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I had a NICE LONG REVIEW then I don't know what...

I had a NICE LONG REVIEW then I don't know what happened.:( ugh now I am too lazy to re type everything but here it goes again
I am 24 years beautifully young with 2 children. I am 5'8 weighing in at 165 and being heaviest at 180. I have a boyfriend who pretty much will go with whatever I say. Of course he notices his woman put on some weight but I think he loves me for who I am. ANYWAYS--
Back in October 2013 I was referred by a friend of mine who is also on RealSelf to check out Vanity Cosmetics. They have a office location 5 minutes away from me so I drove there to get a consultation. They did my blood work I spoke with Dayomie first and she quoted me 4000 even before I saw the doctor for a consultation. I thought wow that;s great you can't beat that right? I didn't know too much about Dr Bass so I put my deposit down since Dayomie said my price is guaranteed with my deposit. I didn't want Vanity to be my only option so I started looking else where. Obviously, everyone wants a good run for their money whether its costly or not so no harm done by keep on searching. I checked in with Yily and Duran in the Dominican Republic my friend who is also on REALSELF is Dominican as well lol :) so if I do decide to go with Yily or Duran she said she can accompany me the first 3 days which is a blessing to me because she speaks Spanish she knows the country people you get my drift anyways I REALLY LOVE YILY'S WORK :) SHE IS AMAZING I HAVEN'T MET HER BUT this is based off of reading everyone else's reviews of her and seeing POST OP results the only thing that is holding me back on her is the local anesthesia.. if I do go with her I plan on getting my breasts and booty done at the same time since she quoted me $4500 for both BA & BBL :) PRETTY GOOD AND ROUND TRIP TICKETS ARE LIKE UNDER 200 FROM WHERE I AM AND the recovery house is 90 bucks a day or 75 if you buddy up :)

THE DEAL IS HE NO LONGER DOES BBL HE ONLY DOES BREAST AUGMENTATION NOW AT VANITY NOBODY KNOWS WHEN HE WILL BECOME AVAILABLE FOR BBL AT VANITY COSMETICS HE IS CURRENTLY TAKING PATIENTS AT ELITE LOL let me stop I do not work for elite or vanity and I am not trying to start rumors or a war just repeating what I was told by 3 different patient coordinators..
I will post more about my nightmare ordeal at Vanity and post pre-ops
Later RS Dolls :)


I am planning on using my vacation days for that week because memorial weekend will be a paid holiday so that is one extra day I can use for recovery time :) I plan on being out from work approximately 10 days I know seems like little downtime recovery. I will be traveling alone although I have my Dominican friend coming by over the weekend to check up on me I'll still be on my own


We appreciate your inquiry and have prepared the quote below based on the information you have provided us. We have also included relevant information on the requested procedures and as well as important things you should know before and after surgery. Please read through the email and feel free to reach out to us should you require additional information. We look forward to help you achieve your dream body. Kindly note all prices quoted throughout this email are in US dollars.

Quote Total: $ 4,500USD

The above quote total includes the following procedures:

· Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist

· Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting to the buttock

· Breast augmentation with implants

With the Tummy Tuck Total: $ 5,300USD

Also included in the quote total are the following:

· One compression garment (distributed by SILIMED)


· EKG test performed by our resident cardiologist

· Anesthesiologist Fee (Epidural Block)

· Clinic and Surgery Fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).

Optional Costs:

· Lymphatic massages $31 each session (10 sessions suggested)

· Additional garment $140

· Compression sleeves for your arms $60

· Compression Socks $20

· Blood Transfusion $250

· Medical Insurance. It covers any complication that may present withing the first 30 days after surgery. $150

I didn't ask about a tummy tuck I know I am not ready for it right now since I'm still wanting to have maybe 2 more kids
She kinda just threw it in I guess in case I do ask. A lot of doctors abroad always try to combine the bbl with a tt which yes makes sense but some of us ladies are just not ready for it. I like her quote 4500 for a BA AND BBL?
Just to see Dr Fisher here in Miami is 4500 dollars for me for BBL ONLY yes he is local about a 30 minute drive but hey if I can get a 2 for 1 price I think I'll take my chances in the DR with Yily and she has so much results I am sold on her and its soo hard to get in contact with DURAN I sent an email back in NOVEMBER around thanksgiving I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED A QUOTE OR EMAIL BACK FROM HER. I emailed again maybe 2 days ago but this time in SPANISH I even changed the SUBJECT AND PUT IN SPANISH in hopes just maybe out of all the thousands of email she gets everyday she might pick mine out first because its in her language LOL I dont think that matters we will see :D



Thank you for thinking of me for an evaluation of plastic surgery, for realization of all the surgeries you requested the most important thing is that you must be healthy and the cardiologist must approve that we can perform all procedures. Price for the surgeries that you are requesting, breast lift and implants, liposculture to abdomen, waist, back, flanks plus Brazilian butt lift (including hips) is US$ 4400 dollars, which includes:

-Airport pick up

-evaluation by plastic surgeon
-Chest X-ray
-Cardiovascular evaluation
- Laboratory exams
-Overnight stay in the clinic
-First compressive garment
-Free of charge follow ups

-Medication post-surgery (antibiotics and analgesics)
- Lymphatic drain massages and ultrasound massages are not included , cost is 300 dollars extra

You must be less than 180 pounds or around that in order to have surgery and diminish risk of complications. Dates are available for summer time. If you have any clinical condition you must obtain clearance from your doctor, if you smoke you must quit two months before surgery and have clearance of your pulmonologist. The amount of fat transfer to your buttocks depends on how many cc can be extracted with liposuction. Your results also depend on your hemoglobin level if you want to get excellent results you really have to be healthy and no anemia and please ask your primary can doctor to take some blood test like glycaemia, full blood cell count and creatinine at least to know if you can have all surgeries done. You can begin to take vitamins once your surgery appointment is near (Iron, Vitamin C and B12 plus Folic acid are very helpful).

Important info:

Your date for surgery is important because I work from Monday to Friday (days for surgery are from Tuesday to Thursday). I just have one patient per day, you also have to arrive one day before surgery to be evaluated and have lab work done, and if you are arriving early it is better for you because lab test can be done from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Medication included in you package are antibiotics, analgesics and gastric protection medication, all drugs provided are given to take by mouth, but you will have to buy Enoxaparin, water pill and creams for bruises and any other medication not previously included, medicines aren’t expensive here so you will spend less than 150 dollars. Massages are not included. You should bring compression socks to wear them after surgery. Your compressive garment included is a Fajate or Mariae’s brand item if you want one more garment cost 120-150 dollars. You will need to buy a stage two faja 5-7 days after your surgery so if you want you can bring one or buy it here in a faja store.

I work with a team, my cardiologist will evaluate you and my anesthesiologist will examine you and discuss what type of anesthesia suits you right, you might have epidural block or general anesthesia. Anesthesiologist and cardiologist have the last word about how many procedures can be done safely on you.

If you are aiming to have a breast augmentation, there are several brands of breast implants but all are silicone gel cohesive, texturized implants (Silimed, Eurosilicone, and Donasis) depending on the brand you choose then your quote might be lower or higher, (Silimed is the most expensive brand as we do not have mentor implants anymore). If you have breast surgery at the same time with Brazilian Butt lift, you have to know that you could face some issues with the projection and volume of your butt after surgery as you will have to sleep over your back.

Anyways she is 100 dollars cheaper than Yily and she only does ONE surgery a day so I know I will be getting the attention I need.. I am so torn between the two.. Baez seems so personable but I guess because she takes her time with you and only works Monday-Friday like the rest of the working world AND SHE INCLUDED A LIFT WITH THE PRICE.. WHICH YILY DID NOT MENTION so that got me excited.. I've always been proud of my body until after I had my kids :( I had nice perky boobs nice perky butt and tiny waist... now.. I have fat where I had no idea it can go and stay there LOL like back fat? I WAS never the SKINNY girl nor was I fat I was just right :) Nice toned thighs abs you get the picture I look at my old pictures sometimes I cry and ask what happened to that girl? I had no idea I let myself go.. its not so bad but..ITS MY BODY I GOTTA LIVE IN IT AND I AM NOT HAPPY :(


I want a buddy to go with :( yes my friend is coming over the weekend but I only get her for 3 days and she will come after the first 3 days post op -.-

Sorry ladies

Change of plans.. I'm going with DR.HASAN..I'm going in on April 25th on Friday early morning.. I asked him can I lose weight like 10 or 5 lbs I just want to tone up a bit he said "no don't lose weight you're fine you're very easy to do "maybe not his exact words but that's how I remember him saying.
Anyways so I met with him for a consultation he's very funny blunt honest and he got some muscles on his arms like salama so hopefully he's just as aggressive as Salama.. My friend whom I will not say her name because she's on here too :) went with me to the consultation with Hasan... He asked what do you want done?? I said I want a BBL he's like oh ok.. Gosh I don't know how all of a sudden I became the butt doctor ?! lol that man is too funny he keeps it real

I know...

Some girls are like why isnt this chick posting her before pictures? Ugh I'm sooooo ashamed but I've seen worst but still its my body ahhhh lol I gotta look at it and deal with it *sigh* my date can't get here soon enough.
I will post my horrific pre-ops soon

Okay getting closer and closer

Look I'm not going to lie I have a good friend named Mary Jane we are inseparable... I told my PS coordinator about how I have not stopped this is her and how I'm starting to get cold feet because I'm afraid I won't wake up. I had 2 children vaginal delivery without an epidural (I dilate quicker I'm assuming so I never make it in time to get that epidural lol I'll be in labor maybe 2 to 3 hours push my babies out within 30 mins some say ohhh at least you have fast labor and delivery IT WAS PAINFUL lol some moms really try to do the whole natural birth thing and then and then give into an epidural... Well I had no choice to have one or not by the time doctor comes in I'm already fully dilated baby heads crowning I was like again?!!?? No epidural!!????? Nurse tells me honey it's too late now you gotta push lol side tracking anyways after I told her about my concern with Mary Jane and her response was

You have to stop smoking immediately because the doctor tests you for nicotine and if it's at a certain level he won't do the surgery, and your surgery is less than 10 days away. Don't feel scared about the general anesthesia, all of the sudden you're laying down talking to the nurses and the next second you're waking up from surgery and you didn't even realize they had just put you to sleep and completed your surgery. You cannot smoke for 1 month after surgery either, it absolutely does complicate things. As long as you are following the doctors orders, you have nothing to be afraid of or hesitant about. You're in perfect hands and everything is going to be more than fine. I hope you're having a great day, ! Thank you

I'm freaking out

Ok so how many more days? Well it's days now not weeks or months my time is almost up. I'm nervous excited and ready. I just bought my iron and vitamin c at Walmart .. Late? Yes but better late than never. I'm getting my things ready medical supply maxi dresses jogger pants for work to be comfortable. My boss knows what I'm doing he's willing to accommodate me and my post surgery. Sooo just kinda waiting

It's not official

It's not official til I get in and see Hasan at least in my eyes. I received my pre op instructions ohhhh getting closer

One more

Here it is..

5 days more..

This whole process started in October my friend put me on the vanity map and now it's coming up so soon I'm excited and nervous of course. My Patient Coordinator has been a blessing throughout this whole process it was started to get cold feet even if I already paid it off and everything and reassured me I will be fine and that should would be there (I've heard some patients not ever seeing their PC surgery day or after surgery) she texts me emails me even if I'm local lol but she's young she understands and is very supportive and comforting and to me it means a lot since not a lot of people know that I'm doing this. It's my mind body money I can do what I want with it.. Anyways off to the plantation office to get poked up for some blood work ugh I hate needles they better get it right on the first try

I'm a big baby

lol they poked me and usually I can't talk when they do it but because it was the same nurse who poked me back in October for my first blood work I felt more comfortable.. I was like I remember you! Were you here last year? She was like yes I started working in September yes she was new at the time but now she is training someone else to do her job amazing.. She was being trained during my first blood work now she's training someone else. So this concludes my blog for the day so far so good 5 days really!!?????????

To my out of state dolls

I've had some dolls private message me in regards to vanity miscommunication (more like lying) or not communicating at all I am sorry that you are going through this TALK TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE IF SOMETHING FEELS WRONG SPEAK TO SOMEONE ELSE THIS IS YOUR BODY AND MONEY DONT MATTER HOW MUCH OR LITTLE YOU SPEND THIS IS YOUR LIFE. It's time consuming stressful and expensive to travel out of state for surgery whether it is for cosmetic or a life threatening situation. :( don't give up if this is what you really want stay strong .. I've been wanting this for 3 years I now have the money the time and the right mind set to go and get it done. It may take a while but the struggle is worth it in the end. Stay strong ladies!

Bad news

So I went to do my bloodwork on Saturday... Vanity called me on Monday to tell me they messed up my bloodwork and that I needed to come in again to do my bloodwork *sigh* I knew I waited too long to get my labs done .. I tried to see if I could come in today to get my bloodwork done and I couldn't because of work :( my PC asked me if I could come in tomorrow to do it at the Miami office which is a drive for me :( I tell her I can't she tells me I have to reschedule surgery ... So she's going to call me tomorrow with earliest availability after the first week of June since everyone already got him booked up in may :P better safe than sorry right? I guess.

2 more days

I went to my pcp to see my lab results from when I did bloodwork from two weeks prior. I did that because I want to double reassure myself that I am healthy enough for surgery so that went well I'm healthy all my organs are functioning as they should. Okay I went to vanity at plantation to get blood drawn for labs for surgery on Friday .. Remember in my last post I said they messed up on bloodwork and I had to come back again another day to get it redone but had no time? Well the nurse at the front desk informed me that I would be charged 75 dollars for the labs smh I was upset! Why do I have to pay for a mistake on their part?? So she says okay ill talk to my manager.. A few minutes later she told me 50 dollars would be the price for me today the lowest they can go. I said no I want to speak to your manager. In the midst of all this I got a call from the Miami vanity location Gisele asked if I had ever been seen by Hasan ?? Did I have a consultation with him?? I was like yes why?? She says oh I only see you did a consultation with salas I was getting more mad.. I said that's impossible I saw him I even came with a friend he said I was easy!!? lol yes that's what Hasan said during the consultation anyways she said she'd call back Fine so I get shown to the manager in the plantation office on my walk to her office I received a call from JESSICA my coordinator asking me whats going on because I was texting her Everything that was going on from paying for labs and no record of me having a consultation with Hasan :( she said okay don't worry lol make some calls
Okay I am sitting in the managers office which seems pretty small but whatever she explained because they didn't charge me the last time and this would be considered the second id have to pay my cellphone rings I told her excuse me and answered it was Jessica again she said she's going to get her manager to waive the fee and put me on hold so I went back to talking to the manager at vanity about paying I said no you guys messed up the last time so I had to reschedule my surgery because of their mistake not my fault I'm not paying she sure was adamant and stern about paying the 50 dollars I was about to give in then her desk phone rang she said uh huh okay okay yes hung up and said okay my general manager said you don't have to pay and started to escort me to the waiting area to get my blood drawn then Jessica came back to the line telling me I don't have to pay I laughed and said thank you I got the message already :) and then I asked about what Gisele said she said don't worry I'm sorry we make mistakes here we are not up to date with our computer system and it being organized it happens we make mistakes she just kept apologizing but reassured me that I roll see Hasan Friday whether they find the chart with my consult with him and if I have to do it again that I can go the morning of surgery it will be fine . Now all I gave to worry but is my lab results coming back. I am so nervous and excited !!! It's finally happening

Today is the day

I'm so nervous I couldn't sleep all night my nerves got the best of me. I tossed and turned from 11 til now 4 am I just got out the shower put my coming home clothes on and now I'm trying to mentally prep myself to go. I was so nauseous when I started to take a shower man my nerves are bad I was gagging cause I didn't eat anything since 8 last night and it was very light There's no turning back now. I will be marked down put down and ass up in two hours. Emotional rollercoaster ride right now..
My mom is taking me thank god for her even if she's a wreck herself she woke up and saw me walking towards the kitchen and got scared smh she asked me what I was doing here?!? She better be playing *sigh* anyways wish me luck ladies and pray for me please :)

Made it

Recovery mode I've been in and out of sleep ill post better post op pictures
I'm not in that much pain oh but we will see tomorrow :( so tired.

Day 2 post op

My waist is tiny which is what I wanted I didn't want a big ol booty like nicki or K Michelle. Just wanted a small waist a nice plump butt which is what I got..

Ok so..

I'm really irritated I'm suppose to be recovering at my moms house.. She has not really been helpful on day 2 I think as soon as she saw I was mobile she figured I don't need help.. WRONG! I need help getting out of my garment and getting cleaned.. I want to cry almost feeling buyers remorse I had no idea she was just going to neglect me. I called out to her just a few minutes ago she told me while laying in bed all comfortable telling me why do I call her when she's trying to take a nap??? :( :( :( when she said that I just wanted to break down and cry I haven't ate anything since Thursday it's Saturday today do I sound needy?? Or whiney? Sorry I'm venting I've been getting my appetite back since this morning which is great I've heard stories where girls still feel nauseous.. My mom ordered chinese food. She knows I can't eat that she knew I was starving that is just evil I had to watch her eat and smell her food I didn't complain nothing she said give her 30 mins to digest. Big mistake c'mon its chinese food she ended up getting the itis now she doesn't want to do anything
I had to call my man to bring some chicken noodle soup over since I can barely open my mouth from it being swollen from the breathing tube they jam down your throat for surgery ..
Don't expect to get calls from vanity asking if you're okay this that and the third no not happening the only one who blew up my phone was the massage therapist Maria to see if I'm coming in to do massages.. money thirsty at vanity no lie. *sigh* I'm lucky I'm not in a lot of pain I can get up on my own pee on my own move around on my own
I'm just bored now nothing really to do except lay down and that's uncomfortable my neck is stiff and sore too from how I sleep feels like Hasan lipod there too lol
I will tell you about my day of surgery experience next post to prepare those who go in.

Pictures don't do the booty justice

I feel like my garment is getting loose. Kayla hasans assistant said I don't need one now maybe later and that I don't have fluid. I'm going to buy a salome vest unless someone has a better idea of how I can really get my waist area tiny. I did my 1st massage on Wednesday I go back to work Monday I feel pretty good especially after my massage. I'm a little more mobile now and not as stiff. Most of my fluid I can feel is in my back area and sides but mostly lower back. I'm loving my new body not sure if I love it more than before I had kids..
Booty greed is real I'm only 1 week post op and want more lol I'm getting crazy over here. Hasan did a good job even my massage therapist said so lol have a good weekend ladies
Miami Physician

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