ???

Hey Dolls!

Just wanted to let you dolls know that I am doing fine. It's been almost 2 months since I did my bbl. My Stomach is still healing little swollen still and my butt is much better doesn't look swollen or hurt. My butt looks Sooo good and natural haven't drop much thank god. I am in love thank u dr blinski lol... They say wait at least 1 month to sit I begin to sit in 2 months just to be extra safe. I will post a another pic soon. Mauh!!!


I just wanted to let you girls know when getting a bbl make sure you tell the dr to use as much fat as he can because once it's like 2 months that booty go all the way down. Mines still look good but if I lose any more ill be upset lol

Hey Dolls! It's been 9 weeks post op

Im wearing a butt lifter to keep my butt in shape for one more month and I also wear waist shapers. My tummy is still swollen.

9 weeks post op bbl Bootylicious!! Lol

Hi dolls booty looks much better in person and its a little pressure from waist shaper. Blinski did his thing he's the man! My butt is fine sometimes I feel a little something when I sit but its jiggly and natural. The tummy is stilllll swollen and I haven't been getting the massages so it's slower healing for me. I been doing great Soon I will start going to the gym????
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